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2020-04-23 17:15:55

Academic camps in the USA for foreign students

Academic camps in the USA for foreign students

Academic camps in the USA offer the study of the most popular subjects instead of the language, although this experience allows you to improve your knowledge of English in vivo and gain experience living on the campuses of prestigious universities. A good academic summer camp gives students the feeling that they are not only studying in the company of young people who are passionate about one thing with them, but also have a good rest. Some programs provide vacationers with free time, others a thought-out program of extracurricular activities, a number of academic camps work on the development of useful (extracurricular) skills - confidence, motivation, self-esteem, communication and leadership skills.

Today, almost every US university opens academic camps: many of them will be interesting for the student, but if you are looking for a course that will allow you to create a strong portfolio attractive to American colleges, then pay attention to the programs of top universities. Some of them are focused only on US citizens, but many are open to international students. These programs carry out rigorous selection, so students must confirm a high level of motivation and school performance. The cost of education in these courses varies: some courses are sponsored by foundations, others are fully paid by participants.

How to choose academic camps in the USA?

Camps with a rich extracurricular program, mini-holidays, Life Skills camps are very popular, but if parents want to provide long-term results, before choosing a course, you need to pay attention to:

  • Schedule - how rich the academic program is presented.
  • The experience of employees - whether they are experts in their academic field.
  • Duration of the program - the optimal time for intensive education is 2-3 weeks.
  • Academic camps with accommodation allow you to get a deeper experience, build long-term relationships, get a unique experience of living away from home.

Academic Programs at US Universities

Today, most competitive US colleges offer at least one academic program targeted at prospective students. Selective summer courses select students with high achievements strictly on the basis of their merits.


TOP-10 best academic programs in the USA:



Program content


Ivy Leadership Program at CATS Academy Boston


Studying in this course will help you get acquainted with Boston - one of the most university-developed cities in the USA, visit the campuses of several famous universities, and evaluate your opportunities for higher education in the USA. You will study according to the classical program of the American high school, prepare for passing the ACT and SAT exams, and twice a week attend useful consultations on the selection of a college and university.

4,150 $ / 2 week

Coding and Engineering 101 at CATS Academy Boston


The course is aimed at young people with a curiosity for the world, an interest in modern technologies, applications. They will research, implement their own ideas, experiment with materials, create devices, attend excursions, campuses. Participants will get to know local experts, engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs, explore Boston.

2,075 $ / week

Cushing Academy Boston Summer Leadership Program


The summer leadership program at Cushing Academy Boston is no longer aimed at developing academic skills, but at improving personal valuable qualities that are useful for studying abroad, self-development and building a successful career. Entering into a single community and working in whole groups, students will learn self-confidence, be able to motivate and inspire their peers for new achievements, learn how to solve problems in a non-standard and effective way, get acquainted with modern innovations and the basics of entrepreneurship, modeling personal goals and competent time management.

11,300 $ / 5 week.

Cushing Academy Boston Summer Science Program


Program Options:

  • Studio art
  • Critical skills across the curriculum

11,300 $ / 5 week.

Summer Engineering Program at Cushing Academy Boston


A special program for students who want to improve their competencies in engineering, mechanics and physics. The course includes elements of the universal Prep for Success program and the advanced STEM course (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), as an afternoon lesson you can also choose an advanced engineering course.

11,300 $ / 5 week.

Stanford University Summer School Summer Camp at Stanford University


  • international Business
  • Arts and Humanities
  • Biology and genetics
  • Biology and others.

5,868 $ / week

FLS Harvard STEM Camp Summer Camp Harvard STEM Camp

From 12 

Every year FLS Harvard STEM Summer Camp (Harvard STEM Camp) conducts exciting summer programs that successfully combine outdoor activities and study. The camp is based on the campus of the prestigious Harvard University and has a high level of organization, comfortable and safe living standards.

4,325 $ / 2 week

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Camp MIT summer camp with programming


  • Game Engine Development With C ++
  • C ++ Game Programming: Algorithms and AI
  • Cybersecurity Lab: Encryption and Steganography
  • Hackathon: Team-Based App Creation with Unity
  • Machine Learning: Coding Deep Neural Networks
  • Autonomous and Self-Driving Robotics Lab

From 6,299 $ / 2 week

UC Berkeley Summer Summer Camp at UC Berkeley


  • West Coast Split Stay
  • Volunteer program
  • Business insight program
  • STEM Program

Upon request

Princeton University Summer Camp with IT, Princeton programming


  • Video Production and Special Effects for YouTube
  • Digital Video Production: Start a YouTube Channel + 37 more courses

From 2,249 $ / week

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