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Study English in the UK

Study English in the UK

Learn English in England and the UK

Educational traditions in Great Britain and England have been strong since ancient times - and SMAPSE experts try to observe the same scrupulousness, quality and accuracy as is customary in the United Kingdom. Going to learn English in the UK, you get the highest quality of education, modern methods and teaching materials, valuable educational certificates that are highly ranked around the world - whether you choose a university, a private boarding school or public school, language courses or international centers.

SMAPSE offers you a list of guaranteed quality, tested UK language schools that have earned recognition and high praise from students all over the world. All schools on the list have been accredited by Accreditation UK, which is issued only with the approval of the British Council - an indispensable condition for obtaining a short-term student visa to the United Kingdom.

With the help of SMAPSE list you can quickly and conveniently make the right choice, based on your preferences: the duration and subject of the course, season, accommodation, location, discounts and special offers. With any questions you can contact SMAPSE specialists, and they will find the most suitable option for you.

Where can I learn English? Of course, in the UK!

Undoubtedly, learning English in the UK, at its historical homeland, will be most useful, fast and effective. You will practice every day in a lively conversation, sharpen your skills, get a steady motivation for victories and success, being in a natural language environment. It helps students of all ages - you will improve and raise your level as comfortably as possible, without endless cramming and memorizing of studying paragraphs. Learning English in real, living conditions with a huge amount of daily practice is the fastest way to learn a foreign language practically at the level of a carrier!

What English courses can be found in English schools?

Typically, UK schools, language and international centers operate year-round, offering interesting, diverse and effective educational programs every season (including the summer period). Perhaps, it is the summer season that will be most optimal for you: for the summer there are vacations and most vacations, which you can spend with benefit and constant pleasure! By independently determining the convenient educational load, extracurricular and excursion program, the program topics, you will be able to make the most suitable course for you.

English language programs in the UK and England are available to students of any age and any level of knowledge: as for the very beginners who begin learning from scratch, and for advanced students who want to sharpen special skills (for example, master the thematic vocabulary or learn speak to the English-speaking public).

The main types of programs offered to adult students in UK language schools can be divided into the following groups:

  • General English: a universal option that allows to develop all key, basic language skills and abilities in a complex way - reading and writing, listening and speaking, grammar, vocabulary, phonetics (with special emphasis on improving spoken English)
  • Business English: for those who already have good knowledge and level (usually the introductory requirements start from B1, or the Low Intermediate) and want to improve specific skills for working with international clients and partners
  • Preparation for the University - very popular courses for students, who want to bring their language and subject knowledge in accordance with the high requirements of British universities, successfully enter the selected university
  • Preparation for language tests - you can choose the exam you want to prepare yourself for: it can be popular IELTS or TOEFL, complex Cambridge ESOL, English for teachers and much more. Certificate of English is an indispensable requirement for admissions of any English boarding school or university, an international college.

English language programs in England can be conducted according to several schemes:

  • group lessons (6-15 people)
  • Mini-groups (2.4 or 6 people with a teacher)
  • individual lessons (one-to-one: 1 student and 1 teacher).

Most language lessons are held in the morning (in the morning, before and after lunch): in the evenings, students can relax and socialize, do homework or do self-study, go on an excursion or take a walk in the nearest city. But evening classes will also be easy to find, as well as part-time programs (with part-time employment, especially suitable for busy adults). Standard, basic intensity of lessons is 20 academic hours per week, but you can always find more intensive programs (25, 30-35 even 40 hours weekly).

The duration of English courses in the UK can be very different: from 1-2 weeks to several months and a pair of trimesters. Typically, language schools in their packages of services include a weekly offer: so the student will be easier to choose and book the appropriate duration, as well as orient in the cost.

English language teaching in England with accommodation

Language schools that invite students to English language courses generally take care of placing their wards - among the most common options are:

  • host family or teacher's family
  • hostels
  • hotels
  • rooms, apartments and townhouses for rent
  • general student residents.

We'll look at each option a bit more so that you can more easily determine your priorities.

  • Family (host, teacher's family)

Very demanded, reliable and safe option of living: it provides an opportunity to get acquainted with the British traditions, history, culture, and daily practice in English with its direct, natural carriers. This is an excellent opportunity to sharpen the conversation and communication skills. Living in a teacher's family gives an additional bonus to the intensity and effectiveness of classes: a professional teacher can gently correct your mistakes and shortcomings in a speech, thanks to which the lesson is conducted almost 24/7, and your level improves incredibly quickly and easily, almost unnoticeably for you.

  • Hostels

Perhaps the most economical option for living while studying in the UK is habitual and not burdensome for active and sociable young people - especially if they came to the education of the whole company. Usually, hostels do not rent rooms, but sleeping places (for example, in a large common room there can be up to 6-10 beds), but if you ask to settle you together, hardly anyone will refuse! Accommodation at the hostel will cost about 25-45 £ per day.

  • Rent an apartment 

This option can be both very economical, and very elite and costly - it all depends on what kind of apartment you prefer: the price is affected by the location, furnishings, household and utilities, the size of the apartments and the number of people who plan to reside in them. This is an option for students who value maximum freedom and do not want to adapt to the strange rhythm of life, while they are ready to provide themselves a comfortable life and food (renting apartments does not include a diet). On average, basic options start at 60 £ per day.

  • Hotels & Accommodations

Perhaps the most expensive option of living. Prices in the UK are at a fairly high level, as is the level of service and quality of hotels, which affects the cost of living. Be prepared to see prices for accommodation from 70 £ per night for a basic, budget option without meals.

The cost of English courses in the UK

Of course, the price of studying in the UK and England on language courses can be very different: it depends on the course chosen and its subjects, duration, chosen accommodation and nutrition options, prestige and ranking of the language school or international educational center. SMAPSE experts will give you an average price, and you can find out the more accurate price on the page of the school you like. All prices are per 1 person for 1 week.

1. Host family or teacher's family:

  • General course General English: standard (20 lessons per week) = from 400 £, intensive (25 lessons) = from 870 £, with preparation for language tests (for example, IELTS) = from 450 £, individual lessons = from 1,050 £ /15 lessons
  • Business English: in the group = from 590 £ (20 lessons per week), in mini groups or individually = from 1,060 £ / 30 lessons.

Individual expenses (food, transportation, etc.) will be about 250 £ per week, also do not forget to put into your budget the costs of visa and air tickets, transfer and medical insurance. Also all leisure activities are paid separately: trips to museums, cinema and theaters (+ entrance tickets), visits to pubs and restaurants, visits to attractions, amusement parks, shopping, etc.

What can you save by choosing education in the UK?

The UK can not be called a cheap country for education. But still there are several ways to save and reduce your costs:

  • Carefully choose the region and city for education. For example, London and Edinburgh, Oxford and Cambridge can be ranked among the most expensive language courses, while studying in Central England, Scotland or Wales, and especially in Northern Ireland, will cost you much less, without losing quality teaching
  • Prices for accommodation in high season (usually the summer months and Christmas, Easter holidays) is always higher - try to choose the time to travel to the "unpopular" months, if you have such an opportunity
  • Keep up the special offers and discounts! Language schools and educational centers constantly arrange "sales", which SMAPSE experts announce on the site, as well as convenient and profitable packages of accommodation and meals, discounts on booking a long course
  • If you have chosen accommodation in a hostel, an apartment or you can use the host family's kitchen - cook yourself: it will be much cheaper than visiting restaurants, cafes and bars
  • Attentively follow student offers and promotions: many museums and other municipal institutions make free or preferential admission for you. The same applies to transportation costs: see what options are available for tickets (especially for a long period), what discounts are given to students.
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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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