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Requirements for admission to Massachusetts Institute of Technology for foreign students

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Requirements for admission to Massachusetts Institute of Technology for foreign students

Thousands of people dream of enrolling in MIT, Massachusetts University of Technology - this is a university that is rightly considered the most prestigious technical university. Education is expensive, but support programs allow you to get an education, even with one hundred percent sponsorship. If you like technical sciences, dream of fame and high success, if you want to take part in research that changes the world, feel free to apply for admission. If the selection committee and luck turn to face you, this is guaranteed to change your life for the better.

Why do people on all continents dream of enrolling at Massachusetts Institute of Technology?

People of different ages are thinking about how to enter MIT: both high school students and people who have already received basic higher education. Education here gives a chance to change not only your life, but also to change the whole world: students can participate in research programs from the beginning of education. According to statistics, about 60% of new students immediately take part in such programs, and in senior courses the number of such students reaches almost 90%.

Participation in research programs offers several advantages:

  • unique experience
  • co-authorship in scientific papers and studies of world significance
  • fame by the age of twenty.

This university was graduated by many famous Americans and many foreigners: actor Dolph Lundgren, geneticist Philip Sharp, astronaut David Scott. University teachers do not give diplomas and honors to graduates: they believe that the very fact of studying at MIT is already a great achievement, and you need to be proud not of diplomas, but success.

Within the walls of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, there have been many discoveries worthy of the Nobel Prize, including with the participation of foreign citizens:

  • created a rover that can turn carbon dioxide into oxygen
  • a special screen was invented to improve vision without glasses
  • an object was invented that can change from a liquid to a solid state and vice versa - it consists of foam and wax
  • many military facilities were created, including a smart uniform for soldiers
  • open research on the creation of dark matter.

Some facts and facts about study programs at Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

Number of major undergraduate programs


The number of additional items


Number of Chairs


Additional schools at the university


How to enter Massachusetts Institute of Technology?

The requirements for admission to MIT are quite strict: the main factor is personal data, leadership abilities, desire for new and interesting things. MIT teachers are confident that grades in the school and the country in which the applicant received secondary education do not play the most important role. If you are really ready to work for the sake of scientific discoveries or the creation of important objects, materials - submit documents for admission:


The cost of the application is 75 $. This is a measure to prevent a large number of statements, among which there are obviously losing ones.


From 97 points for electronic delivery, from 577 points for paper delivery

SAT tests

Upon admission to the undergraduate program, you must pass 2 tests according to the SAT program. Often, applicants choose physics, mathematics, chemistry

GMAT or GRE tests

This is a requirement for students entering the Master's degree


It is important to talk about personal data, about the reasons for entering MIT

Letters of recommendation

Two from teachers, one from a school psychologist

Certificate with a transcript of rankings

Served on admission to undergraduate

Diploma or notarized copy of a bachelor's diploma

Served upon admission to the magistracy

Personal or online interview

Optional, but greatly increases the chances of admission

Additional documents and entrance exams

This requirement is applied selectively, at the discretion of the selection committee.

For international students, Massachusetts Institute of Technology voices the following deadlines:

  1. One year before admission, you need to create an account on the university website
  2. Until December 10, you can sign up for an interview (via Skype or in person)
  3. An application is sent to MIT before January 1
  4. Until the end of March you will learn about the decision of the selection committee.

The average cost of studying at Massachusetts Institute of Technology for one year is 63,000 $, along with living, board and expenses for literature - this is a huge amount for many talented people. The selection committee acts on the principle: “If the applicant is worthy to study with us, we will help you find the money” - there are grants and scholarships that cover expenses partially or fully. Therefore, the main tasks for admission are good initial knowledge, knowledge of English and timely submission of an application.

How to increase the chances of admission to Massachusetts Institute of Technology?

Applicants who wish to enroll at MIT and study at a foreign school are more likely. In the USA there are pre-university programs that increase the chances of enrollment: Advanced Placement (complicated), High School Diploma (universal),  International Baccalaureate.

By attending courses for schoolchildren and students open at MIT, you will increase the chances of successful admission to Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

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