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2019-08-22 00:27:00

Best schools in Malta for foreign students

Best schools in Malta for foreign students

The best schools in Malta for foreign students

It is worth starting with the fact that Malta for a long period of time was a British colony, which led to a similar arrangement of various social institutions in the UK, and this also applies to the education system. In accordance with the school structure, the education process consists of three stages:

  • Primary school - students are admitted upon reaching 5-6 years

The duration of education is 6 years, the educational process includes 2 three-year cycles. Upon completion of education in primary school, a transition to the middle stage is provided.

  • Secondary school

The duration of education is 5 years. Over the course of three years, general broad-profile education has been conducted, and specialization has been provided for the last two years. In the framework of a specialized course, disciplines are taught on an in-depth basis, knowledge of which is required for future successful professional studying. It is at this stage that a foreign student needs to make a decision regarding the choice of a future direction of activity. Upon completion of education, a certification exam is provided, based on the results of which graduates are issued a certificate of secondary education, Secondary Education Certificate.

Graduation from high school in Malta marks the end of compulsory education. In this connection, the student independently decides to continue further education. Based on the results of the certification exam, a foreign student of 14 years with a high score enters high school. Directly in higher education, effective pre-university education is carried out. In the case of medium and low grades, graduates enter secondary vocational schools, as an alternative they can prepare for employment.

  • Old school

Upon reaching 16 years, the transition of foreign syudents to a high school or secondary vocational school is envisaged. The duration of studies in high school is 2 years. Moreover, teaching is focused on the study of several specialized disciplines. As part of this educational level, foreign students are given the opportunity to study at schools, lyceums, in elementary college courses or at a ranked university.

At the end of education, a certification exam is provided, which can be standard or advanced. Based on the results, graduates are issued a Matriculation Secondary Education Certificate. So, having a MATSEC certificate in hand , the graduate has an excellent opportunity to continue his professional education by entering the top universities, both in Malta and the United Kingdom and other European countries.

How is the educational process organized in elite schools in Malta?

October marks the beginning of the school year in Malta, due to the weather. So, in September, quite intense heat prevails on the island. The duration of the school year is 9 months, that is, three semesters lasting three months.

Along with leading schools with a joint educational format, educational institutions with a separate educational format are successfully operating in Malta.

Classification of prestigious schools in Malta - useful information for foreign students

Elite schools in Malta are divided into two types, namely public, in which tuition is free, and paid private. In addition, a third type stands out - Catholic schools.

When entering public schools in Malta, parents are required to pay for school uniforms, the wearing of which is mandatory. Please note that only local residents are admitted to the walls of advanced public schools in Malta. An exception for a foreign students is the parent's permanent residence in this country. In addition, public schools teach in the Maltese language, which, in turn, will not contribute to the effective improvement of English proficiency.

Summary of Elite Private Schools in Malta

As a rule, business enterprises, parent funds, the Catholic Church are the owners of prestigious private schools. At the same time, ranking international private schools have been created. As for the share of private schools in Malta, it is about one third.

Entering leading private schools in Malta, a foreign student can receive both primary and secondary education. Usually, the parents of the student are charged with both tuition and other expenses associated with the acquisition of teaching materials, transportation, accommodation for the period of study, as well as medical care.

Please note that in Malta there are no schools with campuses for foreign students, in connection with which, the child’s parents are assigned the solution to this issue. As accommodation options are offered rental apartments, hotel accommodation. To pay these costs, you need to open an account with a local bank.

Prestigious Catholic schools in Malta for foreign students

These schools have the status of non-state, while they do not fully correspond to private paid schools. The educational process is financed by budget funds and by the Catholic Church. In addition, on an annual basis, the child's parents make a charitable contribution to finance the needs of the school. It is also worth noting that parents provide for the payment of educational materials, school uniforms, etc. Please note that in the walls of the best Catholic schools in Malta, clergy teach educational material in English.

Students who do not profess the Catholic faith are not accepted for education, in addition, the admission process for a foreign student is fraught with some difficulties.

Foreign students do not have difficulty enrolling in prestigious private schools in Malta. In addition, teaching is in English. Moreover, education can be conducted in accordance with the local educational system, which is similar to the British and international. 

Passing education according to international standards, graduates of elite private schools in Malta are issued a MATSEC certificate or an international baccalaureate IB. So, having a certificate of passing the international baccalaureate program, a foreign student can enter the top universities in Europe and other countries of the world.

The following are the TOP-3 ranking schools where you can get an international baccalaureate certificate:

  • School St. Edward's College at Cottonner
  • QSI International School of Malta Valletta
  • Verdala International School in Verdal

The cost of prestigious secondary education in Malta

Compared with the UK and the USA, the cost of education is significantly lower. So, the cost of education throughout the year is an average of 20,000 . Such a tuition price is inherent in completing the preparatory program for obtaining an international baccalaureate certificate.

The cost of education at Malta Crown varies from 5,500 to 15,000 , price fluctuations are due to the age of the student and the choice of an educational program. If the price of tuition is added to accommodation and meals in comfortable school residences, then the cost of education can increase by almost 50%. It is possible that additional costs associated with the acquisition of educational materials and other household needs.

The cost of education in ranking international private schools varies on average about 6,000 per year of study, in some schools this cost is characteristic for tuition during the trimester. Please note that the cost of education does not include accommodation, meals, the provision of educational materials, as well as the organization of transfer.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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