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2021-05-21 00:01:28

Advertising, PR and communications in Scotland

Advertising, PR and communications in Scotland

Studying advertising, PR, marketing communications in Scotland is an exciting, fast-paced area that offers many promising career opportunities. Thanks to modern media, consumers' insatiable appetite for digital content, these areas are developing, so professional experience, training in the marketing industry makes it possible to study closely related disciplines: advertising, public relations, communications.

Knowledge and skills of students of programs with the study of advertising, PR, marketing communications in Scotland

Marketing graduates in Scotland:

  • They will gain practical experience in developing strategic PR solutions, marketing communications for live clients, creating authentic digital content for a number of social networks.
  • Learn how organizations use videos, photos, blogs, podcasts to promote, how to do it better.
  • Carry out original research to justify decision-making, measure the effectiveness of campaigns using various analytical tools.
  • They will gain a wealth of experience through an internship, the opportunity to study abroad in one of the partner institutions.
  • They will study the key concepts of PR, marketing, master basic practical skills, the history of industries, current practice, the role of the industry in the economy, politics and society.
  • Explore modern communication methods, the importance of creating dynamic, creative content, including videos, photos, blogs, infographics, messages on social networks that are relevant to the target audience.
  • They will expand knowledge and understanding of professional practices in the field of PR and marketing, study how organizations campaign on issues and communicate with external stakeholders through the media, within the company with employees.
  • Students gain an understanding of advertising, practical marketing, when the audience is immersed in an event such as a music festival, and how this emotional reaction is used by organizations to increase brand awareness, trust, loyalty.

Benefits of Studying Marketing Communications in Scotland

  • Scotland offers world-class education in advertising, PR, communications in a relaxed environment with a lower cost of living compared to other countries.
  • However, city life is blended with vibrant nightlife and great cultural life, amazing countryside and historic landscapes. Scotland hosts entertainment, social events, including the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
  • Students can buy inexpensive goods at the Barras Street Market.
  • The country has an efficient public transport system, several international airports, from where you can get to the city center by trams, buses and trains. Edinburgh International Airport is Scotland's busiest airport, approximately 25 minutes from the city center. Glasgow has 2 international airports: Glasgow International Airport and Glasgow Prestwick International Airport. There is also Aberdeen International Airport, which is approximately 15 minutes from the city center.
  • Affordable fees for studying advertising, PR, communications in Scotland - 6,000-14,000 pounds per year.

Best Universities to Study Marketing in Scotland

Edinburgh College

HND Marketing is an innovative course designed in collaboration with industry professionals to keep you well prepared for the sector. This qualification focuses on the use of digital technology, social media in marketing communications that will involve you in developing a digital advertising, public relations campaign. You will gain a broad understanding of the basic elements used in advertising and public relations, which will expand your opportunities for work in the marketing sector. Upon completion of this course, it is possible to transfer to the university level of studying marketing, advertising and PR.

The course is conducted using a blended learning model: lessons in the basics of theory in the classroom + online lessons. You must have access to a PC, desktop computer, or tablet.

Robert Gordon University

Undergraduate courses offer many opportunities for developing business creativity by applying a combination of academic theory, hands-on experience, allowing the best preparation for work.

  • Digital Marketing, BA (Hons) will provide the relevant knowledge and skills to design, implement and evaluate digital marketing strategies, campaigns in preparation for a successful career in the industry.
  • Management with Marketing Bachelor (Hons) : The program is accredited by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), which allows you to take advantage of certain exemptions to qualify for a CIM qualification through the CIM Graduate Gateway.
  • Media, BA (Hons) - Robert Gordon University offers a BA (Hons) in Media that encompasses both theoretical and practical aspects of the media industry. This will help you build a portfolio, knowledge and skills to pursue a career as a media specialist.

INTO University of Stirling

University of Stirling Marketing (BA (Hons) Marketing) ranked # 2 in Scotland, # 10 UK for quality (The Complete University Guide 2019; 2020; 2021) thanks to research-driven learning, close industry links ... The institution prepares graduates for the rapidly changing marketing landscape in the digital age, 24/7, while continuing to explore the timeless truths that have always been at the heart of the discipline. You will learn how marketing works in a “live” environment, deepen your understanding of what drives a business, and hone your research and communication skills.

INTO University of Stirling students can take a combined marketing course + one of 11 disciplines to create an individual degree that will give them an edge in the job market. University advantages:

  • high level of student satisfaction - 90%
  • alumni working for organizations such as Adidas, BBC, Next.

University of Dundee

The University of Dundee offers several courses with the study of advertising, PR, communications:

  • MSc in International Marketing - In addition to studying the traditional foundational concepts and theories of marketing, students gain knowledge in social media marketing, digital marketing, content creation, digital tracking, data analytics. You will understand the practical side of marketing tools and learn the pros and cons of each for a professional marketer.
  • Master in Marketing in Digital, Social Media - In addition to studying the traditional foundational concepts and theories of marketing, students will gain knowledge of social media marketing, digital marketing, content creation, digital tracking, data analytics. Social media marketing has changed the way organizations around the world communicate. Social media tools, strategies have undergone radical changes over the past few years, completely changing the way organizations communicate, interact, respond to their customers, consumers.

Other courses:

  • Master in International Marketing and Branding
  • Master in International Marketing and Finance
  • Master in International Marketing and Management .
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Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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