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TOP unusual locations where famous films were shot

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TOP unusual locations where famous films were shot

It happens that you watch a movie or TV series and admire the landscapes against which the action takes place ... Have you ever wanted to visit these places? We tell you about the locations where the movies were filmed!


Dark Hedges Alley (Ireland)

If you've watched Game of Thrones, you probably remember the alley through which Arya Stark ran disguised as a boy. Most of the buildings and panoramas in the series are props, but not this place, located in County Atrim. The trees in the valley are over 250 years old.

Matamata (New Zealand)

The famous Hobbiton ("The Lord of the Rings") is located on a private farm near the city. Tourists are allowed there, this is a real place in New Zealand. By the way, all parts of the film " King Kong " were filmed right there.

Tatooine (Tunisia)

Star Wars was filmed in Tatooine, a Berber village in southern Tunisia. The houses of the residents were cut into the rocks due to the unbearable heat. The shooting of "Indiana Jones" and "Gladiator" also took place.

Wadi Rum (Jordan)

This location was perfect for the movie "The Martian" thanks to the red sand, incredible rocks and canyons. It bears little resemblance to the rest of the earth. The Wadi Rum Desert also served as the backdrop for Transformers and Star Wars.

Tortuga (Caribbean)

On an island in the Caribbean archipelago, "Pirates of the Caribbean" was filmed. It was once one of the main points where pirates converged. Naturally, Jack Sparrow's adventures began here!

Hunan (China)

The landscapes of Pandora in the movie "Avatar" are breathtaking - and these are not graphics, but a real location, located in the Jiankunzhu Mountains, near Wulingyuan. The local landscapes are unlike others because of the unusual cave systems and wind-cut peaks.

Snfellsjökull and Vatnajökull glaciers (South Iceland)

The Islansky Lagoon became the location for the filming of Interstellar, The Incredible Life of Walter Mitty, and Noah. It is difficult to believe in the reality of the place, but it exists.

Baker Street 221B (England, London)

Famous for the works of A.K. Doyle Street, where Sherlock Holmes lived, actually exists. However, the modern Sherlock (last season) was filmed not there, but in a place that was stylized as Baker Street.

Skopelos (Greece)

The island, called Kalokairi in the movie Mama Mia , is actually named Skopelos. The musical has become one of the most successful in the history of cinema, and for good reason: landscapes have become an important element of the picture: bright colors, white buildings.

Barcelona (Spain)

Work on the film "Perfume" began in France , but most of the scenes were filmed in the corners of Barcelona - and returned to Grasse, which strongly resembles Paris in the Middle Ages.

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