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2021-08-24 15:44:31

Australia's Best Universities in Design and Fashion for foreign students

Australia's Best Universities in Design and Fashion for foreign students

Studying design and fashion in Australiawill allow you to form design thinking skills that can be applied in a wide range of disciplines. The world is becoming more complex, there is a growing demand for graduates who can apply design as a way to solve problems, develop alternative points of view, destroy inefficient models.

Leading universities offer a variety of diploma and certificate programs, bachelor's/master's courses in design and fashion. Educational centers in Australia introduce principles, design theory, visual communication, innovative design, web design, interface design, and visual storytelling. You will learn how to use design as an innovative method, apply design thinking in a physical and digital environment.


The studied methods will allow you to form different points of view, study several design solutions, understand how to solve complex problems, clearly convey ideas, strategies, critically assess current situations and conditions, develop strategies for innovation. Whichever path you choose, leading universities will develop critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, research skills through interactive classes and "real" assessments.

Creative industries in Australia are the main engine of the economy, their cost is estimated at $ 30 billion, provides work for hundreds of thousands of people. If you're thinking about a creative career, don't let anyone tell you it's not a serious business! A degree in Design and Fashion provides an opportunity to study art, communications, design, music with business and legal subjects.

Learning fashion design will teach you how to make stylistic decisions – from creating clothes to accessories. Fashion Design is ideal for creative people who like to combine colors, textures, materials, play with them. A bachelor's or master's degree in fashion design will help you become a successful designer, fashion designer, buyer, retail manager, stylist, textile creator.

Content of fashion and design programs in Australian universities

Popular universities in Australia with the study of fashion and design offer courses that study:

  • Various design areas, design methods
  • Methods of creating fashionable clothes, accessories, materials
  • Experience and practices of experts from the creative community
  • Innovative trends, experiments, ways of individual self-expression, the future of fashion
  • Theory and practice of fashion design
  • Practical research of the process of manufacturing design items for the implementation of their own ideas
  • World fashion culture, ethical, sustainable practices
  • Possibilities of modern fashion
  • Design strategies based on traditional and modern knowledge, technical skills, practical design
  • Creative, reflective, sustainable approach to the design and manufacture of clothing
  • Branding, manufacturing processes, digital design skills, fashion brand design
  • The latest software for the implementation of design ideas
  • Business fashion, the application of design skills to the marketing of specific design briefs.

Students of the leading design universities in Australia receive:

  • Full access to world-class textile, fashion workshops
  • Experience under the close supervision of experienced staff
  • Cooperation with representatives of the fashion industry.

What a perspective designer will find in Australian universities:

  • Knowledge of design as a set of methods for solving nonlinear complex problems, experience in applying such methods in various design contexts.
  • Ability to balance convergent, divergent approaches, paying special attention to the details of the design solution, applying critical thinking skills.
  • Knowledge of methods, techniques, design tools, their relationship in design movements and schools.
  • Effective use of written, visual means for criticism, discussion, creation, transmission of understanding.
  • Understanding the value of design techniques to identify and evaluate human-centered solutions to problems related to specific disciplines.
  • Experience working on design problems that require interdisciplinary knowledge and skills.
  • Ability to work in interdisciplinary teams, share knowledge in specific disciplines.

Graduates of the Australian School of Fashion and Design

The list of outstanding Australian designers who graduated from the country's leading educational institutions is impressive.

Nicky Zimmermann, Alex Perry Dion Lee and Akira Isogawa – Australian fashion kings – are prime examples of what Australian fashion schools can produce.

Sydney graduate Pip Edwards is the co-founder and director of the sports label PE Nation. Pip is a veteran of the Australian fashion market, working with brands such as General Pants Co, Sass and Bide and Ksubi, after earning a Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies) degree from the University of Sydney in 2003.

A few more well-known Australian names in design who graduated from universities in Australia:

  • - Rachel O'Brien – designer at The Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival
  • Donald Chang is a finalist at the 2015 VAMFF National Graduate Showcase
  • Wesley McDonough – Head of Design for Barney Cools
  • - Anna Quan – featured in Vogue, Harper Bazaar and Elle magazine
  • Julie Craig – Successful Career in Education in Australia
  • Richard Whitfield is an experienced advertising photographer who captured Sir Richard Branson
  • Tony Maticevski – successful career in the fashion industry
  • Jessica Gregory is the winner of the Australian Design Institute's 2018 Australian Graduate of the Year Award (AGOTYA).

Employment Options for Graduates

  1. Architect
  2. Artist
  3. Designer
  4. Landscape architect
  5. City Designer
  6. Artistic Director
  7. Creative Artist
  8. Coordinator of Cultural Festivals
  9. Gallery Director
  10. Specialist in the preservation of artistic heritage.

TOP-18 best fashion schools in Australia for foreign students

  • Queensland University in Technology provides the only internationally recognised four-year degree in fashion. The university offers programs with a focus on the development of advanced technical, creative skills, known for graduates who stirred up the fashion scene of Brisbane and began an international career. QUT allows you to get a qualification, important practical experience in the industry, to undergo internships.
  • FBI Fashion College is one of the best places in Australia to start a career in the fashion industry, offering fashion business and fashion design courses. For more than 26 years, FBI has been embodying the dreams of future designers: more than 1800 specialists are engaged in fashion. The university sets innovative rules by offering students on-the-job preparation. FBI Careers Agency has partnered with Vogue, AJE, Alice McCall, Armani, Bec & Bridge, Carla Zampatti, Gucci, Thurley, Tigerlily, Zimmermann.
  • Fashion Design Studio Sydney (TAFE)is always on the verge of great success. Students receive higher education with creative, technical, business skills that will help them achieve success. TAFE has campuses across Australia, making the school accessible to all.
  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology is one of the leading fashion schools in Australia, where Tony Maticewski and Karen Webster studied. RMIT, recently ranked 17th in the boF world ranking of fashion schools, is a leading university offering real world experience, internationally recognized programs. Along with the bachelor's degree of fashion, RMIT offers master's courses, doctoral studies, certificates in textile production, fashion style, custom shoe manufacturing.
  • White House Institute of Design Melbourne is one of the most famous fashion schools in the country: it has departments of fashion, creativity, interior, design. Ranked 27th in the world by The Business of Fashion magazine, Whitehouse, it has a unique approach to learning – students are introduced to studio practice with solo and group projects. With a focus on creative development, design history, and communication skills, it's no surprise that Whitehouse has successfully graduated from Camilla Freeman Topper and Yojin Bae!
  • Melbourne Fashion Institute, Collarts (Australian College of Art Pty Ltd)is a dynamic independent college of higher education that offers industry-specific preparation combined with strong personal and professional development. Over 30 years of work, Collarts (formerly AusMusic) has gained a reputation as a company providing quality higher education with an excellent ability to always be at the forefront of modern culture. Commitment to ties with the industry, flexibility, cultural significance make the university popular.
  • The Australian Institute of Creative Design, Brisbane,provides exciting industry courses for creative students. At the Australian Institute of Creative Design, students are guided, supported by industry-recognized faculty and experts who are committed to offering deep, innovative programmes that enhance students' creativity.
  • Flinders University Adelaide has been a center of inspiring achievement for more than 50 years, from groundbreaking research, learning excellence to the positive impact that the university has on the community. Inspiration leads to innovation!
  • The South Australian Institute of Business and Technology offers a design course that introduces students to the basic principles of design, their application to various projects. Participants master design skills, various software applications for publishing materials for print and electronic media, analyze messages through various design elements.
  • Navitas Curtin College offers a diploma in art and creativity leading to a Bachelor of Arts, Communications, Creative Arts, and Design degree. Students master universal skills of communication, creativity, critical thinking, digital knowledge, presentation, problem solving, research, teamwork, which can be applied in various specialties of the creative industry.
  • Navitas Deakin College offers to study the tools, strategies, methodologies of design thinking necessary for an adaptable multidisciplinary designer. The diploma of designer lays the foundation for further education in the field of visual communication, animation, digital technologies.
  • Navitas La Trobe University Sydney is among the top 50 universities in East Asia, Southeast Asia, Oceania according to Times Higher Education (THE)-2019. Participants will master the theory and practice of design, will undergo professional internships in Australia and abroad.
  • Navitas Sydney Institute of Business and Technology (SIBT)offers a diploma in art. Young people study a wide range of disciplines, including linguistics, culture, creativity. Graduates are qualified for entry-level positions in a variety of fields.
  • Navitas University of Canberra is among the top 20% of Universities in Australia in terms of the average salary of graduates of fine arts, ranks first in student engagement, skills development. Whether you see your future in creative writing, graphic design, digital media, interactive design, filmmaking, or another field of art, design, the constant emphasis on Work Integrated Learning (WIL) ensures that your future career will always be a university priority. You will gain valuable real-world experience, develop a range of practical, conceptual, communication, intercultural skills to succeed in creative industries.
  • Navitas Western Sydney UniversitySchool of Engineering, Design, And Built Environment includes several disciplines:
    1. engineering (civil, environmental, electrical, mechanical, robotic)
    2. architecture
    3. construction management
    4. industrial design.

The active research culture of the university is associated with industry, includes a wide range of research concentrations that have received worldwide recognition.

  • Australian National University offers a Bachelor of Arts course. The study of curatorship includes the study of the history of art as an academic discipline, the practice of curating collections, exhibitions. Students study art in a variety of historical, social, cultural, and political contexts. Students will focus on Australian, Asian, international art, study art history abroad. Participants of the course will deepen their understanding of artistic practice, get acquainted with the museum environment at special classes.
  • The University of Western Australiais a unique place to study, practice architecture, design, and planning.
  • The University of Sydney UTS recognises the importance of a commercial framework: students are encouraged to become industry leaders, focusing on innovation, experimentation, individual expression, and the future of fashion. This experimental spirit is balanced by close industry ties. Students get the opportunity to work on real projects with brands such as Jets Swimwear, Think Positive, Australian Wool Innovation, Calcoup Knitwear, Swarovski. The Bachelor of Design in Fashion, Textiles is an internationally recognized degree that gives students the necessary start for a career in all aspects of the international fashion industry. The degree provides the conceptual knowledge, clothing skills needed to transform creative vision into compelling fashion statements.
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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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