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TOP-10 prestigious language schools and colleges in Philippines that provide effective English courses for international students

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Nowadays, Philippines is one of the most popular destination among foreign students wishing to get excellent education abroad. SMAPSE offers you TOP-10 language schools and colleges in Philippines where foreign students can study effective English courses. SMAPSE experts have collected for you 10 best language schools and colleges that allow to combine effective English courses with exciting experience of studying abroad: you can make the right choice due to program descriptions, tuition fees and student feedback. If necessary, SMAPSE specialists will answer all your questions.

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Features of studying English courses in the Philippines for foreign students

As already noted, the choice of programs in language centers in the Philippines is unusually wide - there are linguistic and combined programs. Each linguistic direction differs in a number of basic characteristics:

  • degree of occupation and number of lessons per week
  • course complexity, which is determined by a special introductory testing
  • target orientation
  • age groups.

Consider the best offers of language schools in the Philippines for foreign students:

The name of the program

Hours per week

Number of students in the group

Required Language Proficiency

The cost in Philippine pesos for 7 days


Standard English



Beginner and above


Intensive course




Summer camp



From 400






Specialized courses





Language for business course




Academic course

From 25




Features of studying in the Philippines:

  • Wide range of courses

In the Philippines, you can choose English courses for all ages - for children, adolescents, students or adult students. The choice of a specific program will directly depend on the educational goals of each student: it can be a basic studying of English, improving language proficiency for international test or entering a university abroad, vacation programs that combine rest with studying English (sports, creativity, etc.) )

  • Teaching staff

The language schools of the Philippines differ from other countries abroad. If English skills are at the initial level. The teaching staff in language schools is very highly qualified. Philippine schools carefully monitor the level of education in institutions. Language schools use only advanced equipment, and during the educational process they use only world-class methods and developments.

  • Studying process

The educational process in local schools is not limited to academic hours, but continues throughout the day. Lessons in language usually take place in the first half of the day, but after lunch, students have a great opportunity to appreciate the charm of the Philippines - from visiting local attractions and cultural places and ending with boat trips, relaxing on beautiful beaches and more.

  • English in the Philippines

In the country, English has official status - it is spoken by 64% of local residents. At the same time, the population is quite competent in the language: from primary school, children learn English. A large number of language schools were open in the country. There is a large number of language schools located on the islands of Panglao, Palawan, Boracay, Bohol, Cebu, Mactan. Capital - Manila, is located on Luzon island, where there are about 20 language centers.

In the Philippines, foreign students may also encounter a linguistic phenomenon such as Taglish (a mix of English and Filipino), although most island residents know and speak English in everyday life. 

  • Tuition fees 

Another good reason to learn English in the Philippines is the cost of studying. For example, the cost of studying in the Philippines for one month is about $ 1000, and a similar program in the USA or Canada costs twice as much. For one week course foreign students need $ 400-500, while the quality of the educational services remains at the highest level. The final price is formed according to the selected program (saturation and duration), the chosen accommodation option (residence at the school / host family), as well as the extra-curricular part, which is carefully thought out in the camps. Additional points of expenditure will be the purchase of airline tickets and the issuance of a student visa.


Admission and accommodation options at language schools in the Philippines

There are several options for foreign students: students can choose to live in a host family, meals are negotiated with the family: boarding or half board. Another option is to rent an apartment, in this case the meals are organized by the student himself. Living in a school residence is one of the best options for students with excellent conditions and board meals. Hotels is another type of accommodation for students. The cost of living varies from 120 to 170 Filipino pesos per week.

Living conditions at the school residence:

  • comfortable room for 1-3 people
  • the room has all the necessary equipment: air conditioning, often the rooms are equipped with a kitchen, a balcony
  • several pools
  • school canteen
  • cafeteria
  • restroom
  • sports grounds, billiards, table tennis, gym.

5 steps to study in the Philippines:

  • Collection of documents
  • Choosing the right course and school
  • Filling out the questionnaire
  • Payment of fees
  • Waiting for an invitation from the selected language center.
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