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Gisma Business School Berlin

Address: Potsdamer Straße 180-182, 10783 Berlin, Germany

Description Gisma Business School Berlin

  • Founded: in 1999
  • Location: Berlin, Germany
  • Age of students: from 18 years old
  • Programs: MBA, Master's Courses, Educational Courses, Language Courses
  • Type of education: joint
  • Accommodation type: apartments
  • Language of instruction: English.

GISMA Business School Berlin (Business School of Gizma Berlin) is today one of the leading business schools in Germany and Europe, which provides quality education in the fields of management and business. The school was opened in 1999 and for decades of work has proved itself in the best possible way, as an educational institution with exceptionally high level of preparation. The school and its programs are accredited by prestigious educational organizations, including AMBA (less than 1% of business schools worldwide received this accreditation), as well as close partnerships with such prestigious educational institutions as:

  • Grenoble Graduate School of Business
  • The University of Law
  • Arden University
  • Porto Business School
  • The Language Gallery
  • Future Finance
  • UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School.

The school provides professional Master's programs in various areas, including business administration (MBA). Classes are conducted exclusively by highly qualified teachers who have higher academic degrees and many years of fruitful work and scientific activity. Students through live communication acquire valuable skills and skills necessary for successful business activities. In Gizm, short-term educational programs and language courses are also conducted. Students visit various companies and organizations, meet with experts and successful businessmen.

The school has a unique career development center, whose employees not only train students in career development skills, but also help them in finding work during their studies, and also assist in finding a job after receiving a diploma. Graduates of Gisma Business School have high chances to get a prestigious position in the companies of Germany, the European Union and the whole world.

Training at Gisma Business School Berlin (Business School of Gizma Berlin) is a guarantee of obtaining exceptionally high-quality education, successful career development and realizing your dream.

Programs and tuition/boarding fees, prices in Gisma Business School Berlin

Program name

Master's Degrees

  • Age of participants: from 21 years old
  • Duration of the programs: 1 or 2 years
  • Beginning of classes: September, October, February, April
  • Level of education: Bachelor's degree
  • Knowledge of English: TOEFL IBT 94; IELTS 6.5; Pearson Test of English (PTE) 63
  • Language of instruction: English.
  • In Gisma Business School students can get prestigious master's degrees in various areas:

  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resource Management
  • Finance.
  • Programs are developed and conducted in cooperation with higher education institutions, accessible programs include:

    1. Joint with the Grenoble Ecole De Management:

  • Master in International Business (Grenoble MIB (Masters of International Business))
  • Marketing Management (Grenoble MSc Marketing Management)
  • Innovation, strategy and entrepreneurship (Grenoble MSc Innovation, Strategy & Enterpreneurship)
  • 2. Together with the University of Law (ULAW):

  • International Marketing (MSc International Marketing)
  • Corporate financial management (MSc Corporate Financial Management)
  • Leadership and Human Resource Management (MSc Leadership & HR Management)
  • Strategic Business Management (MSc Strategic Business Management)
  • 3. Together with the ARDEN University (ARDEN University):

  • Engineering Management (MSc Engineering Management)
  • Data Analysis and Marketing (MSc Data Analytics and Marketing (CIM))
  • Data Analysis and Information Systems Management (MSc Data Analytics and Information Systems Management)
  • Data Analysis and Finance (MSc Data Analytics and Finance)
  • Project Management (MSc Project Management)
  • Strategic Marketing (MA Strategic Marketing (CIM))
  • Strategic management in the field of IT (MSc Strategic IT Management).
  • Students study a large number of subjects and become real professionals in their field. Education provides an opportunity to develop in the career plan, raise the level of wages and find a way out of the most difficult situations.

    The cost of training for the Master's program: from 15,000 € to 22,000 € / year.

    from 16 000 € / year


  • Age of participants: from 21 years old
  • Duration of the programs: 1 or 2 years
  • Beginning of classes: September, October, February, April
  • Level of education: Bachelor's degree
  • Knowledge of English: TOEFL IBT 94; IELTS 6.5 (minimum 6.0 for all sections); Cambridge Proficiency Exam (CPE): A, B, C; Pearson Test of English (PTE) 63
  • Language of instruction: English.
  • The school provides an opportunity to receive an education of the highest quality in the direction of Master of Business Administration. MBA is one of the most popular programs that enables its owner to significantly expand the level of competence and professional skills, and, at some point, any professional in the business sector is faced with the need to obtain this degree. Three programs are available, each of which is conducted in cooperation with other educational institutions:

    1. Together with Grenoble Ecole De Management:

  • Master of Business Administration (Grenoble MBA) (2 years)
  • 2. Together with ARDEN University:

  • Master of Business Administration in Data Analytics (MBA Data Analytics) (1 year)
  • Master of Business Administration in Finance (MBA Finance) (1 year).
  • The programs contain a large number of courses and give students a fundamental knowledge base on all aspects of literate business in modern conditions. The Grenoble MBA program has several specializations:

  • Finance (Finance)
  • International Business Development
  • Management Consulting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation Management.
  • Graduates-holders of the MBA diploma get a job in the best companies in Europe and the world and build a successful career in various fields of business.

    Tuition fees for MBA programs:

  • Master of Business Administration (Grenoble MBA) = 33000 € / year
  • Master of Business Administration in Data Analytics (MBA Data Analytics) = 16000 € / year
  • Master of Business Administration in Finance (MBA Finance) = 16000 € / year.
  • Annual
    from 2 200 € / 2 weeks

    Executive Education

    • Age: from 18 years old
    • Dates: available all year round
    • Duration of studying: from 2 to 6 days
    • English proficiency: IELTS 6.5 (minimum 6.0 for all sections).

    The Gizma Business School provides an opportunity to study programs in various areas. Employees of prestigious companies and organizations often undergo advanced preparation. Despite the short duration, the programs give a lot of knowledge and significantly expand the level of competencies and skills. Program areas include:

    • Finance and accounting (2 programs)
    • Entrepreneurship and start-ups (3 programs)
    • Leadership and management (5 programs)
    • Food and Agribusiness (3 programs)
    • Individual education (1 program).

    The cost of studying the programs of educational courses (Executive Education): from 1500 € to 5200 € / week.

    from 220 € / week

    English courses

  • Type of program: language courses
  • Age: From 18 years old
  • Dates: throughout the year
  • Duration of the program: from 1 week.
  • Students can learn English in classes with a small number of people throughout the year. Classes are conducted exclusively by highly qualified teachers who have a rich work experience. The training is built around the main sections of linguistics:

  • Grammar, vocabulary
  • Listening
  • Written speech
  • Oral speech.
  • Courses available: General English, Business English, Executive English. During intensive studies, students raise the level of the language.

    The cost of English courses: from 170 € / week.

    from 220 € / week

    Standard German courses

  • Program Type: Language Courses
  • Age: From 18 years old
  • Dates: throughout the year
  • Duration of the programs: from 1 week (for short-term programs), from 40 weeks (for the program of preparation for the university).
  • At the Gizma Business School, students can improve their knowledge of the German language. Training is conducted on two different programs:

    1) University Pathway Program:

  • Designed for applicants preparing to enter the German-speaking university
  • Full-time form of education
  • 20 lessons per week
  • Duration: from 40 weeks.
  • 2) German language courses:

  • Courses for all comers
  • Full-day form of education
  • Duration from 1 week.
  • I work with professional teachers, native speakers of the German language. The courses are aimed at rapid and qualitative improvement of the level, development of language skills in teaching, communication, writing and speaking. Students are engaged in small groups (up to a maximum of 16 people), which gives them the opportunity to devote a large amount of time to them and build an individual approach to each student.

    Tuition fees for German courses:

  • University Pathway Program = from 6500 € / course
  • German Language = from 200 € / week.
  • Annual
    from 9 950 € / 44 weeks

    University Pathway Program

  • Age of participants: from 16 years
  • Duration of the programs: from 13 to 48 weeks
  • Beginning of classes: throughout the year (every month of the year)
  • Training format: full-time
  • Number of people in the group: maximum 16
  • Level of education: For admission to Studienkolleg and baccalaureate: Diploma of secondary school / period of study at the university; For applicants to the Master's program: Bachelor's Degree
  • Knowledge of the German language: from A1
  • Language of instruction: German
  • Participants: foreign citizens.
  • Gisma Business School (Business School of Gizma) Berlin provides foreign students with a program of preparation and adaptation for admission to German universities. Programs are designed for graduates of schools, students or bachelors - depending on the specific goal and objectives, students choose one of three types of the course:

  • UPP: Pathway Studienkolleg (Preparation for Studied Studies)
  • UPP: Pathway University (Preparing for the University)
  • UPP: Pathway University + TestDaF (Preparing for the University + preparation for the exam).
  • Training lasts from 13 to 48 weeks: duration is chosen according to the level of the language (the lower the level, the longer the study). You can enter the program starting from level A1, successively passing all the steps. Each level is given 9 weeks (8 of them are active classes, 1 is independent work) and 180 lessons. The University Pathway (University Pathway Program, UPP) provides an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the way of life in the country, the rules of behavior accepted in society, and adapt to the educational system. All students receive extended consultations on admission to educational institutions on such issues as:

  • Full information on specific specialties and on-demand programs
  • Overview of Universities in Germany
  • Detailed analysis of requirements for the program of interest
  • The procedure for submitting applications and providing documents
  • Other questions regarding admission and study.
  • Programs are developed in the most qualitative way and give foreigners a maximum of useful knowledge and skills. Language classes are conducted in conjunction with the prestigious and well-known language school The Language Gallery, whose employees have an exceptionally high level of skills and extensive work experience. Lessons are built around the main sections of linguistics:

  • Grammar and vocabulary
  • Speaking
  • Written speech
  • Reading
  • Listening.
  • Much attention is paid to the skills of active conversational speech - the system of full immersion promotes the development of the ability to accurately and correctly formulate your thoughts and ideas. Due to the small number of people in groups and the high level of professionalism, each student receives maximum attention and an individual approach. Teachers are always ready to explain any complex topic / question.

    UPP: Pathway Studienkolleg (Preparation for Student School)

    In Germany, there are special educational institutions (colleges) designed for graduates of schools of foreign states, which need to bring the level of knowledge and education in accordance with the requirements of the German system. For example, the duration of a full school course in the country is 12-13 grades, which does not always correspond to the school certificate of another country (in Russia the school ends in grade 11). It is this difference that the program of such colleges replenishes, but for getting there it is necessary to have a sufficiently high level of German. The training course can last up to 40 weeks, depending on what level the entrant has and from what level he starts training. The consecutive curriculum includes four levels of language (A1, A2, B1, B2, 180 lessons per level) + a specialized preparation course for the college (Studienkolleg Prep, 80 lessons). In addition to language classes, students receive advice on preparing for the admission tests (this is mainly German and mathematics tests). Graduates enter prestigious and well-known educational institutions (Studienkolleg):

  • Studienkolleg Karlsruhe
  • Studienkolleg Köthen
  • Studienkolleg Mainz
  • Studienkolleg Nordhausen
  • Studienkolleg FU Berlin
  • Studienkolleg Hamburg
  • Studienkolleg Hannover
  • Studienkolleg Kaiserslautern.
  • UPP: Pathway University (Preparing for a direct entry into the university)

    Applicants striving for direct admission to German universities for bachelor's or master's programs must have an appropriate level of education (12-13 years of schooling or a bachelor's degree). The duration of the training is up to 44 weeks, depending on the entry level. The course includes sequential leveling (A1, A2, B1, B2, 9 weeks and 180 lessons each) and an intensive 8-week module at C1 level (160 lessons). In addition to the standard classes, preparation for the entrance exams of DHS and TELC C1 is included.

    UPP: Pathway University + TestDaF (Preparing for the University + preparation for the exam)

    This option combines preparation for the university with preparation for the passing of the TestDaF - a prestigious and popular exam that foreigners who want to enroll in German universities take over. If the exam is successfully passed, a certificate is issued that proves the level of skills and knowledge of a particular student. Training can last up to 48 weeks inclusive, the duration depends on the level of the applicant. Levels A1 to B2 last for 9 weeks, 8 of which are allocated for active work, and 1 for independent training. Next comes the 8-week module C1, and closes the cycle 4-week specialized preparation for TestDaf (TestDaf Prep). All aspects and sections of the exam are examined in detail, the teachers give practical recommendations on the performance of certain tasks. High indicators of the TestDaf certificate give significant advantages when entering German universities. The classes include elements of preparation for DHS and TELC C1.

    Universities of the country in which UPP alumni are most often admitted: Pathway University (Preparing for the University. UPP: Pathway University + TestDaF (Preparing for the University + preparation for the exam):

  • FU Berlin
  • TU Berlin
  • Technische Universität Braunschweig
  • Technische Universität Clausthal
  • Hochschule Coburg
  • Johan Wolfgang von Goethe University Frankfurt am Main
  • Leibniz Universität Hannover
  • Hochschule Hannover
  • Christian Albrechts Universität zu Kiel
  • Hochschule für Telekommunikation Leipzig
  • Phillips Universität Marburg
  • Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz
  • Hochschule Stralsund
  • Hochschule Wismar.
  • Tuition fees for the University Pathway program:

  • UPP: Pathway Studienkolleg = 2530 € / 13 weeks, 3670 € / 22 weeks, 5080 € / 31 weeks, 6500 € / 40 weeks
  • UPP: Pathway University = 3300 € / 17 weeks, 4350 € / 26 weeks, 5540 € / 35 week, 6850 € / 44 weeks
  • UPP: Pathway University + TestDaF = 7850 € / 48 weeks.
  • Undergraduate Program

  • Age of participants: from 18 years
  • Duration of programs: 3 years
  • Starting date: October
  • Level of education: diploma from the school, two subjects according to the standard A level + 3 subjects with a mark C or higher according to the standard GCSE / successful completion of the Access Program
  • English Proficiency: TOEFL80 / IELTS 6.0 / Pearson Test of English 53
  • Language learning: English.
  • Gisma Business School (Giza Business School) Berlin, together with Arden University (Britain), offers students from all over the world high-quality and in-demand undergraduate programs. Arden University is a private non-commercial university that offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs in mixed and online formats. It is part of Global University Systems and has good performance and reviews. Available undergraduate programs:

  • Business (Tourism) (Business (Tourism) BA (Hons))
  • Business (Marketing) (Business (Marketing) BA (Hons))
  • Business with Human Resource Management (Business with Human Resource Management BA (Hons))
  • Accounting and Finance (Accounting and Finance BSc (Hons))
  • Human Resource Management and Psychology (Human Resource Management and Psychology BA (Hons))
  • Healthcare Management BA (Hons).
  • Curricula are drawn up very carefully and meet high quality standards. The standard program duration is 3 years. The training format involves face-to-face classes and online learning: students get access to online learning materials and resources 24/7 to support self-study, as well as online lessons, tutorials, forums and virtual classrooms and libraries. Assessment methods consist of assignments, essays, presentations, case studies, portfolios and exams. Students receive regular academic support from university and school experts, your own coordinator, who provide any administrative, technical or motivational assistance.

    Much attention is paid to practical skills: all lectures are tested in practice, students create their own projects, learn real stories from the life of companies and organizations. Students receive assistance in adapting to the system of education and lifestyle, which is especially important for foreign participants. School specialists help students develop career and employment skills. In case of successful implementation of all requirements, students receive a state diploma with the award of a bachelor's degree in the relevant field of science. Graduates have a good chance of employment in prestigious companies, you can continue your studies by entering the magistracy.

    Career prospects after completion of programs:

  • Business (Tourism): tourism consultant, hotel manager, tourism manager, travel agency manager, event organizer, travel administrator, head of business development department
  • Business (Marketing) (Business (Marketing) BA (Hons)): Marketing Manager, Marketing Manager, Customer Relations Manager
  • Human resource management business: career counselor, employment advisor, human resources officer, office manager, management consultant, personnel manager
  • Accounting and Finance: Accountant, Financial Analyst, Financial Manager, Actuarial Analyst, Investment Banking, Broker, Tax Advisor
  • Human Resource Management and Psychology: Resource Manager, Recruitment Consultant, Career Consultant
  • Health management: care manager, health care manager, charity officer, health promotion specialist.

  • The cost of training for undergraduate programs = 8000 € / year.

    Accommodation and food

    The Gisma Business School does not have its own residences for students, but has partnerships with various apartments and provides assistance in selecting the right accommodation option. In order for the housing to be found on time, the student and his parents / representatives need to take care of this as soon as possible (preferably immediately after receiving the visa). Students can rent either a room in an apartment or a house, or a separate studio (or apartment). Both in the city center and in other areas there are always enough options so that each student can choose the right one.

    Students can eat at the university cafeteria located on campus, as well as in numerous cafes and restaurants; they can also cook at home.

    Approximate cost of accommodation and meals:

    • The cost of living is (approximately): from 420 € to 600 € / month
    • Cost of meals (approximately): from 200 € to 300 € / month.

    Subjects, specialties

    Subjects list: Customised Executive Education, Entrepreneurship & Start ups, Executive Education, Finance & Accounting, Food & Agribusiness, Grenoble MBA, Grenoble MIB, Grenoble MSc Innovation, Strategy, and Entrepreneurship, Grenoble MSc Marketing Management, Leadership & Management, MSc Corporate Financial Management, MSc Data Analytics and Marketing, MSc International Marketing, MSc IT Security Management, MSc Leadership and Human Resource Management, MSc Project Management, MSc Strategic Business Management, University Pathway Programme

    Events Gisma Business School Berlin

    Students take part in various recreational activities and excursions. Berlin, as the capital of Germany, and the second largest city of the European Union, has rich opportunities for organizing leisure. Students study the city on foot or by public transport, visit historical sites and architectural monuments, including:

    • Brandenburg Gate (The Brandenburg Gate)
    • Reichstag (Reichstag)
    • Berlin Wall (Berlin Wall)
    • Potsdamer Platz
    • Tiergarten.

    All year round, Berlin hosts various festivals, celebrations and events. Students can take part in such glorious events as:

    • Carnival of crops
    • Berlin Marathon
    • Art Forum
    • Christmas Fairs
    • Berlin International Film Festival.

    Also, students visit shops and shopping centers, cinemas and theaters, music concerts and performances - life here will definitely not be boring!

    Equipment Gisma Business School Berlin

    The campus is located in Berlin, which provides an opportunity not only to get an education, but also to get acquainted with the life of one of the most progressive and cosmopolitan cities in Germany. The Berlin campus is located in Schöneberg - an area with a lot of entertainment and shopping facilities, parks and squares. Not far from the school building is Potsdamer Platz - one of the sights of the German capital; In addition, it is a well-known business district, where the offices of Sony, Daimler and other large corporations are located.

    The campus occupies a total area of ​​about 1600 square meters. meters - there are classrooms equipped with modern technology, workplaces for working on projects, conference rooms, comfortable lounge areas. In the educational building are located student services, as well as the Career Center. Near the campus there is a bus stop and 3 metro stations.

    Term dates and fees

    Start of classes:

    • for the MBA program: September, October, February, April
    • for the Master's program: September, October, February, April
    • for the programs of educational courses: throughout the year
    • For language courses: throughout the year.

    The school year is divided into three semesters:

    • Fall semester: September - January
    • Spring semester: January - May
    • Summer semester: May-July.

    Tuition fees for MBA programs:

    • Master of Business Administration (Grenoble MBA) = 33000 € / year
    • Master of Business Administration in Data Analytics (MBA Data Analytics) = 16000 € / year
    • Master of Business Administration in Finance (MBA Finance) = 16000 € / year.

    The cost of the Master's program: from 15,000 € to 22,000 € / year.

    The cost of educational courses (Executive Education): from 1500 € to 5200 € / week.

    The cost of English courses: from 170 € / week.

    Tuition fees for German courses:

    • University Pathway Program = from 6500 € / course
    • German Language = from 200 € / week.

    Additional charges:

    • Registration fee
    • Deposit confirming the place on the course
    • Examination Boards
    • Deposit for tuition
    • Additional academic and language classes (optional)
    • Additional leisure activities and excursions (optional)
    • Air tickets in both directions
    • Transfer in both directions
    • Compulsory medical insurance
    • Personal pocket expenses
    • Visa fees and services, translation and certification of documents
    • Consular fee (paid at the Embassy).

    Extra fees:

    • Study materials 40 EUR
    • Transfer (one way) 45 EUR
    • Medical insurance 45 EUR
    • Other 80 EUR

    Entry requirements and extra fees how to apply, what is required to enrol

    For the MBA program:

    • Age of participants: from 21 years old
    • Level of education: Bachelor's degree in any direction (diploma with a good average score)
    • Knowledge of the English language: TOEFL IBT 94; IELTS 6.5 (minimum 6.0 for all sections); Cambridge Proficiency Exam (CPE): A, B, C; Pearson Test of English (PTE) 63
    • The result of the GMAT test may be required.

    For the Master's Degrees program:

    • Age of participants: from 21 years old
    • Educational level: Bachelor's degree (4 years of study) (any direction, diploma with a good average score)
    • English test: TOEFL IBT 94; IELTS 6.5 (minimum 6.0 for all sections); Cambridge Proficiency Exam (CPE): A, B, C; Pearson Test of English (PTE) 63.

    For the programs of educational courses (Executive Education):

    • Age of participants: from 18 years old
    • Educational level: Bachelor's, Master's program
    • English test: TOEFL IBT 94; IELTS 6.5 (minimum 6.0 for all sections)

    For English courses:

    • Age of participants: from 18 years old
    • English proficiency: specified individually.

    For German language courses:

    • Age of participants: from 18 years old
    • English proficiency: specified individually.

    Scholarships Gisma Business School Berlin

    GISMA Business School gives students the opportunity to receive a scholarship for tuition. Scholarships are available to those students who study on programs that work in cooperation with the Grenoble Ecole de Management and the University of Law. Scholarships include:

    • Principal's scholarship for Entrepreneurship
    • Exceptional Career Scholarship
    • Women in Business Scholarship
    • Academic Merit Scholarship
    • Rector's scholarship
    • Family scholarship.


    Insurance, flights, residence permits, citizenship and other services

    Gisma Business School Berlin reviews

    Recommendations on when to apply

    Language courses, schools and children's language camps Primary and secondary education - private schools Preparation programmes for entering universities - higher education Higher education (after completing accredited programs A-level, IB, High School) - Bachelor, Master, MBA
    - we recommend to apply 6-9 months before the start of the course (some camps and schools offer discounts for early booking or for lengthy study programs)
    - there are some very popular and high demand children's camps, where the applications need to be submitted 1 year in advance (in particular Switzerland , Great Britain , USA , Canada , Austria)
    - we recommend to apply one year before the start of the training program,
    - some schools have a specific time frame (September-November - please specify an individual school)
    - some schools require tests in several stages (UKISET, internal tests of the school: English, mathematics, logics, subjects, interview, some require a personal visit)
    - we recommend to apply one year before the start of the program,
    - for Foundation and Pathway programs, IELTS and TOEFL certificates are usually required, respectively

    - recommended submission one year before the start of the program,
    - the deadline normally closes in January, for TOP HEIs and, as a rule, in March in other universities
    - for a bachelor, a Foundation or Pathway preparatory program a completed A-level, IB, High School + IELTS / TOEFL are required
    - for Masters you need a graduated higher education, in some cases you need a pre-Masters program
    - MBA requires completed higher education, work experience preferably at least 2-3 years, etc.
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