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Guidance on how to study in Berlin. Top 37 schools and universities in Berlin, study fees, rankings

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Education information

Today, Germany attracts a wide range of foreign students from all over the world with high-quality educational services and interesting culture. Many international students choose studying in Berlin as it's a great opportunity to combine effective courses with exciting rest. SMAPSE offers TOP-20 prestigious schools, colleges and universities located in Berlin where international students can get high-quality and balanced primary, secondary and higher education.

Please, don't hesitate to contact SMAPSE experts as they are always ready to answer all your questions. 

Primary, secondary education in Germany

School education in Germany complies with the national standard and includes such academic disciplines as mathematics, German, English, Spanish, physics, chemistry, biology, geography, history, sociology, politics, ethics, religious studies, computer science. The curriculum includes classes in music, agriculture, gardening, art, creativity. The course ends with the passing of the national Abitur exam - the certificate obtained allows you to enter higher education institutions in Germany.

Admission to high school in Berlin is open for foreign students, the age of students is 15-18 years. Accommodation: residence, full board. Cost - from 11900 € / year.

Vacations, camps for foreign students in Berlin

Language courses in Berlin for children and adolescents are diverse: educational institutions invite students to traditional vacation language courses and to sports camps with German classes.

Summer English program for foreign children and adolescents

Summer English courses invite students aged 10-17 to study general English / German. Foreign students will improve oral, written speech, grammar, expand their vocabulary. The best teachers will help to overcome the language barrier, and cohabitation (residence) - begin to communicate in English at home. Active language programs are combined with sports, recreation on the water and in the forest, tours of Germany.

  • Price - from 805 € / week.

Summer German courses in Berlin

Vacation programs are available for foreign students, adolescents from 10 to 18 years. The methodology includes grammar, lexical exercises, reading, writing, listening, an important place is the formation of the skills of perception of oral speech, communication skills. Students are offered interactive lessons, in-game training, trainings, discussions, thematic meetings.
Educational system involves a high intensity of classes - 20-25 academic hours / week.

  • Cost - from 700 € / week.

German football / tennis camp for international students

The linguistic program of the camp includes a standard academic load - 15 lessons / week. The system involves language practice, oral exercises, reading, listening, writing, grammar block. Sports training with the best coaches - native speakers - are suitable for beginners and advanced players. Trainings, excursions, game events, the informal atmosphere of the residence develops communication skills, vocabulary. Students age - 7-14 years.

  • Price - from 1640 € / week.

University preparations for foreign students in Berlin

Full secondary education in Germany includes 13 classes. For admission, foreign applicants need a certificate, so two programs are available for preparing for admission to foreign students:

  • Studienkolleg;
  • Pathway University.

Studienkolleg: a program of pre-university education for foreign students

Studienkolleg study program provides an opportunity to obtain a certificate required for admission to German universities. The methodology includes 5-7 academic subjects. The duration of the course is 1 academic year. At the end of each semester, students take exams. Age - 17+.

  • Studienkolleg costs from 2340 € / year.

University Pathway program for international students in Berlin

Pathway University accepts foreign students to study preparatory program for entering universities in Germany. The teaching methodology is designed for students, bachelors. Duration - 13-48 weeks (depending on the language level, minimum - A1). University Pathway is a program of adaptation to the educational system, the country's rules of conduct and cultural traditions. Language classes are conducted by teachers of prestigious language schools, include several forms of studying:

  • interactive exercises to develop speaking skills;
  • reading, listening;
  • written tasks.

The form of communication skills is due to communication with native speakers, joint extracurricular activities. In addition to standard training modules, the course includes preparation for the DHS and TELC C1 entrance exams.

  • Cost - from 3300 € / 17 weeks.

Higher education in Berlin for foreign students

Higher education in Germany is one of the most popular in the world due to its high quality, free studying in German even for foreign students, a wide variety of courses, prestigious qualifications that open up employment opportunities in top companies in Europe, the USA, and Canada.

Universities in Berlin offer undergraduate and graduate courses in German / English, as well as MBA in English.

German undergraduate program for international students

Undergraduate in Berlin is available to students from the age of 18 years. They can choose one of the technical / humanitarian areas:

  • natural Sciences;
  • humanitarian sciences;
  • technology, engineering;
  • computer science, electronics;
  • mechanical engineering, transport;
  • economics, management;
  • construction, environmental protection.

Students are offered several specialties: the choice of the profile of the preparation of a particular profession occurs in the 3rd year.

  • Cost (semester fee) - from $ 633 / year.

Master's degree in German

A Master's program in humanitarian, technical areas at prestigious universities in Germany allows you to get fundamental theoretical knowledge, research skills, get an internship in top companies, apply for positions in the best international companies.

Duration of study - 2 courses, age - 21+.

  • Price (semester fee) - from $ 1000 / year.

Undergraduate and graduate programs in English in Berlin

Foreign students are available to obtain bachelor's, master's degrees in English in popular areas:

  • business;
  • marketing;
  • information Technology;
  • human resource management;
  • finance.

Possibility of accommodation - hotel, apartment, hostel (at the discretion of students).

  • Price - from 15000 € / year.

MBA in Berlin (studying in English)

Educational institutions offer MBA programs in English for foreign students. These are elite business administration programs developed by top experts with extensive academic and practical experience in the business field. Various forms of training - trainings, lectures of the best experts in the field of financial management, marketing, working with human resources, as well as visits to large companies - allow you to get the most useful practical experience.

  • Cost - from 16000 € / year.
Jamie Perfect
Jamie Perfect
Director of the International School of Bremen

Why are German schools considered so special?

German schools, especially international ones, have a reputation for rigorous academic programs, holistic education, strong emphasis on languages, and a globally recognized curriculum. The blend of a German base and international standards makes them attractive.


Language courses in Berlin for adults

Universities and language schools in Berlin offer students 18+ year-round language training according to standard, intensive, individual programs. Duration of courses, accommodation option, leisure activities are determined by students.

Year-round German for international students in Berlin

Year-round German is available to foreign students from 16 years old. A standard German course implies an intensity of 20 lessons / week, duration - 1 week / more. The teaching methodology includes grammar blocks of the German language, general vocabulary. Interactive classes are aimed at developing communication skills, the ability to reason on cultural, scientific, social topics.

  • Price - from 130 € / week.
  • Year-round intensive in German offers an academic load of 30 hours / week.
  • Cost - from 1150 € / 2 weeks.
  • An individual German language course accepts students from 18 years old. Academic load - 25-40 hours / week.
  • Price - from 1770 € / 2 weeks.

Year-round English for foreign students, teens in Berlin

Foreign applicants from 18 years old are offered English language courses throughout the year. Classes are taught by leading teachers. The teaching methodology includes grammar exercises, the development of new vocabulary, the training of oral, written speech. Available courses: General English, Business English, Executive English.

Price - from 170 € / week.

The best language schools and universities in Berlin invite foreign students to prepare for language tests. Well-chosen teaching methods will help to improve academic performance in the optimal time, prepare for the successful passing of language tests.

TestDaF in Berlin for international students

A specially developed educational system includes acquaintance with the TestDaF methodology, mastering an ability to analyze printed text, perceive oral speech, as well as exercises for writing training. Students are working on expanding the vocabulary, speaking and speaking skills on given topics. Students take test tests in the TestDaF format.

Students age is 16+.

Cost - from 520 € // 4 weeks.

Goethe certificate in Berlin for international students

Goethe's certificate course accepts students from 16 years old. Linguistic load - 30 lessons / week. Two blocks - general language and profile - are aimed at developing the basic skills of German, preparing for the test. Students get acquainted with the Goethe test methodology, the specifics of knowledge assessment, and complete tasks based on the test principle.

Cost - from 340 € / 2 weeks.

Business courses in Berlin for adult students

Berlin educational institutions offer business German courses: studying is aimed at improving communication skills and is based on an individual approach. Business German course includes the expansion of the vocabulary, the development of presentation skills, negotiation, business correspondence. Individual training is possible - the system easily adapts to a specific educational request.

The duration of the program is from 1 week, the intensity of classes is 4-10 / day, age is 18+.

Price - 800 € / week.

General statistics on education in Berlin

General information about Berlin

Country Germany
Region Berlin
Region 2 00
Region 3 Berlin, Stadt
Region 4 Berlin
Region 5 Bezirk Mitte
Population 3,426,354
Visitors 4,925,000/year
Time Zone Europe/Berlin

The cost of living in Berlin

Expenses - USD/Month. Min. Med.
Accommodation 268 378
Food 178 338
Transportation 71 210
Communications and utilities 91 140
Clothing 24 90
Sports and leisure 19 81
Total 652 1,237

Accommodation options in Berlin per month

Shared room outside of centre 271$
Shared room in city centre 382$
1 bedroom apartment outside of centre 426$
1 bedroom apartment in city centre 602$

Coordinates Of Berlin

Time Zone Europe/Berlin
GMT +1
DST +2
Latitude 52.524370000
Longitude 13.410530000
Elevation 74 m.
Elevation (STRM3) 43 m.
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Jamie Perfect
Director of the International School of Bremen

After dedicating 25 years to teaching in Hampshire, UK, where he held various leadership positions in both public and special education needs Schools, also advising private Schools, he moved to international education by assuming the role of Director at the International School of Bremen in April 2018. With a Degree in Geology and a rich history of leading various academic and pastoral teams, he has taken a lead in both national and international educational arenas. Jamie believes it's crucial to recognize and celebrate the diverse backgrounds and experiences that each student brings in an international setting.

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