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US expels students from the country

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US expels students from the country

Part-time students in the United States (where classes are entirely remote, online) will have to leave America before the start of the fall semester. Such news came as a surprise not only for students, but also for teachers and other personnel of universities and colleges. Although the prerequisites could be seen: at the end of June, Donald Trump signed a decree to suspend temporary work visas. They say that he wants to use this method to support US citizens, many of whom were left without work: if foreign peopel do not work for us, then competition for jobs will be lower.

Who qualifies for "deportation"

  • Students whose classes are entirely remote, online (scheduled for the fall semester)
  • F -1 and M -1 study visa holders
  • If you enrolled in a regular full-time program, but your university decided to switch to online education in the fall.

An alternative can only be a transfer to another university in the USA, where the offline format of education will at least partially remain - but even here students have no guarantee: universities can change their regime in the fall if they deem it a necessary condition for epidemiological safety. And they can warn students, according to the new decree, within 10 days - that is, students will have a third of a month to transfer to another university or get ready home.

Those who violate the rule face unpleasant consequences, and according to the Immigration and Customs Police ( ICE ), expulsion from the country may not be limited.

The reaction of representatives of American universities

The resolution did not meet with support.

Brad Farnsworth, Deputy President of the American Board of Education:

In my opinion, the innovation from ICE will trigger even more confusion and uncertainty. Universities may decide to transfer to the online format literally during the fall semester, after its start, and students will have to adapt on the fly.

Larry Bacow, President of Harvard University:

I cannot but condemn this initiative. It is a crude, universal approach to a complex and multifaceted problem. In fact, this leaves no room for international students - whether they are studying online or in person - either change the university or leave the United States. This, in principle, undermines the approach of our university and many of our colleagues, we did our best to maintain the required safety standards and at the same time ensure the quality of education for which foreign people come to the United States.

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