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Summer holidays in Boston for foreign students

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Summer holidays in Boston for foreign students

Boston is one of the most popular and prestigious cities for studying in the USA. Without exaggeration, students from all over the world come here to study. This is not an accident, because it is here that there is such a large number of universities and educational centers that Boston is sometimes called the capital of education. This is the famous Harvard University, the most famous not only in America, but also, probably, in the whole world. Also here is located one of the best technical universities in the world - the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

To spend a summer vacation in a city in which the best students of the world study - means to receive a charge of inspiration for study!

Advantages of summer school and rest in children's camps in Boston

  • In the world of science and education, Boston is the leading center of engineering, biotechnology, medicine and mathematics;
  • The first school in Boston was opened in the early 17th century;
  • The climate of Boston is characterized by its softness and comfort, on the street it is usually clear and sunny, and in the city - clean and green;
  • Programs and diplomas are highly regarded and respected in the US and abroad, attracting a lot of students from all over the world;
  • In Boston, there are many language camps and schools that offer a variety of programs. The vacation course in such a camp is an ideal option for those who plan to study at an American school or enter an American university. Here you can combine employment with leisure, get acquainted with the culture of life and learning in the country, learn about the opportunities that Boston provides for education;
  • The atmosphere of the camp with students from all over the world relieves the child from problems with communication, from cultural and language barriers. Here, studnets have friends, regardless of the difference in their native languages;
  • Many children's seasonal institutions work on the basis of the oldest colleges, which in themselves serve as sights, telling about the culture of these places;
  • Most of Boston's children's camps are organized on the campuses of prestigious educational institutions, so an interesting and useful pastime, comfortable conditions and student safety are guaranteed;
  • The cultural program of most camps involves visiting Boston's attractions and legendary educational institutions, including Harvard, MIT and many others.

Features of Boston language schools and camps

  • The principle of "Learning should be exciting." In most camps, lessons take from 15 hours a week, but students do not notice the load, thanks to interesting educational programs, the professionalism of teachers and a well-organized combination of study and leisure;
  • There are no excellent students and laggards here - students are engaged in learning groups organized according to the principle of language proficiency, including groups for children with poor language knowledge;
  • In addition to the language, you can learn many additional activities, for example, programming or creative studios;
  • Students live in well-equipped and comfortable rooms, eat a balanced and varied menu, suitable even for children with special dietary preferences;
  • Thanks to well-equipped areas, in their spare time students can practice a variety of sports from yoga to American football;
  • For students, a rich cultural, adventure and excursion program has been prepared, including all kinds of entertainment from hiking to sports matches to excursions to universities.

Classification of summer linguistic camps

Depending on the purpose of the trip to Boston for the summer, you can choose a camp of a certain orientation. Boston's camps are:

  • Academic. Here, students learn languages, prepare for passing international language exams, as well as entering American schools and universities;
  • Vocational guidance. Here, students not only learn not only the language, but also other skills, for example, programming. Such a camp should be chosen to motivate the child to enter the US universities;
  • Developing. This camp, combining studying with a rich cultural and sports program. Here, rest is given no less attention than tuition.

Language programs for children for the summer. Features, tuition fees

Examples of institutions

Features of the programs

Age of students

Tuition fees

Harvard Summer School

Stay and study at the Harvard Summer School will allow you to adapt to the American educational environment, get used to a new language and cultural environment, and gain valuable experience living on the campus of one of the world's best universities. At the summer courses of Harvard University, students from all over the world earn points that are counted upon admission to the university.


from 8,500 $ (3 weeks)

LAL Boston

The peculiarity of this school is an individual approach to students. The maximum possible number of the group is 12 people, which gives the teachers the opportunity to devote time to each student. The school is famous for its friendly and homely atmosphere.


from 1,130 $ / week

Emmanuel College

Lessons at the summer school at Emmanuel College are conducted mainly in an interactive, dynamic form - a special emphasis is placed on the development of communication skills: at the end of the course each student will be able to freely speak English in everyday life. For foreign students a special program has been prepared that will introduce them to the city.


from 1,422 $ / week

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