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Top 33 courses of English language in China. List of schools for teenagers, children, students. Cost of studying

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We have combined a list of 33 best institutions China to learn English language, and also their rankings for international children and teenagers, as well as foreign students adn adults. For your convenience pease read detailed descriptions of the schools and programs, specified prices and students testimonials. Our specialists will help you to choose the ideal course. FREE services provided when enrolling in partner institutions, the number of places is limited.
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English courses in China for international students

Over the past decades, China has become a leader in the global economy and politics, which means that the English language has gradually entered the life of the Chinese, becoming the language of everyday communication and business. Today, China has opened a huge number of language schools, where English is studied not only by local businessmen, students, and specialists, but also by guests from foreign countries. Due to such popularity, the market of educational services in China is highly competitive, which forces Chinese language schools to constantly improve the quality of services. In addition, Chinese language schools are massively inviting native English speakers from the UK, the United States and other countries, so the level of teaching English in China can well be compared to European.

At the end of English courses in China, you also receive a certificate of international standard, allowing you to continue studying or get a job in any country in the world. As for the language environment, in the major cities of China, you will not feel a lack of communication in English, as they are the main centers of tourism, trade and culture, attracting thousands of English-speaking foreigners every day.

How to choose the right language school in China for a foreign student?

China's numerous language schools offer a wide range of courses for students of all ages. There are key points by which you can determine how English courses in China suit you:

1. The language school must have a license to teach foreign students English, as well as accreditation from the Ministry of Education of China.

2. Pay attention to the teaching staff: specify in advance whether your future teacher is a native speaker, what country he came from, whether he has the appropriate qualifications for teaching foreign students.

3.If you want to go beyond the general English course, pay attention to the specialized English courses in China (Business English, English for Academics, etc.) offered by large linguistic schools.

4. The location of the school in China: studying English courses in one of the Chinese cities will naturally require much more financial costs, but it can become more effective than English courses in the provinces. And although to a large extent it depends on the course itself and your teacher, it is better to study the location of the school and its infrastructure in more detail.

Which English courses in China to choose?

So, you have decided on the country of study - what next? Traditionally, English courses in China are long-term and short-term, this duration depends on the level of language, intensity of classes and student goals. The most popular English language learning programs in China are:

  • Summer English course for children, teens and adults. This is a standard program to improve English proficiency, including 16-20 lessons per week and many extracurricular leisure and educational activities, sports and excursions.
  • Children's educational programs. Such English courses are based on a communicative approach, immersing young students in the world of English through exciting textbooks, songs and multimedia applications. Passing such an English course will form a child’s desire to learn and discipline.
  • Business English courses. The program is aimed at adults who need business communication at the international level. Due to the high intensity of classes, the duration of the course is usually short and allows you to achieve the desired goal in a short time.
  • Learning English for families. Such programs allow you to take an English course with your children, making the process fun and effective. 
  • Preparation for international exams. Recently, this course has been gaining immense popularity among local and foreign students, because fluency in English has become a necessity. It is worth choosing this course if further plans include employment in a large international company or immigration abroad.
  • Corporate English courses. Such courses allow you to learn English with colleagues, focusing on your specialization. The effectiveness of such a course is also obvious, since the lesson takes place in mini-groups and in a familiar environment.

English courses in China: cost of living and tuition fees

As a rule, students can choose several accommodation options: campus or residence (apartments for 1-2 people, equipped with everything necessary), a hotel, a host family; It is possible to rent housing independently, regardless of the school and the English language course. The cost depends on the location and type of accommodation and can start from $ 300 per week.

The cost of studying depends on the intensity and specificity of the course, the availability of extracurricular activities and the city in which the Chinese language school is located. For example, a week of a standard English course at a prestigious school in Beijing or Shanghai will cost $ 300, and individual lessons and homestay will cost $ 1,500 per week.

Cost of living in China

Expenses - USD/Month. Min. Med.
Accommodation 168 340
Food 146 240
Transportation 18 44
Communications and utilities 31 37
Clothing 24 89
Sports and leisure 23 76
Total 410 827


Accommodation in China

Shared room outside of centre 169
Shared room in city centre 343
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 277
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 493


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Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Kuban State University, Russia (World Economics); Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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