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Best schools in Boston for international students

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Best schools in Boston for international students

To begin with, the USA is rightfully considered the world leader in the educational sphere. So, every year more than 1 million foreign students decide to receive an elite American education. Usually foreign students become students of prestigious private schools in America, which are small educational institutions. Regardless of whether the student is a foreigner or an American, tuition is organized on a fee basis. Upon reaching 11 years old, a foreign student enrolls students in elite private boarding schools in Boston. Please note that upon reaching the age of 14, the foreign student is given the opportunity to stay for the period of study in the host family.

The best schools in Boston for foreign students

As part of vacation programs that provide effective English language learning in the United States, foreign students are provided with a truly excellent opportunity for an exciting vacation in the best American scientific, economic, and educational center, namely in Boston. So, passing education in the framework of language programs ensures the achievement of the highest results due to complete immersion in the language environment, as well as the use of modern teaching methods and attracting experienced and professional teachers to education.

Spent summer vacations in Boston will give the foreign student excellent impressions and emotions due to the truly unique atmosphere prevailing in the walls of advanced schools, guaranteeing quality relaxation and effective education. It was Boston that became famous as a large city in New England, on the territory of which there was a close intersection of the best ideas of the Old and New Worlds. In the construction of Boston, Europeans took an active part, which led to the storage of a large number of secrets and mysteries on the territory of the American city. In addition, foreign students after classes will be able to visit museums, the oldest libraries, theaters, as well as art galleries. As an interesting fact, SMAPSE expers note that freign students are provided with a truly excellent opportunity to walk along the trail of the Boston Tea Party, recognized as one of the main periods of American history.

Thus, when deciding on getting an elite education in Boston, a foreign student will be able to make useful and interesting acquaintances, get acquainted with the main cultural and historical sights, immerse himself in the latest and modern technologies, take a walk along the old streets, sit in home and lovely cafes.

The main advantages of studying in ranking schools in Boston 

As the main advantage of obtaining top American secondary education, it is worth highlighting a high level of prestige. Leading schools, colleges, as well as ranking universities are located and successfully operate in Boston. It is worth noting that the vast majority of elite language schools organize and develop summer educational programs based on ranking schools in the United States.

It is worth noting that in the suburbs of Boston, two top, universally recognized universities are successfully operating, namely Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, whose graduates have received a large number of prestigious awards and prizes. So, these top American universities are assigned high positions in international rankings. As part of effective language courses in Boston, foreign students are provided with a great opportunity to immerse elite universities in the student setting as part of organized excursions.

Key reasons for studying at prestigious Boston schools for foreign students

  • Within the framework of teaching, European traditions in the field of education and modern teaching methods are harmoniously combined
  • High prestige and ranking positions of the best schools in Boston
  • The widest selection of educational programs, language courses, even foreign students with a low level of knowledge of the English language will be able to undergo education
  • Modern infrastructure equipment of elite schools in Boston, as well as the use of the latest equipment in teaching
  • Only experienced and professional educators are involved in teaching
  • Intensive leisure program under development
  • Positive feedback from students.

Specific characteristics of summer educational programs in the best schools in Boston

SMAPSE experts draw attention to the fact that effective summer language programs aimed at foreign students include the teaching of English and the conduct of a variety of educational excursions and other events of an entertaining and cultural nature. So, each foreign student, based on individual goals and preferences, will be able to choose the optimal language program from the widest list.

As a rule, the developed educational programs differ in the degree of intensity of classes, namely standard and intensive. Regardless of the choice of a language course, education is combined with leisure activities that involve students in various creative and sports sections, trips, and excursions. In addition, the elite summer schools of Boston provide a combination of English classes with intensive sports activities, in particular:

  • basketball
  • football
  • rugby
  • swimming, etc.

For creative personalities, classes are organized in musical groups, the development of acting, etc. is provided.

As for adventure programs, they organize various trips to nature, while some of the leading language camps in Boston conduct various hiking and cycling trips provided by the summer language course. Preparatory programs aimed at successful and unhindered admission to the best schools , colleges , and US universities are very popular among foreign students. So, as part of the preparatory programs, there is a complete immersion in the language environment, as well as familiarity with the requirements and specific features of the American educational process .

Accommodation options for elite high school in Boston

  • On the territory of a comfortable school residence - accommodation in rooms designed for 2-3 students, on a full board basis
  • At the hotel - accommodation is provided for 1 to 2 students in a room on a full board or half board basis
  • In the host family - there is a complete immersion in the linguistic and cultural environment, familiarity with local traditions, the life of Americans.

Leisure program of leading private schools in Boston 

As noted above, an integral part of summer language programs is the conduct of various leisure activities, as well as educational excursions. Thus, the attention of foreign students from 11 to 18 years old is offered the widest list of possible sections, circles for visiting during hours off-hours. Suggested sections are listed below:

  • Theater mastery
  • Fitness
  • Art
  • Drawing
  • Classes in the gym
  • Swimming
  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball.

In addition, as part of the leisure program, talent shows, team, sporting events, barbecue parties, discos, quizzes, movie nights, etc. are provided.

As for excursions, foreign students will be able to visit the following famous attractions, such as:

  • Freedom Trail
  • Boston University
  • Harvard University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Museum dedicated to Boston Tea Party
  • Boston Common
  • USS Constitution
  • Red Sox Stadium
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Large City Aquarium New England
  • Old Corner Bookstore, etc.

List of the top 5 best summer language schools in Boston for foreign students

  • Harvard University Summer School - education is organized on the basis of a ranking university, which guarantees the highest level of quality of educational services and a scientific base. In addition, language programs successfully operate within the framework of the faculty of arts, while simultaneously occupying top positions in American rankings. This elite school is extremely popular and in demand among Americans and foreign students aged 15 to 19, offering summer programs in academic English.
  • Summer camp at Emmanuel College - the year of foundation is 1919, the institution is assigned the status of the oldest school in Boston. An elite school has developed summer language programs aimed at foreign students aged 13 to 19 years. So, the following courses are available to the attention of foreign students, namely, “Summer English for teens,” “Summer course for young leaders,” “English language course + football.”
  • CATS Academy Boston - is a rating and prestigious private school in the United States, located a short distance from Harvard University. The following courses are offered to foreign students, namely the preparatory program for studying in high school, “Ivy League: Leadership Course”, “STEM”. The leadership course provides for acquaintance with the requirements of the US educational system, conducting classes according to the standard American school curriculum, and effective preparation for passing the AST and SAT exams. The target audience for the STEM program is foreign students who are interested in studying the development trends of the modern world, technology and the latest innovations.
  • Summer camp Village camps - located on the territory of the elite Hillside school, while developing a classic English language program, which is combined with a variety of leisure activities and educational excursions.
  • The language school Boston School of Modern Languages - has the status of the oldest and most prestigious school in America, within the walls of which all the conditions for a high-quality study of the English language are created. As for the geographical location, it is located in the Roslindale area, modern teaching methods are used as part of the teaching. The educational process is harmoniously combined with active excursions.

How much does it cost to study at Boston's advanced summer school for foreign students

The cost of studying at a prestigious language camp in Boston varies greatly, which is determined by the degree of prestige and the chosen language program. So, the price of studying in the framework of the language program during the week ranges from 1,500 to 2,500 $.

What you need to know to successfully enter the best school in Boston?

To begin with, the requirements for admission of foreign students are set independently by each leading school in Boston. At the same time, regardless of the choice of a particular private school in Boston, a foreign student needs to prepare a package of documents that includes:

  • TOEFL International Language Certificate and SSAT General Academic Test
  • School grades tables for the last 2-3 years of study
  • As a rule, it is required to provide 1-2 recommendations from teachers, as well as write a motivation letter
  • Upon admission to top schools in the United States, a requirement is made for an additional test in one academic discipline, in particular, mathematics
  • In some cases, a creative portfolio is required.

After considering the package of documents, the selection committee makes a preliminary decision on the incoming student. After that, an interview is organized with a member of the selection committee, which may take the form of a personal visit to school or communication via Skype.

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