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Ranches Primary School

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Description of Ranches Primary School

  • Location: Dubai, UAE
  • Year of foundation: 2015
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Type of education: mixed.

Ranches Primary School is a junior school that provides an inclusive British program for students aged 3 to 11 years.

The institution was opened in 2015 by its current head and president, Mr. Julian Pederick: this person has extensive experience in independent schools, a sincere passion for education and leadership in this area. The leader supports not only the learning process, but also the extracurricular life of the school, since in everyday life he is seriously passionate about golf and CrossFit.

In September 2021, the institution became part of cognita's international education group, which manages 85 schools in 11 countries.

The number of students now exceeds 730 people. It is interesting to note that the contingent at Ranches Primary School is truly international - representatives of 62 nationalities study here, and the largest group is the British.

Educational process

The kindergarten is open from 8:00. Pupils can attend classes from one to five days a week.

Primary classes are taught on weekdays from 7:30 with a lunch break of 11:30-12:30, older children have lunch from 12:10 to 12:50. Students are picked up from school after 14:00, on Friday - after 11:30.

Things to know about

  • Only 8% - "turnover" of teachers in a few years
  • The Director of Cognita has 10 years of experience in Dubai, previously responsible for supporting the company's 40 schools in the UK
  • Many parents recommend the school to their friends with children, so the "Invite a Friend" program was created.
  • Over the seven years of the institution's existence, the number of students has increased from 60 to 730 people.

Programs and prices, tuition fees in Ranches Primary School

Program name
Ask for calculation
Last booking 6 weeks ago
All year round
from 14294.00 $ / year
from 14294.00 $ / year
There are either 2 semesters or 3 trimesters (terms) in one academic year

Accommodation, meals, prices

Ranches Primary School does not provide accommodation on campus.

Students must bring packed homemade lunches and snacks. During breaks between classes, children can have a snack in the common halls or classrooms under the supervision of teachers. On campus, you can buy fruit desserts and dishes from unprocessed foods – the strict policy of the school focuses on the healthy nutrition of students.

Activities Ranches Primary School

Ranches Primary School has four Houses, which are led by children selected by the team. Each squad has its own name, color, coat of arms and other symbols. Throughout the year, students compete with each other, receiving badges for the efforts of the whole club or its individual members. At the end of the year, the results are summed up according to which the leading house is elected. Competitions between the squads include several large-scale sports events. intellectual quizzes.

Some activities for children are organized by the parents' association:

  • Winter, spring, summer fairs
  • Discos
  • Halloween Games
  • New Year's and other celebrations.

Extracurricular activities are held from Monday to Sunday according to the schedule: robotics, sports and swimming pool, theatrical art and others. Weekly music lessons are mandatory for all students.

Sports at school is one of the main parts of the curriculum: children are engaged in athletics, cross-country running, swimming, team games, gymnastics and dancing.

The ASA program is designed for those who want to learn a new hobby from the very beginning. Additional paid courses of programming, creative design, martial arts, football, etc. are available to students.

Ecoventure's partner organises one-day study tours with accommodation in towns and areas close to campus.


  • #113 in the ranking of the best schools in the UAE
  • #73 in the list of the best schools Dubai
  • #11 of dubai's top primary schools
  • #33 in the ranking of British premium schools in Dubai
  • The ratio of students to teachers is 14:1
  • Multinational educational institution
  • Kindergarten on the school campus
  • Departments of the school are rated KHDA from "Very Good" to "Excellent".

Facilities and equipment at Ranches Primary School

The campus is a small area with renovated educational buildings. The classes of the youngest department are located on the first floor of the building, have access to the playgrounds located in the courtyard. The ground floor is also occupied by music halls, a spacious library and a number of laboratories.

The large building with play areas includes classrooms for creativity, entertainment areas with many toys. Children have access to school iPads while relaxing.

The former dining room has recently been converted into a green area with picnic benches, balconies and a place where students can grow their own plants.

Sports activities are held in two multifunctional halls, one of which is also used for events. The courtyard of the school is equipped with a playground, courts and an outdoor swimming pool with a temperature control system. The pool is available for children from FS2 to sixth grade.

Many students reach the campus by bicycles, scooters or on foot, but the school also provides its pupils with buses with attendants. From the fourth grade, each child receives a public pass with personal information, allowing them to travel from home to campus on their own.

Admission dates and extra charges

The school year runs from September to June. Classes are held on weekdays, additional education and classes - throughout the week.

Additional costs:

  • School uniform
  • Accommodation, meals off-campus
  • Books, consumables as needed
  • Educational trips, excursions
  • Health Insurance
  • Entrance test fee – $137
  • Annual medical fee – 137$
  • Registration fee – 137$.

Enrolment process

Application Process:

  • Fill out an online application on the official website of the institution
  • Receive an email with availability and admission dates for the upcoming academic year
  • If there are places available, the employee will request documents, payment of the registration fee
  • Submitted documents and reports from the previous school will be evaluated by the commission
  • Receive a message about the decision of the commission with an invitation to an interview or refusal.


After graduating from ranches Primary School, students freely advance to seventh grades of partner schools or institutions that also provide IB programs.

Entry requirements, how to apply, what is required to enrol

Copies of documents required for admission:

  • Passport of the applicant (one of the parents)
  • Visa, residence permit in the UAE
  • Child's birth certificate in English or Arabic
  • School reports for the last two years
  • Immunization card
  • 4 passport-size photographs
  • Any educational reports or assessments
  • Psychological reports of a school specialist
  • Original transfer certificate from the previous school.

All documents must be sent by e-mail to the official address of the educational institution.

Scholarships Ranches Primary School

Approximately 10% of students receive support under the SEND or Gifted and Talented programs – these are students identified by teachers as gifted and talented.

The program "Invite a friend" provides discounts on tuition fees:

  • 4% of the amount paid by the parents of the attracted child
  • 5% for the second, third child - brothers or sisters of the already studying
  • 10% for the fourth child from the same family.

Institution on the map

Residence permits, citizenship and other services

  • Guardianship services during the studies
  • Student supervision

Review about Ranches Primary School

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Recommendations on when to apply

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