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2019-10-07 00:15:35

Tips for the best travel in the UK

Tips for the best travel in the UK

Foreign students in the UK study not only in the classroom, but also outside: they learn the country by visiting the sights of London, making weekend trips to small towns, planning outings in the surrounding villages, choosing a new route for the holidays. Traveling will allow students to better understand the rich history of the country and explore the distinctive British nature.

England is known for its well-established public transport network, overnight prices and levels of comfort, and the developed catering industry, so traveling around the country will be not only interesting, but also comfortable. Of great importance to the student budget is the size of the cost of tickets, rental housing and meals. In the review, SMAPSE experts will tell you how a student traveling in the UK can save and what nuances should be taken into account at the planning stage of a trip.

TOP destinations for student travel

London occupies a top position among the world capitals in the number of tourists, and foreign students also seek to get acquainted with the capital of England. But besides this, the country has many other vibrant cities with a rich cultural and historical heritage, beautiful national parks, castles, cathedrals and market squares. Remember that in the summer in Britain a number of music, book, and ethnic festivals take place regardless of the weather.

The most popular cities among tourists:

  • London - visiting museums, shops on Oxford Street, lunch with curry on Brick Lane, watching shows in the West End, going to famous night clubs, day trips to Bath and Stonehenge.
  • Liverpool has always been the second most important city in Britain. The main attractions are Liverpool Cathedral, the International Slavery Museum, the Beatles memorial sites. A special dish is the traditional Scouse fish stew with cookies, once popular with sailors.
  • Manchester is famous for the Manchester United football club, but there is also China Town with several good restaurants, the Manchester Cathedral dating from 1215, the Manchester Art Gallery, the Museum of Football and much more.
  • Bristol - in addition to the traditional cathedral in the Gothic style, Bristol is famous for its amazing dinosaurs in the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. You can visit the vintage Love From Random store and Jamie Oliver's restaurant.

Other famous routes:

  • Scotland is another popular destination for domestic tourism. Interesting options: repeat the Beatles route, take a walk along the Royal Mile of Edinburgh and try to see Nessie during a boat cruise on Loch Ness.
  • A trip to Wales includes visits to Oxford, York, Liverpool, Snowdonia National Park, Brecon Lighthouse, Cardiff, Bath, Carfilly Castle and the legendary Stonehenge.
  • Lake District - walks in the wake of the poet Wordsworth, exploring the best hiking trails in England, visiting his garden and burial site in the village of Grasmer. A few days spent on the roads of this northern pearl are guaranteed to bring tourists many vivid impressions.
  • Brighton is less than an hour drive from London: it's a way to get away from the Great Smog on the weekend. The colorful coastal town is filled with beaches and bars. Brighton's famous attraction is an amazing pier that makes you feel like at a seaside resort.
  • Cornwall - a trip to the southwest and along the coast of Cornwall will allow you to see the most beautiful peninsula of England. Filled with hundreds of sandy beaches and magnificent villages, this is a mecca for surfers, lovers of beach holidays, seafood. Newquay will open for you a sunny England, about which no one ever talks.
  • A trip around the country would not be complete without visiting some of the most charming historical cities. Durham, York, Oxford, Cambridge and Bath are some of the areas suitable for leisurely self-study. Cathedrals and 700-year-old churches, tea in a traditional English tea house or dinner with a duck and two pints in a pub with two Tudor facades - what is not a great weekend scenario?

Features of traveling in Britain

The change of seasons in the UK has given rise to many myths. What should tourists really expect? Dry, sunny and hot weather in the spring - it is ideal for walking - a warm, but short-term summer filled with music festivals, photogenic autumn and festive, but frosty Christmas markets during December.

Tourists will be interested in visiting Guy Fawkes night on November 5, when a fireworks light up the sky over Westminster in London and thousands of Guy Fawkes dolls are burned at bonfires across the country. This strange celebration is held every year to mark the anniversary of the 16th Century Gunpowder plot.

One myth about England is still true - it can rain at any time, but the British do not cancel their plans because of this, therefore they always carry an umbrella or raincoat. It’s worth adopting this experience!

You can travel around England by train and bus, rented car, bike, on foot and combining all these options. You should choose, but for students there is always a way to make the trip cheaper.

By train

The easiest way to travel around Britain is by train. This is the oldest railway network in the world and one of the busiest - it can be reached almost anywhere. There are many options for buying tickets and planning routes, allowing you to save:

  • Buy 16-25 Railcard - the cost of this railway card is 30 £: it allows you to save 1/3 of the fare across the UK throughout the year.
  • Buy tickets in advance.
  • Choose the least popular time: during the day on weekdays, late at night.
  • Choose BritRail tickets for international guests, some of the most affordable in the UK.

By car

Get off your beaten paths with your own 4 wheels. Whether you are traveling alone or with a company, the option of renting a car or a minibus may be suitable for you:

  • SpaceShips offers specially designed, award-winning and easy-to-drive vans for 2-4 people. Cost - from 27.6 £ / day.
  • Car rental for every taste and budget - from 30.8 £ / day.

Tickets for excursions and theater for students

If you are in the city for a short time, then sightseeing tickets are a great and affordable way to visit popular tourist attractions. For a one-time payment, you can see as many attractions as you want, and get additional privileges - priority access, special offers, exclusive tours. London, Edinburgh and York are just some of the regions that offer passes to Westminster Abbey, Edinburgh Castle, London Zoo and York Dungeon.

Standard ticket prices for students:

  • Tower of London - 22 £
  • Westminster Abbey - 20 £
  • Kensington Palace - 16 £
  • Churchill War Rooms - 16.3 £
  • Shakespeare's Globe Theater - 13.5 £.

The cost of the London excursion pass (1 day) - 56 £. You save about 50% of the entry price than buying each ticket individually.

A trip to London is not complete without a visit to the busy West End, however theater tickets for some of London's largest shows can be expensive. A theater passport is a great way to see some of the best shows for 60% lower. The cost of Theater Passport is from 40 £ 

Travel Communication

SIM cards and communication are sometimes very expensive abroad. How to make communication at a distance cheaper?

  1. Touchdown Ready SIM Pack - a single package for communication in the UK and with your loved ones abroad.

What is included in the package:

  • O2 SIM card (compatible with most GSM mobile phones)
  • 50 minutes of free international calls with a monthly fee of 10 £
  • British phone number so friends and family can contact you at home
  • A guide to 100 free places to visit, including museums, galleries and markets
  • Map of central London with a detailed description of the main attractions
  • Map of Britain
  • 100 £ discount vouchers for visiting major attractions
  • Mobile Wi-Fi - Wireless Internet anywhere you are.

Another way to reduce the cost of communication is to use special devices. The maximum fee for international roaming is 11.5 £, so access to the Internet can be expensive. With the TEP Mobile Wi-Fi device, you can completely avoid international roaming charges, get unlimited data downloads and connect to any device: smartphones, laptops and tablets. The plus of this device is pocket size.

Another good tip

NUS Extra Student Discount Card Saves Money. You can use it almost anywhere: in fashion retailers, bars and restaurants, even paying for mobile phones with it is cheaper. Tip: some stores do not advertise student discounts, but you should always ask.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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