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Year of study in California: information for foreign students

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Year of study in California: information for foreign students

The state of California is a paradise of America on the Pacific coast: even one year of study in California will give a sea of unforgettable emotions and impressions, and the quality of education in California's schools and universities for foreign students remains at the highest level for many years.

Foreign students from all over the world come here to study: academic and linguistic programs are available for them in San Francisco, Stanford, Malibu, Berkeley, Los Angeles, San Diego and other cities. Prestigious language schools are the best option for effectively and quickly increasing the level of knowledge of a foreign language, because every day right on the streets of the city you can practice your knowledge with native English speakers. Program Duration:

  • short term;
  • long term.


The cost of educational programs in California schools, colleges and universities corresponds to the highest quality of education abroad, which is considered one of the best in the world, since the education system in America consists of the best teaching methods and principles.

Tuition at a California University for foreign students

It is known that in America there are prestigious universities and colleges, included in the top world lists and having the best teachers for foreign students. Organization of education in accordance with the American education system:

Prices for programs vary depending on the stage of education, but the main factor affecting the cost of education is the ranking and status of the university. Sample price list at popular universities in California:

  • undergraduate - from 6,900 $ / semester;
  • Master's program - from 11,500 $ / semester.

Studying in California schools for foreign students: how to choose a school

How important it is to prepare children for school so that starting school is not stressful for them! Therefore, children's centers for pre-school students offer programs for the general development of the student, where teachers increase the readiness of children for further education and pay a lot of attention to education and development.

Children go to primary school from 6-7 years, the duration of education in the American education system is 12 years, and graduation is accompanied by a diploma - High School Diplom. The average tuition at California High School for foreign students is 48,850 $ / year, and high school is 39,390 $ / year.

The organization of study in America allows you to combine the last 2 years of study at the school with in-depth study of specialized subjects under the Advanced Placement program: it is especially relevant for foreign students who want to enter top US universities.

Linguistic schools in California, types of education for foreign students

Students with even a poor level of English can take a language course in the state of California all year round: the education will be interesting and informative, because studying can be combined with relaxing on the Pacific coast, traveling around the country and entertainment programs. Often, linguistic courses are short-term - from 2 weeks - which greatly simplifies the process of obtaining a visa for the trip. Especially popular are courses with preparation for language tests, the results of which are necessary when submitting documents to prestigious and elite educational institutions.

List of popular exams:

  • IELTS;
  • TOEFL;
  • SAT;
  • GMAT;
  • GRE;
  • FCE;
  • CAE.

The minimum cost of participation in the summer program is from 390 $ / week, individual tuition - from 70 $ / lesson, preparation for language exams - from 280 $ / week.

For adults, in addition to general English courses, professional programs are available:

  • business English;
  • English for executives.

Year of study in California, types of pre-university programs for students after grades 9, 10, 11

The American education system has its own characteristics of education and development - teachers pay attention not only to the academic component, but also to the personal development of each student. Foreign students often come to the United States to obtain higher education at universities, but the difference in educational systems does not allow students to go to an American university immediately after graduating from the 11th grade of a school, which is why students complete preparatory courses for this. The average duration of pre-university programs is from 1 year to 2 years. Types of popular programs in California for foreign students:

These courses allow not only to obtain the necessary knowledge for admission, but also to increase the level of knowledge of the English language, adapt to the foreign system of education and life in the United States.

Prices for courses - from 10,560 $ / term or 330 $ / week; The final cost of studying in California for foreign students is affected by the duration, intensity of the course and the ranking of the institution.

An example of a top university for foreign students

  • Stanford University is a university, included in the list of top universities in America, known for scientific research in the field of education, specialties in the field of social policy and public administration are especially popular. The university includes 7 separate schools: medicine, law, humanities, natural sciences, engineering, pedagogy, geography, business. Tuition for foreign students is from 19,300 $ / semester.
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