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2022-06-13 18:33:16

10 school subjects from different schools of the world that surprise

10 school subjects from different schools of the world that surprise

In some countries, in addition to the traditional classes of history, geography, algebra and geometry, schoolchildren are engaged in the study of issues and disciplines that discourage and bewilder people more mature. Somewhere the state is concerned about the degree of readiness of schoolchildren for the Internet and the threats hidden in its bowels, in others they are taught to care for bees, and somewhere they are taught to dance or sew.

In our material - the most unusual and beyond the normality of the subjects of the school curriculum of different countries of the world.

Russia: Financial Literacy

The first line in our informal rating opens with an elective on educational program in the field of financial relations, which is about to be included in the school curriculum as a compulsory discipline.

The pilot of the program was developed with the assistance of the World Bank and the domestic Ministry of Finance. Within the framework of the program, students will be trained in the proper handling of funds, plan income and expenditure items of the family budget. And, most importantly, they will be trained to identify financial abuses. In short, we are looking forward to it!

Armenia: Folk Dances

In this country, a special choreographic dance course is mandatory. The national authorities are convinced that in this way children master the richest cultural traditions and customs of their country.

Students are engaged in the study of the history of the dances of their people, master the most complex compositions. Despite the seemingly frivolous component of the subject, the assessment of the success of students is approached as strictly as in other disciplines that have failed the examination tests are left with sophomores. And there is little pleasure in this, as you know.

UK Forest School

The British school at all times prepared island children for a harsh and merciless life outside the British Isles. They trained merchants, colonizers in white cork helmets, and – needless to say – faithful wives.

The colonial empire has long been a thing of the past, but the British, by inertia, are taught the basics of orientation in the forest and other forest wisdom. For example, in the fourth grade, you need to be able to build shelters from branches and foliage, light a fire and choose the right fuel for kindling, navigate the sun, stars, moss on trees and similar signs. This course is called "forest school" or "forest school" and is taught in elementary school.

Israel: Cyber Wars and Discussions

Young Israelis are preparing to confront threats from the Internet. The course has so far been introduced only in some schools. The reason for the novelty is not only the risks associated with interacting with other people, but also internal factors: the dependence of adolescents on the Internet, which causes anxiety and concern of the parent and medical community. Numerous gadgets and the total penetration of the computer into the life of a modern person require new approaches. The new course serves as a tool for teaching the correct methods of countering cyber danger, searching for signs of gamer syndrome and other misfortunes.

In other secondary schools, teenagers are taught to debate. In the literal translation into Russian, it sounds like "the art of argument". Schoolchildren master the skills of defending their point of view in discussion, debate.

Once a week, classes are held on teaching speech techniques, working with facial expressions, concentration, as well as visualization experience. Another class is about something like a group therapy session in which students share problems and try to develop acceptable ways to solve them. According to statistics, most often adolescents have problems with communication with peers, Internet addiction.

Bashkiria: school beekeeping

In Bashkortostan, the best honey on Earth is made. The authorities of the republic are aware of this and therefore decided to train beekeeping personnel from school. Over a hundred of the four thousand Bashkir schools own their own apiaries, which, with the support of the authorities, have been re-equipped with the latest technology.

Care and honey collection is an occupation for schoolchildren, teachers do not do this. In addition, children are taught the basics of safe handling of these beneficial insects, study their biology, species of honey plants and many other competencies useful in the birding craft.

Germany: Lessons in Happiness

The German government believes that happiness can be taught, so they launched happiness lessons in several dozen secondary educational institutions as part of the "pilot". Naturally, there are no specialized teachers in this discipline, so somewhere historians or teachers of literature take on this responsibility, and in others – directors or priests.

Students learn to be happy, to build a harmonious relationship with the world, to listen to their hearts. There are no exams, for obvious reasons, for this lesson. Instead, at the end of the year, you need to prepare a project: do charity or shoot a small video on a "good" topic.

Spain: Emotional Education

This course is designed for students of all ages. Children learn to listen to the interlocutor, learn how to interact with other people. Teachers are convinced that emotional intelligence is very important for a successful life.

In an atmosphere of trust, students learn empathy, mutual understanding, learn to fight fears, manage their emotions. In addition, they are taught to talk about an abstract topic.

Japan: admiring nature

Japan, a recognized world leader in computerization and digital technologies, has a rich tradition of communication with nature. But the influence of the industrial and post-industrial principle is so great that the past began to be forgotten.

For this reason, the Ministry of Education of Japan decided to introduce nature observation lessons into the school course. They are held with the aim of teaching children to look and see around them the beauty of the world. At the output, children are taught to see the connection between the plant and animal world, the features of the interaction of species.

I think that our students, if you knew that their peers get grades just for sitting on the grass and looking at the greenery, would die of envy.

Surf Lessons in Australia

All over the world, Australian surfers enjoy the fame of the best. And the authorities of the southern continent help their younger generation to master the necessary skills to maintain claims to leadership positions!

Young wave winners begin to train on the shore. It is believed that this sport combines work with various muscle groups, trains balance, teaches to reconcile with nature.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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