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2019-08-14 16:38:23

TOP-5 important things you need to know about education in Czech Republic

TOP-5 important things you need to know about education in Czech Republic

Undoubtedly, sending a child to study in the Czech Republic is a great chance to unleash his potential, get an international education, immerse himself in a cultural and linguistic environment. This country is perfect for studying with its calm and measured rhythm of life, which allows you to concentrate on getting a high-quality education and self-development. SMAPSE experts will tell you about TOP-5 most important things you need to know about education in this country.

Numerous reviews of graduates confirm that studying in the Czech Republic is quite comfortable: students from different counties quickly begin to understand and speak Czech, as the languages are quite similar and both belong to the Slavic group. Prague is a cozy Czech city, the most popular among students for secondary and higher education: it is here that the top Czech educational institutions are concentrated.

TOP-5 important things you need to know about education in Czech Republic 

  • Czech state universities offer free tuition for foreign students if they choose to receive higher education in the Czech language, but a sufficiently high level of knowledge is required for admission (at least C1 / C2). If you wish, in just a year of education in language courses, it is possible to increase the level of knowledge of the Czech language from low to advanced.
  • In the Czech Republic, a large selection of scholarship programs for foreign students, allowing to cover the cost of education in full or in part. But even if the student has not received a scholarship or a grant, tuition prices are reasonably and for many years have been average for European countries.
  • Having a Czech secondary school certificate will help you enter a state university without entrance exams and study for free - for this reason, foreign students often go to Czech schools after grade 9 in order to get a secondary education in the future and continue their studies at a Czech university.
  • Immediately after the end of grade 11, foreign students have the right to submit documents for admission to the first year of the institute, which exempts them from compulsory pre-university programs.
  • Foreign students, while studying at a Czech university, have the right to combine studies and part-time work.


Education in the Czech Republic for foreign students: requirements and prices

Local legislation allows Czech schools and universities to independently set the requirements for enrollment, so some schools require passing entrance tests and a certificate of passing the language exam, and some accept students without entrance tests. When enrolling in an academic program in Czech, foreign students are often checked for language skills through an oral interview or a language exam.

Preparing for admission to a long-term program is necessary in advance - it is recommended to submit documents one year before starting studies. To enroll students in a Czech school, you will need to provide a standard package of documents:

  • application for admission
  • report card with grades for the last 1-3 years
  • certificate of secondary education, translated into Czech
  • certificate of passing the language exam (if necessary).

To submit documents and consider an application for admission, you will need to pay an application fee; in most educational applications, you can remotely apply for admission.

The average cost of studying in Czech schools is 5,000–25,000 €: the final price depends on the ranking of the school, the type, duration of the academic program and the number of additional classes if necessary.

Types of university programs and cost of participation:


from 4,500 € / year


from 6,500 € / year

Postgraduate qualification of a doctor

from 3,500 € / 3 month

MBA, 1 year program

from 6,950 € / year

MBA, 2 year program

from 4,950 € / year

Do not forget about the additional costs that are not included in the cost of the program. Additional expenses:

  • round trip flight
  • transfer if necessary
  • compulsory health insurance
  • visa fees and services
  • consular fee
  • entrance fee
  • personal pocket money
  • excursions, travel, leisure, entertainment
  • additional language courses, academic classes.

The cost of the academic program depends on the ranking of the institution: the more prestigious the university, the more expensive it will cost to study at it. The best and most popular universities in the Czech Republic:

Linguistic courses of the Czech language are widespread in the Czech Republic, as its knowledge allows you to study for free at the best and most prestigious universities. Types of short-term programs:

  • Czech language courses
  • English language courses
  • pre-university programs.

For admission to short-term programs in the Czech Republic, special knowledge is not required - students receive all the necessary skills during education. Short-term courses help to adapt to the local system of education and life in the country (it is necessary to submit documents for admission for 6-9 months).

Send your child to study in the Czech Republic and save money: scholarships and grants

Material support for students is quite common in the Czech Republic - this is one of the few countries where getting a scholarship is quite simple, you just need to provide the necessary package of documents. Types of scholarship programs in the Czech Republic for  foreign students:

  • for accommodation - foreign students who do not have a residence permit in the city of study receive full support, and students who have a local registration receive 50% (no scholarship is awarded during the summer holidays)
  • for special merits - an application for a scholarship can be issued by activists who, in addition to academic studies, attend sports, creative events, olympiads, participate in research, various conferences and other activities
  • for excellent study - designed for students with high ranks at the end of the school year (paid once a year)
  • help with financial difficulties - this type of scholarship is provided by law. The amount of payment at all universities is the same, but it is recommended to apply only in emergency cases
  • targeted scholarship - designed for research projects and scientific developments (most often students get doctoral studies).

There are more chances to get a scholarship while studying at a state university, however, private universities also provide assistance to their students and have special programs.

Admission to the best schools in the Czech Republic on the example of Czech College

Czech College is a private Czech college located in Prague. Education of foreign students is carried out in English, here you can get a bachelor's and master's degree. The main directions of the college:

  • management
  • finance
  • entrepreneurship
  • international Management
  • business
  • marketing.

For enrollment you will need a high level of knowledge of the English language: IELTS not lower than 5.5. Additional requirements for admission:

  • certificate of secondary education
  • report card with grades for the last 1-3 years at school
  • Interview with a representative of the selection committee via Skype or in person.

The duration of studies for obtaining a bachelor's degree is 3 academic years, recruitment is carried out three times a year. In a magistracy, the duration of education is 1-2 years, depending on the chosen specialty, and you must submit documents in advance - a year before the start of study.

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Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
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Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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