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TOP-3 schools and colleges in the UAE where international students can get advanced secondary education

Education information

Actually, primary and secondary school education is compulsory for all young students in the United Arab Emirates. Education is divided into:

  • Preschool education (4-6 years) 
  • Primary school (6 years)
  • Secondary school (3 years)
  • Average full school (3 years).

Studying in schools in the UAE is usually joint. Boys and girls are studying separately only in special Schools of religious bias. Due to SMAPSE experts, you can choose from 3 best schools in the United Arab Emirates and find the most appropriate option. 

TOP-3 schools and colleges in the UAE where international students can get advanced secondary education

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Studying at private schools in the UAE as a foreign student

Nowadays, private schools are really popular among students from all over the world. First British schools began work in 1953 in Sharjah. Such private institutions were very comfortable for foreign students living in the country that had an opportunity to study in a comfortable environment. Today, provate schools provide a full secondary education and issue a certificate for graduates.

Among the vocational schools there are schools of commercial and agricultural orientation:

  • Center for further studying of specialists in the oil Industry
  • Secondary technical school
  • Pedagogical women's institute
  • Commercial secondary school and others.

Getting Higher education in the UAE

Universities and higher schools in the UAE provide high-quality, complete higher education. Its level corresponds to high international standards, classes are conducted by qualified experienced teachers. Each course is certified and accredited by the Ministry of Education, and tested by a special Agency of Quality. All universities are perfectly equipped, free access to Internet is provided, and all necessary equipment for effective studying is available.

The UAE universities have branches in numerous studying centers in the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia. Universities of the country offer studying a wide range of specialties. For example, management, business, information technology, marketing and economics. The education received in the UAE opens up huge career opportunities.

One of the leading centers providing Master's programs is the British University (Dubai): it supports traditional British standards, the university works as a major research center, and the quality of education is controlled by the Ministry of Education of the UAE. You can apply to the programs of project management, finance, banking, architecture, information technology, education - the cost of studying is about $ 20,000 per year.

The studying is conducted in two languages: Arabic and English (according to the chosen programme and direction). Actually, students can study here throughout the year. Exams are held twice during the semester (they lasts 10 weeks). For 3-4 years here you can get a Bachelor's degree, and then Master's degree for 2-3 years.

On average, tuition fees for studying at a university in the UAE costs $ 5,000-11,000 per year, and the cost of living is about $700 per month. For admission, foreign students must provide a certificate (about secondary education), a certificate of proficiency in English at the proper level (the results of all major international tests are accepted) and pass the entrance exams.

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