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2018-07-30 11:56:37

Deadlines for submitting documents to European universities

Deadlines for submitting documents to European universities

For applicants from EU universities, information on the timing of documents acceptance in educational institutions in 17 countries will be useful.

The documents for French-language undergraduate programs are given in December-January, English-speaking - until the end of March. Future masters should send properly completed applications with a package of documents in December-March.

999.8] Germany
The deadlines for filing documents in the country's universities in the federal states may differ. Most educational institutions accept them in June-July (before the 15th) and December-January (before the 15th). In the first case, students will start training in the winter, in the second - in the summer. Answer to the invitation of the university is necessary in either case. The summer admissions committee examines the applications of applicants before August-September, the winter - until March-April.

English-language programs in the country usually begin in the autumn semester. To study at any of those in polytechnic universities, applicants must submit documents on September 3 - 14. Consideration of applications is completed on November 27. When receiving a positive answer about enrollment, the student will receive an invitation from the educational institution. This procedure is time-bound. Before December 11, the student must confirm his consent to study at the Polytechnic of Finland.

In the classical universities of the country, the documents are submitted in November and February. In some universities applicants' applications are accepted until April. It is recommended to specify exact dates of work of the selection committee on the official electronic resource of a particular university.

At the universities of the country for the summer semester, the documents are submitted in winter (January-February), in winter, respectively, in the summer (July-August, in a number of universities applications are accepted until the end of September). Within a year, documents for a master's degree are accepted.

England , United Kingdom
In colleges, the country's universities documents are accepted until the middle of January. The exceptions are Cambridge, Oxford and a number of universities offering medical training programs. Documents are accepted here until October.

Applicants who plan to study in the country in English programs can apply to universities three times a year. Until January 15, applications are accepted for those wishing to start their studies in the autumn semester, before August 15 and until October 15 - in the spring. It is not recommended to file documents in the autumn to candidates from countries that are not included in the EU. This is due to the peculiarities of obtaining permits for residence in Sweden. The procedure is quite long.

Twice a year, documents are accepted in Austrian universities. Applying before September, you can begin your studies in the winter semester. For the summer semester, the documents are accepted until February.

It is recommended to submit documents to the Greek universities in the first week of the next semester. The spring semester starts in Greece in February, the autumn semester starts in September.

The deadline for submitting documents to the universities of the country is determined by the training programs.

The Netherlands
Terms for the acceptance of documents in Holland depend on the specialty chosen by the applicant, the training program. Usually the application is submitted a few months before the winter or summer semester. Specific dates are recommended to be specified in the priority university.

Hungarian universities accept documents twice a year (until November 15 and until mid-February). The application period for the English language program in the priority university is recommended to be specified additionally.

On the pre-diploma program applicants hand over the documents for six months before the start of training, for the postgraduate program - for the quarter. Usually the admission commissions work in February-March, August, October.

Foreign applicants hand over documents to the universities of the country until the middle of March. Studies begin in the autumn semester.

Traditionally, Danish universities accept documents until March 15. In some universities there is a possibility of starting the training in the spring semester. Documents in this case must be submitted before mid-August.

Foreign students begin to study in Norway in the autumn semester. Documents in the university at the same time surrendered until March 1.

The deadline for the filing of documents in Spain is different at different universities and colleges. But in most educational institutions the following scheme is implemented. For the beginning of studies in the autumn semester, the documents must be submitted before June, in the spring - until December. If there is an additional set of students for the fall semester, the documents are accepted until September.

To enter the University of Italy, you must first obtain a study permit. Do this entrants can in the Italian embassy in their country. After receiving the DV package of documents approved by the admission committee of a particular institution, is sent to the university for consideration. Deadline for submission of documents: April-May.

Applications of applicants are considered until the end of July. In August, the applicants receive a response from the admissions office of the university. With a positive response, the applicant also receives an invitation to pass a language test. It is necessary to hand it in September. Some high schools of the country accept foreigners on points received on entrance examinations. They surrender, like a language test, in September.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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