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Study in Riga. 6 top schools, colleges, universities and kids camps in Riga for students from all over the world. List of schools, study fees, rankings

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Study in Riga in 6 best educational institutions for children, pupils, students: you will find program descriptions, prices and reviews for every course. Our consultans will help you choose the right program of studies. Free admission services without intermediaries to our partner schools, colleges and universities in Riga. Official representatives. Discounts on the official prices are available for international students, places are limited.
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Knowledge of English or Latvian is required

Students assure that it is easier to enter Latvian higher education institutions than European ones - in addition, the prices for studying in Riga are quite acceptable, and the diploma has European accreditation. You can earn money as a student in Riga: however, many employers prefer that employees speak the Latvian language. By law, a foreign national arriving on a study visa can officially work 20 hours a week.

The language barrier exists not only in the field of part-time work. Today's applicants need to know that after the recent educational reform, study programs in schools and universities in Latvia are carried out only in Latvian and English.

The best schools in Riga for foreign students

  • The 1st Riga State Gymnasium traditionally leads the top of major Latvian schools.
  • The 2nd Riga State Gymnasium closes the top three among the country's schools.
  • Among the small institutions, the leading position is held by the RTU Secondary School of Engineering Sciences, in which children who have special academic abilities are taught free of charge.

In addition, King's College opened a representative office in the capital of Latvia in 2017 in the capital of Latvia: the school has so far announced a set for preschool children and primary school students from 3 to 9 years old, but it is planned to train teenagers up to adulthood.

The best universities in Latvia for international students

  • Riga University Paula Stradi - a is the most expensive medical university in Latvia, occupying the first lines in all educational rankings. It offers the best courses and programs.
  • Riga Technical University is the oldest university in the country. The diploma of this university is recognized by the European Union, the USA, Canada, China, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries that have signed the Lisbon Convention.
  • In the University of Latvia, according to rankings, they teach law better than others. In addition, it is the largest university in Riga. Its advantage is also that the university has concluded cooperation agreements with 104 universities in 37 countries, which makes it possible for the student to go to any of them for a whole semester during the studying period.

Education in Riga: tuition fees, cost, accommodation for foreign students

The average cost of studying in private schools in Riga is 2000 - 5000 € per year, while the most expensive school will require costs of 15000 €. With regard to higher education, a survey conducted by INOSMI Publishing House together with SKDS showed that the average student costs 5,136 € per year to study in Riga, and another 7000-8000 is spent on food, housing and other expenses - so you need to be mentally prepared to costs of 12500 € per year.

TOP universities in Riga for international students


Cost of education

Turiba University

About 2500 € per year

BA School of Business and Finance

From 3000 to 8000 € per year

Graduate School of Business, Arts and Technology Riseba

From 1000 € / semester (depending on specialization)

Higher School of Economics and Culture

About 2000 € per year

Institute of Transport and Communications

From 1250 € / semester

Latvian Academy of Sports Education

From 1500 to 3000 € per year

University of Latvia

From 1285 € / semester

Medicine - from 3500 € / semester

Riga Graduate School of Law

From 3500 € to 7500 € per year

Riga Technical University

From $ 3000 per year

Riga University named after Paul Stradins

From 3500 € per year.

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