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2022-02-12 14:20:41

TOP-6 Fictional Cities We Actually Know Very Well

TOP-6 Fictional Cities We Actually Know Very Well

Often, the plots of horror films, thrillers and detectives unfold on the streets of real cities, but much more often producers and screenwriters prudently invent fake cities - so that they do not have to deal with the discontent of local residents, defamed directly from television screens. With their light hand, fictional cities appeared that fans of famous films know better than their five fingers. Let's talk about several such virtual universes that have become places of power and the subject of worship.


Strictly speaking, this is a real town, in America there are even several of them - one in Texas, the other in the western part of the country, in Maryland. But the most important events of the Scream franchise take place not in one of them, but in a certain collective abstract city of the American hinterland.

In the event that you have not yet been to these blooming calm streets and find it necessary to look at one of the series, remember: "Scream" is a story with a double bottom, and from terrible to ridiculous there is one step.

We recommend paying attention to Elm Street, where Sidney Prescot once lived. It is not difficult to guess that this arc refers us to Freddy Krueger and his part of the cinematic universe.

Hill Valley

It's a little more distant past. It was on these streets that the crazy doc and his young pal Marty fought against alternative versions of the future, burned the city clock with a lightning strike and stole weapons-grade plutonium from Libyan terrorists. Or rather, Dr. Brown stole, but both had to deal with the consequences of this magnificent crime.

By the way, the town has a real prototype - Mill Valley in California. There is no particular difference between them, but the locals did not guess to use this similarity for commercial purposes.

Twin Peaks

From the world of cinema, it's time to move to small screens and stroll through the city from the most mysterious and strange multi-part film - "Twin Peaks" by the inimitable horror master David Lynch.

In February 1989, the car of Federal Bureau of Investigation agent Dale Cooper arrives in this modest and quiet town in the middle of Washington state to investigate the mysterious murder of a girl named Laura Palmer.

At first, everything seems to be an ordinary rural detective, but the events that replace each other with incredible speed soon take out the brain of even the most calm and balanced viewer. The second part of the franchise is worse, but also impresses with dynamism and non-standard plot moves.

Gravity Falls

This place is very similar to Twin Peaks, its creator clearly drew inspiration from Lynch when he created this surreal animated film.

Twins Deeper and Mabel go on vacation to their great-uncle in a quiet and unremarkable town in the middle of Oregon. Despite the unpretentiousness, in fact, Gravity hides a lot of strange things that the audience will have to learn with the active and direct participation of a restless couple.


But those who created this cartoon were clearly inspired not by Twin Peaks and other worlds of Lynch, but by the classic North American blackness, which is unequivocally hinted at by the black and white classics of Hollywood.

The town is full of noir, inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, and the capital letter in all this is a carefully thought-out and elegantly designed detective line. Plus, the city is quite unusual and will clearly appeal to lovers of strange for dessert.

Ryme City

It's more of a neo-noir – that is, a classic "sin city", but in a new entourage that echoes the genres of science fiction or even fantasy. There are certain parallels with Los Angeles, which appeared before the audience in all its glory in the dilogy "Blade Runner".

Although in fact, the roots of this world lie in the Japanese computer toy "Pokemon", which preceded the appearance of a series of animated films, and then full-length films.

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