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TOP-5 language schools in Europe

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TOP-5 language schools in Europe

Knowledge of foreign languages opens new doors for students - a simple skill that allows you to communicate with representatives of different nationalities, freely communicate in travel around the world, develop, receive information that is inaccessible in translation. Much becomes available if you know English!

Teaching English abroad

Reasons for learning English:

  • obtaining unique knowledge on foreign resources;
  • Dating with representatives of different countries;
  • comfortable travel without language restrictions;
  • reading literature, watching movies, listening to songs, watching speeches of outstanding speakers in English in the original;
  • advantage in finding a job in a prestigious company;
  • internship abroad;
  • learning a foreign language can be a hobby;
  • use of English-language sites;
  • opportunities for foreign education;
  • communication with foreign business partners and others.

Prestigiousness and relevance of linguistic courses in Europe for foreign students

Diplomas, certificates, certificates of foreign schools are recognized throughout the world: they are taken into account when entering higher education institutions, and when hiring. For foredign students, this is an opportunity to compare education with foreign education, to communicate with representatives of different countries, to expand their horizons. Thanks to immersion in the international environment, students easily begin to talk with other students in English. Classes are held in small groups (no more than 12 people) - thus creating comfortable conditions to feel part of a whole with like-minded people and have the opportunity to communicate during the lesson. At the same time, with such a large number of people in the group, the instructor can give individual time to each of the students to analyze his progress and, if necessary, to compile an individual program to achieve the desired result. The curricula are oriented towards practical lessons, so the lessons are conducted in an informal setting, students talk a lot and discuss different topics in English. To work with foreign students, schools choose the best teachers who know how to find an approach to each student and make visiting a linguistic school enjoyable and memorable. Sample list of the curriculum in the study of English:

  • learning grammar;
  • study of vocabulary;
  • increase in vocabulary;
  • development of written language;
  • reading;
  • oral speech;
  • correct pronunciation.

Cost of language courses abroad, in Europe

Learning a linguistic program with learning English is available for different segments of the population - the cost of programs can be very different, so you can find both a budget option and get education in the most elite foreign schools in Europe. SMAPSE will help you to choose a school free of charge according to your requirements and interests - SMAPSE is a partner of leading language schools abroad.

Curriculum in top schools

Education in the language schools in Europe offers great opportunities for students: currently there are no restrictions when choosing a country for education, it is enough only to collect the necessary documents for obtaining a visa to a particular country and apply for an education institution. You can learn English almost anywhere in the world - people with different levels of knowledge, even with low language knowledge, children and adults can study abroad at a language school. SMAPSE provides services to help with organizational issues: applying to the Embassy / Consulate for a visa, collecting the necessary documents and filling out the application form, buying tickets, arranging transfers, finding accommodation and more.

  • The Alpadia Lahntal school in Bad Laasphe in Germany offers for students from 10 to 17 years a summer English language course, designed for 1-3 weeks and an intensity of 20-25 hours weekly. The campus is located just an hour away from Frankfurt - the students live in a quiet suburb in the fresh air in the green part of the city.
  • TASIS the American School Switzerland in Lugano, Switzerland is an elite and prestigious American school where you can take courses with learning English and additionally engage in, for example, football at the AC Milan Football Club or horse riding. For summer programs for students, you can apply for a day visit or live on a full board basis; in territory are organized: theatrical studio, a musical hall, an architectural class. The school's certificates are highly ranked and are valued on the international market, and the knowledge gained allows to enter the top universities all over the world in the future.
  • Language center Beckley Institute Vienna in Vienna, Austria. The following programs are available throughout the year for learning English: a standard linguistic course, individual lessons with an experienced teacher, preparation for TOEFL or IELTS. At school use a special method, which consists in a constant, almost continuous communication in the studied language starting from the first day of classes.
  • Don Quijote Pamplona in Pamplona, Italy offers year-round English courses for foreign students from 17 years old, classes are held in small groups of 4-8 people. Here, beginners can get basic knowledge, and specialists - to improve their professional skills. The language school occupies one floor of the building of Colegio de Médicos, the prestigious medical school of the city.
  • Language schools Riviera French Institute are located in France in Cannes and Nice. English language courses are available all year round: education can be combined with summer vacations and beach rest, children's programs and courses for adults are available. Thanks to the location of schools, students can enjoy not only the quality of education, but also have a great time in one of the best resort cities in Europe.
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