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Village camps Boston Summer Kids Camp

Address:  Hillside School Attn: Village Camps 404 Robin Hill Road Marlborough, MA 01752 USA

Description Village camps Boston Summer Kids Camp

Boston - one of the largest historical and cultural centers of America, in addition, there is a huge number of diverse educational institutions, it can be called the training capital of the United States. The first school in the city was founded in 1635. Today, Boston's universities and other educational institutions are at the forefront of modern world education, highly rated and respected in the US and abroad, attracted a lot of students from all over the world. The climate in this part of the country is mild and comfortable, the weather is mostly clear and sunny, and the city itself is green and well maintained.

Camp Boston is located on the outskirts of Boston (it takes about 30 minutes to get to the center) at Hillside - the campus totals 150 acres of land surrounded by green forests. Hillside School is located in the suburban city of Marlborough: originally the school was founded as a school for boys in 1901.

Programs and tuition/boarding fees, prices in Village camps Boston Summer Kids Camp

Program name

The intensity of the classes is medium, low - 15 academic hours per week (3 lessons per day on weekdays). Before the beginning of the training, all students write a special test that will determine their level of knowledge and distribute them to differentiated groups - in a group whose level of knowledge is approximately the same, educational progress is much faster. The training classes are small, they include 6-12 people - this gives the teacher the opportunity to give each student maximum attention, carefully monitor personal academic successes and achievements. Each teacher is a natural native speaker, an experienced and qualified professional. Communication in the camp territory is allowed only in English: this helps pupils to quickly overcome the language barrier, intensively expand their vocabulary, and improve communication and speech skills in a short time. The teaching practice continues after the end of the lessons: students practice their skills in a relaxed atmosphere during excursions and school group activities.

from 3 550 $ / 2 weeks

The course for foreign students who plan to enter the universities of Canada, the United States and other English-speaking countries - the TOEFL certificate is respected and highly regarded around the world, recognized in 130 countries and at 8,500 universities. The program will allow the student to significantly raise the level of English, improve the knowledge and skills in a comprehensive way - and at the same time get acquainted with the specifics of the exam, its subtleties, and clarify the criteria for evaluating the answers. Students will learn to manage their time competently, effectively work independently. Of no small importance is the psychological aspect of preparation: students are reduced anxiety level, the emotional barrier is removed, they become more confident in their abilities and ready for the successful passing of the exam.

At the beginning and at the end of the course, students write a test test: comparing the results, you can visually assess the progress of training, see the weaknesses that still need to be worked out and adjusted.

All required materials and manuals are provided.

Accommodation and food

Student residences Village camps Boston are located directly on campus, so the road to the dining room or academic buildings will not take more than a few minutes. In one room there are 2-3 people, each room is equipped with air conditioning, necessary furniture, a personal closet for everyone; The bathrooms are shared and located on each floor, they are very clean and well equipped. Bed linen is provided (changed every week) and pillow. Boys and girls live separately, on each floor there is a mentor-tutor who provides constant control over the safety of children. In one room, pupils of about the same age are populated to make the daily language practice even more intense.

Students eat three times a day: the menu is very diverse, thoughtful, balanced, always offering a choice of several dishes to choose from each student. The camp employs exclusively professional chefs, and the composition and menu of the school ration fully comply with the norms of nutrition for the pupil, balanced on nutritional value.

Subjects and sport

Subjects list: Cinematography, English, English for children, English for teenagers, English for the summer, Filmmaking, Filmography, French, german language, physical Culture, Preparation for TOEFL, Spanish, surfing
Events list: basketball, cinema, Contests, dancing, disco, football, golf, horseback riding, rugby, swimming, tennis, Tour of Harvard, volleyball, yoga

Events Village camps Boston Summer Kids Camp

Students can play football, volleyball or basketball, dance or yoga, play frisbee or tennis, try their hand at American football in their free time and weekend. Creatively gifted children will be interested to visit a variety of studios and classes of creativity.

In the evening, students of the Village camps of Boston are invited to participate in a variety of group events, which are prepared by the teachers and educators of the school. It can be dancing evenings and discos, fun team games and competitions, group screening, parody evening, sports tournaments, talent shows and much, much more.

The excursion program has also been carefully worked out - on a weekly basis, students are offered two full day excursion trips that introduce them to Boston and the surrounding areas. An example of excursions can serve:

  • Visit to the islands of Cap Cod and Martha's Vineyard
  • Visit to the baseball match at the stadium
  • Visit to the Observatory
  • Tour of local universities [ 999.14]
  • Drive to the island of Harbor
  • Inspection of the Museum of Science and the Museum of Modern Art
  • A visit to Harvard and Harvard Square
  • A trip to a large amusement park Six Flags
  • A beach holiday in Hampton
  • A trip to the city of Salem
  • Historical tour of Boston, visit to the market of Quincy and Fenl Hall.


  • There is a national quota: no more than 20% of pupils of the same nationality (this avoids the temptation to speak in their native language, helps to overcome the language barrier faster and intensively expand vocabulary)
  • Children are constantly under control and Supervision: a mentor, designed for 6 people, is fully responsible for their safety
  • Small training groups, the opportunity to give maximum attention to each student, a personal approach to each student
  • A wide range of opportunities for active recreation and sports, creativity and hobbies
  • A rich excursion program, an opportunity to get to know Boston and its surroundings (two whole day excursions for one week).

Equipment Village camps Boston Summer Kids Camp

All the classrooms, auditoriums and lecturers of the Village Camps Boston are equipped with the necessary furniture and appliances, each with air conditioning. Also, students can enjoy an outdoor pool and tennis courts, a spacious dining room, a comfortable common lounge for relaxation, creative studios, a functional sports hall. On the campus you can find a skating rink and roller-skating area, shops, a bowling alley, a cinema and a medical center, and the nearest large hospital is only 5 kilometers away. On the campus there is wireless internet, and in the living rooms there are international telephone sets.

Term dates and fees


2 weeks = $ 3550, 3 weeks = $ 5025, 4 weeks = $ 6125.

This price already includes:

[ 999.8]

  • Education on the program
  • Accommodation and meals (full board, student residence)
  • Sports, leisure, sightseeing.


  • Tickets and roundtrip transfers
  • Medical insurance policy
  • Visa (about 100 euros).

Entry requirements and extra fees how to apply, what is required to enrol

Required documents, depending on the type of institution:

camp / language school
  • copy of 1 page
  • certificate of language proficiency (if any)
private school, boardinghouse
  • copy of the 1 Pages of the passport
  • certificate of language proficiency
  • school report card with grades for the last 2-4 years (depending on the school)
  • school registration form
  • recommendation letters from Teachers of foreign languages, mathematics and a class teacher. Additionally, an educational institution may request a recommendation from the principal
  • Testing for knowledge of mathematics, language, other subjects
  • Interview with a representative of the school (possibly in person or by Skype)
  • Literacy, awards, student personal achievements (if any)
  • motivation letter (not for all schools)
  • passport size photo (depending on the school from 1 to 12 pcs)
  • medical certificate of the general health of the child , Discharge of vaccinations
  • birth certificate of the schoolboy (s)
  • copy of the page 1 passport of the passport
  • certificate of language proficiency
  • school certificate for the bachelor, diploma of Higher education for the master
  • letters of recommendation from teachers of foreign languages, mathematics and the class teacher. Additionally, an educational institution may request a recommendation from the principal / dean
  • certificates, awards, personal achievements of the student (if any)
  • motivation letter / personal statement
  • interview with a representative of the institution


Insurance, flights, residence permits, citizenship and other services

Village camps Boston Summer Kids Camp reviews

Regina I.

I think that if you want studying somewhere in the USA, it’s Boston. The whole city is made for students: if not a school, then a preparatory college, if not an English course, so a university. Half of the city companies take Bachelor students for internships, half of the local shops and restaurants glue stickers on the door, “show student id card and get a discount,” and the discounts are very good. Even many parties and events in the city are made for students and young people!

Of course, I was not in the camp for 2 weeks, but now I really want to study here.


Recommendations on when to apply

Language courses, schools and children's language camps Primary and secondary education - private schools Preparation programmes for entering universities - higher education Higher education (after completing accredited programs A-level, IB, High School) - Bachelor, Master, MBA
- we recommend to apply 6-9 months before the start of the course (some camps and schools offer discounts for early booking or for lengthy study programs)
- there are some very popular and high demand children's camps, where the applications need to be submitted 1 year in advance (in particular Switzerland , Great Britain , USA , Canada , Austria)
- we recommend to apply one year before the start of the training program,
- some schools have a specific time frame (September-November - please specify an individual school)
- some schools require tests in several stages (UKISET, internal tests of the school: English, mathematics, logics, subjects, interview, some require a personal visit)
- we recommend to apply one year before the start of the program,
- for Foundation and Pathway programs, IELTS and TOEFL certificates are usually required, respectively

- recommended submission one year before the start of the program,
- the deadline normally closes in January, for TOP HEIs and, as a rule, in March in other universities
- for a bachelor, a Foundation or Pathway preparatory program a completed A-level, IB, High School + IELTS / TOEFL are required
- for Masters you need a graduated higher education, in some cases you need a pre-Masters program
- MBA requires completed higher education, work experience preferably at least 2-3 years, etc.
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