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International schools in the USA, colleges of America

International schools in the USA, colleges of America

International colleges and schools of the United States receive foreigners and local residents to prepare for entering the best universities in the country. The educational system here is very flexible: the students independently choose the subjects and the intensity of the training necessary for them; if the student plans to enter a certain university after completing the course, we advise you in advance to find out which program should be passed for transfer to a higher education institution.

The advantages of studying at pre-university courses at international colleges:

  • Availability of support services for foreign students
  • recognition of diplomas and certificates worldwide
  • adaptation to life in the USA
  • classes in small classes
  • low cost of training
  • can transfer from one program to another without losing time
  • prestige of American educational institutions
  • highly qualified teachers
  • large selection of programs
  • more practice-oriented classes
  • immersion in the cultural and linguistic environment.

Study in the USA: pre-university courses in schools and colleges

Any course can be taken at an international educational institution (if it is on the list of educational programs), but it is best to choose an educational institution that cooperates with the university you want to enroll in. Then the curriculum will be adapted to the curriculum of the chosen higher education institution or even the college will guarantee admission without additional tests.

Alternative way of getting education in the US for foreign students

Community College, i.e. "Municipal College", provides a large selection of courses for foreigners and local residents. The main advantage is the low cost of training. The subjects that the student studies at the college simplify the process of entering the university and shorten the time of study at the undergraduate level, since the students enter the third year at once - but the student can continue studying in the college, and afterwards get the degree of secondary specialized education that is sufficient for of work

The "2 + 2" program includes 2 years of college and 2 years at the university: this saves considerable time and money for students.

Top-list of prestigious colleges in the US for students

  • Rider University Kings College New Jersey is suitable for foreigners who want to improve their English and prepare for admission to an American university (the college is based on Rider University). Available programs: University Pathway Program and Pre-Masters. Requirements for enrollment are set: for studying at the University Pathway it is necessary to confirm the language knowledge with the corresponding certificate, and for admission to the Pre-Masters it is necessary to confirm the received bachelor's degree in addition to the language certificate.
  • International Study Center Roosevelt University Chicago, with specialization in programs for preparing students for admission to bachelor's and master's degrees at the University of Roosevelt. The course International Year One includes two areas: "Business, mathematics and introduction to law"; "The science". Students learn English, develop research skills and adapt to the local education system - the course is counted for the first year of study on bachelor's programs. For foreigners, the Pre-Master's Program is available, after which you can apply for MBA (Master of Business Administration), MS (Master of Science) or MPA (Master of Public Administration), MA (Master of Arts).
  • Morrisville State College is located on the basis of one of the prestigious universities of New York - SUNY (The State University of New York). Here you can take the Transfer Program course: after graduation, students can continue their studies at Morrisville State College or enroll in one of the universities of the US partner in the college. If the student can not choose a higher education institution, the help desk assists in choosing, taking into account the needs and interests of the student. There is also a job search service: but remember that students can only work on the campus of the college and only a limited number of hours.

Educational institutions with similar programs are very popular among foreign students, as they greatly facilitate the process of admission to elite universities. It is necessary to look in advance requirements for enrolling in college - remember that the number of seats is always limited.

For more detailed advice, you can contact SMAPSE employees: even if the student successfully enrolls in an educational institution, the student does not pay the commission, as the company is a partner, not an intermediary of numerous international educational institutions around the world.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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