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Best private schools in England for foreign students

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Best private schools in England for foreign students

Leading private schools in England for foreign students

Everywhere elite private schools in Britain have the status of upbringing and proper education. So, over the centuries, the formation of the British educational system has taken place, and to this day, certain changes and improvements have been made to it. Following established traditions, at the same time, ranking private schools in England use modern methods and technologies as part of teaching, and modern and new equipment is used to teach foreign students.

It is worth noting that the level of school scientific laboratories in the UK is fully consistent with the university, in addition, professional artists are invited to perform in the walls of the advanced British school theater. Special mention is given to the innovative business projects of students, whose fame in many cases extends beyond the school territory, thereby gaining success as a startup. Due to the ascetic living and study conditions, which are combined with the comfort prevailing in the walls of the best private schools in Britain, a foreign graduate at the end of his studies leaves a comprehensively developed personality.

Types of prestigious private schools in the UK

So, in the British territory, schools are divided into private and public. Foreign students can receive high-quality education at the walls of elite private boarding schools in Britain, which are characterized by a high level of academic preparation, focused on successful admission to a rankng university. In addition, the students are offered a wide selection of leisure activities and activities, while in the classrooms there are a small number of students, thus, as part of the teaching, an individual approach is applied to each student.

SMAPSE experts draw your attention to the fact that not only mixed schools, but also educational institutions that maintain a separate educational format are functioning successfully in the UK.

Types of educational programs of prestigious private schools in England

As a rule, foreign students enter the leading private British boarding schools in the middle and senior classes, which provide for the conduct of effective pre-university education at the top university in England. Note that, without having a certificate of study at an English high school or a specialized educational preparatory program, a foreign student will not be able to enter the advanced university of Great Britain.

The following are educational programs:

  • Secondary School - corresponds to the education in high school from grades 6 to 9, the target audience is foreign students aged 11 to 14 years.
  • GCSE, General Certificate of Secondary Education, is a preparatory program, the passage of which allows you to get a secondary education certificate, the target audience is students from 14 to 16 years old. The duration of education is two years. The educational program provides for the teaching of not only compulsory disciplines, but also subjects of choice. As for the number of subjects and their list, it is determined and depends on the particular private school in the UK. The required subjects are the following, namely the English language, mathematics, and also the natural sciences. So, in the walls of some elite private boarding schools in Britain, foreign students study subjects such as religious studies, English literature, and a foreign language. After being studied in grade 11, it is envisaged to pass exams, the number of which varies from 6 to 10. The results obtained are the basis for being enrolled in the next stage of the Sixth Form, which corresponds to grades 12-13 and is a secondary education course advanced level. The presence of a certificate of secondary education of an advanced level is a prerequisite for the admission of a foreign student to a ranking university in England. The leading private British boarding schools have developed several types of pre-university educational programs, namely A-level, IB, Pre-U, BTEC.
  • IGCSE, International General Certificate of Secondary Education, - is a preparatory program focused on obtaining a secondary education certificate by a student, which takes into account the needs of foreign students aged 14-16 years.
  • A-level - is a national British high school program, in the framework of which preparations are being made for unhindered admission to a prestigious university, the target audience is foreign students aged 16 to 18 years. The duration of education in the framework of this educational program is two years. So, in the framework of the first year of study, foreign students select from 4 to 5 subjects for study from the widest list, which includes 15-40 possible disciplines. As for the second year of study, as a rule, the number of subjects studied is reduced to 3-4. The choice of specific subjects for study is determined by future specialization in an advanced English university. At the end of each academic year, exams are provided.
  • IB, International Baccalaureate, is an international high school curriculum that provides pre-university education for students aged 16 to 18 years. The duration of studies in the framework of the international baccalaureate program is 2 years, providing for the study of 6 academic subjects, namely native and foreign languages, mathematics, and three optional disciplines. As for the chosen disciplines, it includes 1 natural science subject, 1 humanitarian, as well as 1 subject corresponding to future specialization in an English advanced university. Please note that the teaching of three subjects at a basic level, and three disciplines on an in-depth basis is provided.
  • International Foundation - is a preparatory program aimed at successful entry into ranking universities in England, the target audience of which are foreign students aged 17 to 18 years. At the end of the second year of study, passing examinations is provided.
  • Cambridge Pre-U - is an innovative program that was developed by the University of Cambridge in 2008. Currently, exams passed as part of this education course are universally recognized as leading and prestigious universities in the UK and the USA. Foreign students choose 3 disciplines from a list of 27 subjects. In addition, on an additional basis, it is possible to attend a variety of courses, grades for which are not put down in the certificate. At the end of two years of study, it is planned to pass exams in three disciplines, as well as write a research project and prepare a portfolio within the framework of the Global Perspectives discipline. In case of successful completion of the discipline, graduates are issued a diploma.
  • BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma is a rare educational program considered to be a pre-university educational course, corresponding to the A-level program, as well as a professional qualification, the passage of which allows you to find a job in some areas of activity. The results of this program are universally recognized and quoted by the predominant majority of top British universities. In particular, among foreign students, BTES courses in business and computer technology are very popular.

Choosing the best private school in England for a prestigious secondary education

When choosing a British advanced private school, a large number of parameters should be taken into account, namely the academic performance of a foreign student, his hobbies, goals and preferences, character, age and future university specialization. When deciding on a British school, it is worth paying attention to the position of the institution in international rankings, the success of school graduates, the share of successful enrollment in ranking universities in the UK, the conditions of placement, territorial location, as well as the saturation of leisure activities.

If your child has talents and abilities in creativity or sports, then you need to make a choice in relation to the school that has the appropriate infrastructure, in particular, riding arenas, theater stages, tennis courts. So, while studying at top universities in England, foreign students demonstrate high results in exams, various competitions, exhibitions, festivals, as well as competitions.

It is worth starting with the fact that the overwhelming majority of elite private schools in Britain occupy leading positions of national rankings in the context of the following parameters, both professionalism and experience of the teaching staff. For example, graduates from top British universities, namely Oxford and Cambridge, are involved in the results of final exams, level infrastructural equipment of the school territory (in particular, it is the equipment of classes, research laboratories, theater studios, sports grounds, dormitories), the degree of intensity Nost leisure activities, which are an integral part of the educational program.

Higher prestige of the British school means that foreign graduates are more likely to become a student at a ranking university in England. Thus, the value of the diploma and the education received is increasing. The predominant number of top private schools in Britain is characterized by selectivity. So, in order to enter the ranking of a private British boarding school, you will need to pass entrance exams and pass an interview. As practice shows, selectivity contributes to the selection of students in the same class at the same academic level, thereby contributing to a faster and deeper development of academic subjects, while achieving high results and obtaining the status of a ranking university, both in the UK and other countries of the world.

As a rule, as part of the procedure for admission of foreign students, applicants must pass exams approximately 10-11 months before the onset of the school year. However, due to an increase in the number of applications in some British advanced boarding schools, the admission process begins in about 18-36 months. At the same time, the admission procedure is divided into two stages.

The private school of England itself determines the list, number and degree of difficulty of entrance exams.

Usually, as part of entering a British private school, aimed at foreign students under the age of 13, passing the English language, mathematics, non-verbal logic is required. However, some private schools in England do not have requirements for writing entrance exams. As a rule, when entering the grades 9-10, the foreign student must pass the English language, mathematics, as well as pass an interview. So, entering the elite private school of Great Britain Charterhouse, a requirement is made in respect to passing the natural sciences, writing a math test.

Please note that, when deciding on pre-examination education in the best private schools in England, you increase the cost of studying in the UK by 6-10%, while guaranteeing high-quality education of a foreign student for a new language and cultural environment, thereby contributing to a quick adaptation to new conditions and successful learning. Thus, your educational costs will be quickly paid back.

The main advantages of obtaining a leading secondary education in the best English private schools

  • When deciding to get a British secondary education, you are guaranteed high-quality academic preparation and excellent prospects for employment in large international corporations. So, foreign students acquire the skills of free thinking, analytical processing of information, as well as the formation of their own point of view and its upholding in the framework of various discussions.
  • The main goal of teachers is determined by the definition and development of the abilities and talents of each student individually. So, foreign students independently conduct various experiments and studies, in addition, they acquire teamwork skills.
  • All free time from classes is devoted to sports and creativity, which, in turn, have the form of intensive training, competitions, classes in professionally equipped studios. Creative individuals can participate in theatrical productions.
  • It is through education at prestigious private schools in England that a foreign student will be able to improve his English proficiency to a native speaker in a short period of time. A complete immersion in the new language environment can be combined with a specialized ESL course aimed at foreign students.
  • Obtaining the necessary and useful skills - for example, upon graduation, graduates have excellent logical thinking, skills in finding information, working with text, and quick memorization techniques. Also in future work such useful skills as public speaking skills, independent and team work will come in handy.
  • Directly playing sports is recognized as an important part of the educational program of the best private schools in England, in addition, classes in various sports sections are included in the total cost of the education program. The attention of foreign students is offered a large list of over 30-40 possible sports sections, so each student, based on individual preferences, will be able to choose the right exercise for himself. In addition, the organization of regular trips, expeditions, hiking expeditions is provided.

Accommodation in the best private schools in England

A predominant number of foreign students become students of leading British boarding schools. So, in the walls of such educational institutions in England, students simultaneously live on the territory of comfortable school residences, and study. Special equipment and facilities for student dormitories deserve special mention, in particular, this applies to bathrooms, kitchens, lounges and games, computer classrooms, as well as educational laboratories. It is worth noting that on the territory of the residences some teachers and school administration staff live together with their families.

Within the walls of each residence has its own unique atmosphere. So, between the residences of various British boarding schools, the organization of various contests and competitions is provided. It is worth noting that the teachers of school dormitories independently develop a leisure program for foreign students. So, various board, role-playing, sports games are held, various theme parties, trips to the cinema, museums, as well as educational excursions are organized.

It is worth noting that it is possible for foreign students to live in host British families, while providing a guarantee of round-the-clock custody and the safety of students.

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