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TOP annoying tourist spots that no one else wants to visit

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TOP annoying tourist spots that no one else wants to visit

The reality is that expectations do not always match reality. It's a shame when you are waiting for a vacation, planning a trip to the smallest detail, finally arriving at a long-awaited place, and there everything is not at all the same as in the pictures and in the description in the guidebook. Some locations are trampled by tourists, some look promising only in words. Our ranking focuses on places that can be disappointing.

Monument to Juliet in Italy

Despite the venerable age of Juliet herself - more than 400 years, the famous monument in Verona appeared only 50 years ago. During this time, he has gained tremendous popularity among tourists, which any rock star will envy. Crowds of people from all over the world sought to touch the bronze Juliet in order to find eternal love and long-awaited happiness. The touches were not in vain - fulfilling the dreams and desires of people, the sculpture quickly deteriorated, cracks formed on it, and today this tourist place will rather disappoint than bring the expected joy.

The Little Mermaid in Denmark

The famous heroine of Andersen's fairy tale was embodied in a sculpture installed in the port of Copenhagen. A fragile girl sitting on a stone attracted thousands of tourists who dreamed of taking a photo for memory or asking for their wishes come true. The fate of the monument turned out to be no less tragic than that of the Little Mermaid herself: during its existence, the monument regularly becomes an object of vandalism. Many things happened: they sawed off their head and hands several times, doused them with paint, put on a hijab, and even blew them up. It is not clear why there is so much hatred for the young fairy-tale beauty?

To preserve the sculpture, the city authorities moved the monument further into the harbor. Apparently, she was not destined to live peacefully among people on earth, where she so aspired.

Berlin TV tower

Contemplating the city from above is a special pleasure. Panoramic platforms are suitable wherever there is an opportunity. The TV Tower would seem like a great option to explore Berlin, but be prepared to meet crowds of like-minded people who want to climb higher for a view, and make their way to the windows over their heads.

Beaches in Indonesia, Goa and Thailand

Making a long flight to the sea in a hot country, we expect to see a luxurious beach with white sand, palm trees and other attributes of heavenly pleasure, as in the famous advertisement. In fact, there is a high probability of encountering dirty, unkempt beaches buried in mountains of garbage. The locals, unfortunately, are not very careful about the sea, next to which they live and for the sake of which thousands of tourists fly to them every year. Of course, this is not the case everywhere, but be prepared that there are many dirty beaches, and clean ones are crowded.

Times Square in New York

Perhaps the most popular place in the United States: huge, flashing and colorful billboards attract you like a magnet. The number of people per square meter of a relatively small area is off scale, everything around is buzzing, talking and glowing so that the head is spinning. The place is definitely not for everybody.

Mona Lisa at the Louvre

The famous masterpiece of Da Vinci is dreamed of by thousands of people, and most of them are Chinese. In pre-pandemic times in the cherished hall of the Louvre, where "Mona Lisa" is exhibited, it was not crowded. The feeling that you are not in the center of Paris, but in a Chinese province or at a train station. There is not a single chance to stand and admire the picture, the crowd sweeps away and carries away in an unknown direction. An unpleasant aftertaste also remains because most tourists from the Middle Kingdom do not care about the picture, the main thing is to take a selfie.

What disappointments were there in your travel practice when your expectations were not met?

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