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2018-07-30 11:57:01

Summer schools in Cannes for foreign students

Summer schools in Cannes for foreign students

Children's camps in the French resort town of Cannes on the Cote d'Azur are very popular with foreign students: one of the most elite and prestigious summer schools around the world is located here due to the high level of education and safety. Modern educational centers with high ratings correspond to world standards, and a huge variety of entertainment will not leave any child indifferent!

Advantages of summer schools in Cannes

  • prestigious teachers with a high level of preparation
  • bilingual education
  • sea air
  • beautiful landscapes
  • international environment
  • modern campuses
  • high level of education.

Summer schools and courses in Cannes for children and schoolchildren

If necessary, in the summer schools of Cannes during the vacation time, experienced specialists will prepare students for linguistic examinations:

  • PET - Cambridge Second Level Intermediate exam
  • FCE - Cambridge exam in the third level Upper-intermediate
  • CPE - Cambridge Examination of Perfect Language Proficiency
  • BEC - Business English Proficiency Test
  • IELTS / TOEFL - tests that determine the level of English proficiency: the results are necessary for entering almost any foreign school, prestigious university or elite college.

The average duration of the course is from 1 to 4 weeks, but if necessary, the length of stay or the number of academic studies can be increased. Weekly students attend a minimum of 16 sessions, the intensity can also be varied according to the needs and requirements of the student.

Additional programs for the general course of language study

In addition to the main academic program, students are also happy to participate in other activities:

  • participation in the debate (necessary language level - Upper-Intermediate)
  • business English (minimum language level - Upper-Intermediate)
  • the program "The best in the UK" (minimum language level - Low-Intermediate)
  • preparation for exams.

Leisure for students in summer schools

Free from school time, children can devote to beach rest, cultural activities, attending events, sports and creative pursuits. The atmosphere of Cannes contributes to a relaxed holiday on the Cote d'Azur.

Visiting and adventure programs for foreign students

All outreach activities are carried out under the supervision of experienced camp staff:

  • city of Nice: sightseeing tour, shopping, visiting the main attractions, walking along the waterfront and the central quarters
  • Lérins Islands
  • aquarium in Antibes
  • Monaco
  • shopping
  • sightseeing tour of Gangnam
  • rest on the beach and the waterfront.
  • Soccer School Football Academy Edukick. The summer program is designed for sports achievements, the study of the French language, culture and history of Cannes. Daily football training is conducted under the guidance of an experienced professional coach and team games. The trainers are part of the FIFA certified coaching staff. Football training improves the physical preparation of students and personal sports performance.
  • Summer Camp Lines Valbonne has a high ranking and conducts language courses with a high intensity - 32 hours a week. The French language is studied in small groups of 7-10 people at the age of 10 years. Academic program: 4 lessons per day of the general French course, 2 lessons per week for selected topics of the seminar, 2 lessons per week of individual lessons. The minimum price is 1,975 € / week.
  • Summer Camp Center International d'Antibes Atoll Cannes. Anyone can apply for the summer language course with any level of knowledge at the age of 13 to 17 years. Accommodation is possible in the family or residence, the host families are chosen in such a way that the path to the school is no more than 30 minutes. The minimum price is 1,015 € / week.
  • Language camp Riviera French Institute Cannes is considered prestigious and very popular in France - it organizes combined language courses with the choice of English or French. Summer camp is designed for students from 8 years old. The minimum cost of staying in a summer school for a foreign student is 950 € / week.
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