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9 best schools, colleges and universities in Orlando, Florida where foreign students can get high-quality secondary and higher education

Education information

Education in Orlando and Florida will be enjoyed by active and sociable students. Warm climate, sunny weather, attracts participants of summer programs and seasonal camps: the cost of the courses includes not only studying English, but also fun leisure activities and exciting excursions. 

Education in Orlando is represented by prestigious language schools and private schools: you can choose the most suitable course for yourself, focusing on the description and price of the programs. Here you can study the general and academic English, business aspect of the language, prepare for international exams - a suitable programme will be available for the student with any requirements and any level of knowledge. Studying in Florida will not only significantly improve academic and language skills, but also give a lot of pleasant experiences!

SMAPSE specialists are always ready to help you make the right choice of school or programme. Due to the list of 9 best schools, colleges and universities in Orlando, Florida, you can find the most appropriate option. 

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Studying in Florida for foreign students: 5 facts about the city

Orlando - an ideal place for students. It's located on a peninsula washed by the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. 

  • Leading educational institutions

The state has the best educational institutions that have high rankings in terms of teaching, studying conditions and program effectiveness. They are distinguished by Florida’s developed educational system, a wide range of courses, as well as an assortment of educational centers of various specificities and costs. Education in Orlando is also about advanced technology, flexible studying, freedom, an intense student life.

  • Ecological tourism and pleasant climate conditions

Lovers of evergreen trees and bask in the sun will definitely enjoy the city. The climate in the state is subtropical, tropical and oceanic, and comfortable mild winters have made this place a popular destination not only in summer, but also in winter. On the North American continent, the warmest winters are here - the temperature in January is + 18-21 ° C. The city acquired the honorary status of an ideal place for eco-tourism thanks to its stunning flora: an abundance of flowers, a variety of orchids, a zone of shrub forests, more than a hundred species of palm trees, etc. The Everglades - a famous national park with unique animals and plants - is one of the main attractions of these places.

  • Infrastructure

Students here are waiting for the development of academic and entertainment infrastructure. Universities and schools in Orlando are equipped with the latest technology. There is a wide selection of leisure activities that won't let you get bored in your free time.

Secondary Education in Orlando, Florida for international students

The first schools and colleges in America were built in this city 2 centuries ago and now have become museums. The modern educational system in the USA has no analogues all over the world:

  • Lack of standards

In the United States there is no single educational system - the states themselves are responsible for the quality of school programs on their territory. This leads to the fact that the specificity and quality of programs differ from district to district.

  • Three steps

Elementary school, middle school, high school - this division into primary, secondary and higher schools involves different schools located (usually) in separate buildings, with their own staff and administration. In elementary school, one teacher conducts all subjects. In addition, they study arithmetic, art, music and work. High school - 11-14 year old students begin to receive knowledge from teachers representing one school subject (mathematics, English, computer science, history and science + subjects to choose from). High school is the period from grades 9 to 12. Thus, in the states children study until the age of 18, and only after graduating from high school they can apply for a place in a university.

  • Annual changes

Each year, the teacher and the composition of the class will change: students are reorganized according to academic performance, behavior and other parameters.

  • Testing SAT I, SAT II

In the last High School classes, students pass two-stage testing: the verbal and mathematical part in SAT I and the more difficult part for determining the knowledge of optional subjects - SAT II. For admission to most colleges, a first-level test is enough, but the TOP ones also consider the results of SAT II.

  • Public Schools / Private Schools

Secondary education in Orlando can be obtained at public or private schools. Most Americans study at government-funded institutions that are funded from the state budget, but the quality of education varies widely. Private schools in Orlando are a more acceptable option for foreign students who come here for prestige and high-class education. Education is paid, which has a positive effect on living conditions in boarding houses, the quality of programs, professionalism and the return of teachers. Private schools in the USA honor traditions and create the conditions for in-depth study of subjects, provide various classes, sports equipment - all for harmonious development and education.


Age of students

Short description

Estimated cost in $

Elementary classes


Children learn the basics of reading and writing, get acquainted with history, natural sciences and languages. The main goal is to develop critical thinking, to reveal creative abilities.

From 45000-58000 per year

Middle classes


It involves a set of compulsory and optional disciplines, visits to intellectual, creative clubs, sports.

Advanced placement


This is an in-depth program with increased complexity - students will be able to choose priority subjects from 27 options. Education in certain areas involves prior admission to the university. The AP certificate is very prestigious, it gives great advantages when entering US universities.



The international program International Baccalaureate will allow you to undergo quality preparation before entering a university, because students completely concentrate on studying specialized subjects. An IB diploma is recognized in hundreds of countries and allows to enter the best university without passing entrance exams.

Education in Orlando is possible not only with the classic long-term programs - here you will find wide opportunities in the field of short-term courses for students:

  • Leadership courses for future businessmen

Leadership School: students aged 16-18 will be able to spend an unforgettable vacation in the sunny state with benefit - studying business courses in Florida. Here, children can meet famous people from the business world, to study the types of entrepreneurial activity and their methods, startup rules, secrets of quick career advancement and much more.

  • To prepare for studying abroad

Academic English courses (11-17 years old) - for children who plan to study abroad. On the course, students will be able to begin soft adaptation to the American educational system, pull the language to the required level.

  • How to have a great summer vacation with great benefit

Over the past decade, Orlando has been developing complex areas for foreign students that combine active leisure with the study of disciplines and the improvement of language skills. Studying in Orlando focuses on the development of spoken English + students will enjoy rich cultural / entertainment program.

Undergraduate and graduate programs at universities in Florida

Higher education in the United States is very different from studying at other universities. According to reviews, students are struck by innovations such as an online system - all information (timetable, homework, etc.) is published on student portals. Students themselves decide which disciplines to study, when to take exams. It is important not only to master the curriculum, but also to devote time to in-depth independent study of priority disciplines. Teachers expect students to have a bright life position and their own opinion, which is why it is so important to take the initiative and be able to think analytically.

Useful information for students choosing to study in Orlando:

  • About working while studying

American law allows students to earn extra money, but no more than 20 hours a week, during the vacation period - 40 hours.

  • Internships

Students who are in the United States on an F-1 visa can complete an optional internship in the Optional Practice Program for 12 months. Usually, young people, while still undergoing an internship, start looking for a job (the employer will have to pay for a three-year visa). Special conditions are offered to students at the faculties of mathematics, engineering, science and technology - they can stay in the country for 24 months with the purpose of internships.

  • Financial support

There are a large number of scholarship programs and grants from universities, commercial and non-commercial companies (Fullbright, Global Ugrad, Florida Intarnational University and many others).

  • University infrastructure

Thanks to powerful funding universities in Florida have modern laboratories, classrooms, swimming pools, sports fields.

General statistics on education in Orlando

General information about Orlando

Country United States
Region Florida 
Region 2 Orange County 
Population 238,300
Visitors 4,981,000/year
Time Zone America/New_York


Cost of living in Orlando

Expenses - USD/Month. Min. Med.
Accommodation 377 509
Food 300 510
Transportation 40 138
Communications and utilities 106 116
Clothing 18 65
Sports and leisure 23 88
Total 864 1,427


Accommodation options in Orlando

Shared room outside of centre 381
Shared room in city centre 514
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 698
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 961


Coordinates of Orlando

Time Zone America/New_York
GMT -5
DST -4
Latitude 28.538340000
Longitude -81.379240000
Elevation 30 m.
Elevation (STRM3) 54 m.


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