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Best schools in New York for foreign students

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Best schools in New York for foreign students

The best schools in New York for foreign children 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 years old

Currently, prestigious schools in the USA, particularly New York, are especially popular among foreign students because of the universally recognized prestige of the certificate of an American school and university among all countries of the world. Thus, the popularity of the best schools in America is due to the highest level of academic preparation and the use of modern and advanced teaching methods. In addition, New York that was awarded the ninth line in the ranking in terms of the quality level of American school education. Compared with other states of America, it is in New York that the priority role is given to financing boarding schools; in addition, a larger number of budget funds are allocated for the maintenance and development of the educational school system by local authorities.

Obtaining an elite school education in New York, the foreign graduates have great opportunities for successful and promising employment, as well as creating excellent competitive advantages.

Educational programs of leading schools in New York - the main characteristics

Choosing the best school for learning in New York, it is necessary to take into account factors such as different types of American schools, the walls of which create excellent conditions for advanced American secondary education. In particular, public, private as well as international colleges are distinguished.

It is worth noting that in elite schools in New York, English is taught, which provides foreign students with regular language practice in an academic and everyday setting.

In addition, in the framework of teaching, the emphasis is on the harmonious development of the personal qualities of each student individually. In particular, it is worth highlighting independence, individuality, confidence, development of creative potential and sports abilities.

Among foreign students aged 14-17, it is popular to receive a leading American secondary education after graduating from grades 8-9 in the walls of the best closed boarding schools in New York. So, passing education in America will contribute to effective adaptation to the international situation and to receive high-quality pre-university education.

The following are the educational programs offered by prestigious schools in New York for foreign students:

  • American High School Diploma - is most popular among foreign students. Upon graduation, graduates are given a diploma of secondary education.
  • International Baccalaureate - in the framework of teaching, emphasis is placed on effective pre-university studying, at an advanced level, students study academic disciplines. The certificate on passing this educational program is recognized and highly appreciated by all countries of the world, without exception.
  • Advanced Placement (AP) - is aimed at foreign students who have been studied in the 10th grade at home. The duration of this educational program is 2 years; in the framework of the teaching, high-quality pre-university education of foreign students is conducted. So, a diploma on the passage of this program is recognized by many countries, in particular, this is the United Kingdom, Canada, etc.

It is worth noting that the predominant number of elite schools in New York provides for the possibility of awarding scholarships to students with excellent academic performance, thereby saving on the cost of education. As part of the selection of a preferred educational institution in New York, it is worthwhile to focus on the results of various rankings, which are published on an annual basis.

List of TOP-5 best boarding schools in New York for foreign students 

  • Leman Manhattan Preparatory School - this elite New York school is assigned the first line of the ranking of 2018, which was compiled by US News & World Report. This ranking American school is characterized by the highest level of technological education and modernity. So, in the walls of the top school, specialized courses in computer graphics, digital video, etc. were developed. A variety of educational programs, namely Diploma + AdvancedPlacement, an international undergraduate program, a preparatory course for passing the SAT exam, etc. are offered to foreign students aged 14 to 18 years. As for the cost of education, its size on average varies around 83,000 $ per year.
  • The leading private school Ross School - there is a reception of foreign students planning to undergo education from grade 7 as part of effective educational programs. In addition to education, a ranking school in New York has developed an active sports and leisure program that provides for a variety of entertainment and cultural events. As an interesting fact, SMAPSE experts note that well-known residents of the state are involved in teaching, in particular, artists, designers, experts from various professional fields. As for the cost of education starts from 57,900 $ per year.
  • The Knox School - is an elite private college, within the walls of which serious academic studying of students is carried out, and as part of the teaching, an emphasis is placed on in-depth study of music and arts. For foreign students aged 16-18, the following educational program is offered for passing, like Diploma + Advanced Placement. When there are no classes, students can attend a variety of electives, in particular, these are classes in the visual arts. The cost of education over the course of a semester is about 29,700 $.
  • Rutgers Preparatory School - a specialized program has been developed for foreign students who have been studied in grade 11, but have not yet chosen a future place of study. Thus, the American College Bridge Program educational program corresponds to the education in the 12th grade. Its passage contributes to a significant improvement in the level of English proficiency and obtaining effective academic education. The cost of education per semester on average varies about 28,140 $.
  • The Stony Brook School - the admission of foreign students who have reached the age of 15 and up to 18 is being carried out. So, educational programs for high schools, namely Diploma + Advanced Placement, have been developed. A specific feature of this elite school in New York is due to following Christian values, while combining the same respect for science and religion. Tuition starts at 56,400 $ per year.

Admission to best schools in New York for foreign students

To successfully enter elite schools in New York, a foreign student will need to provide an international language certificate. As for the requirements, the IELTS score should not be lower than 4.5 points; alternatively, you can provide TOEFL certificate to the members of the selection committee. As for academic requirements, a foreign student should have a positive average mark of the certificate or a school report card with grades.

Usually, foreign students will need a personal interview with a member of the admissions committee. In addition, about a year before the planned admission, it is necessary for the foreign student to prepare a package of documents that includes:

  • an extract of grades for the last two academic years
  • recommendations of teachers and a class teacher
  • an extract from a medical record and a discharge history
  • a photo
  • a birth certificate 
  • also in case of their presence, medals and diplomas.

How much does advanced secondary education cost in the best schools in New York?

As practice shows, the cost of education per year ranges from 55,000 to 80,000 $. The cost of education is based on various parameters, namely the geographical location of the educational institution, the living conditions provided, the prestige of the school, and the number of educational programs. Typically, the cost includes tuition as well as accommodation.

Please note that on an additional basis, the payment of the following elements is provided:

  • Training materials
  • Registration fee
  • Medical insurance policy
  • Participation in the excursion program
  • Participation in laboratory and practical exercises
  • The acquisition of school and sports uniforms.

Features of admission to prestigious schools in New York for foreign students

SMAPSE experts note once again that, while studying at elite private schools in New York, you provide your child with high-quality academic and language education from an early age. At the time of graduation in leading schools in New York, graduates freely become students of top colleges and universities, further occupying promising and sought-after positions.

At least one year before the planned start of education, it is worthwhile to consider the preparation of a package of documents and applications. This situation is due to the high demand and high prestige among foreign students of leading schools in New York. In this connection, in the United States there is an extremely large competition for places.

As for accommodation options, foreign students can live in the territory of a comfortable school residence, located, as a rule, in a separate building or in a neighboring area. In addition, if the student is interested in the period of study, he can live in a host family, which are carefully selected and constantly checked by school staff. Choosing the conditions of a boarding house, a foreign student is guaranteed a permanent stay in the American language and cultural environment, while simultaneously contributing to the effectiveness and intensity of education.


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