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Luxembourg Gardens - a piece of Italy in the center of Paris

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Luxembourg Gardens - a piece of Italy in the center of Paris

Often in the modern world, medieval castles become important state objects. One of them is the Luxembourg Gardens, which became the seat of the French Senate. This does not prevent it from being one of the main tourist destinations in the country: every day to look at its interior decorations, wander along the shady paths and launch boats in the palace fountain of Maria Medici, thousands of tourists come, and in the summer their number increases. By the way, the townspeople do not neglect the place either: the Luxembourg Gardens is the shadiest and coolest place, a real salvation in the sultry Parisian days.

History of the Luxembourg Gardens

The Luxembourg Gardens owes its creation to the widow of Henry IV - Queen Maria de Medici. Growing up in Florence, the Medici missed the Italian flavor. Her childhood memories and dreams have grown into a palace and park, which are considered one of the most beautiful and popular attractions in France. Construction began in 1611. According to the queen's idea, the garden was to be wooded and contain a large number of reservoirs, for which the Arkey aqueduct was built.

Despite the fact that the ensemble was rebuilt many times, many objects have come down to us that have remained intact. After Maria Medici left the palace, her brainchild did not remain abandoned: the territory increased, the best royal gardeners worked on the landscapes.

What to see in the Luxembourg Gardens complex?

In order for you to remember this place forever, pay attention to:

  • The greenhouse, where exhibitions are regularly held. One of them - "Expo-Autumn", which exhibits fruits and vegetables grown in the garden
  • Located in the southwestern part of the Orchard Park
  • Numerous sculptures, including: a monument to Delacroix, a sculpture in memory of Paul Eluard and others
  • Tsedkin Museum
  • Round central pond where rented boats can be launched
  • Lawns, paths, lawns
  • Luxembourg Palace and the square in front of it
  • Fountain of Maria de Medici in the form of an Italian grotto
  • Theater of miniatures "Guignol"
  • Musical pavilion.

Interesting Facts

  • The orchard in the Luxembourg Park is famous for its pear trees, the harvest from which is sent to the senators' table, and in especially fruitful years is distributed to those in need
  • The exact author of the Fontana de Medici is unknown: it is speculated that it could have been Salomon Debross
  • On the territory of the Luxembourg Gardens there are grounds for different types of activity: tennis courts, playgrounds and attractions, a field for playing jue de pom, grounds for playing chess and bocce
  • The garden hosts music festivals and photo exhibitions
  • The protagonist of the Guignol miniature theater is Petrushka
  • King Henry IV was the great love of Marie de Medici, even though he did not bother to come to the wedding ceremony - he sent a trusted person instead. The grief-stricken widow tried to find solace in her brainchild - the Luxembourg Park, until the grown son asked his mother to leave and give him independence.

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