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The smallest lake in the world

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The smallest lake in the world

We reveal the secret of the world's smallest lake - Sarasota ( Warm Mineral Springs ), located in the US state of Florida (a stone's throw to Miami and Orlando). This lake belongs to the three most famous warm mineral springs in the country. Sarasota's maximum depth is only 70 meters. This is a popular swimming place: the lake contains a large amount of useful minerals.

The area surrounded by a reservoir is very picturesque, there is a beautiful and cozy beach. The temperature in the lake is the same all year round - +30 degrees, due to which a unique microclimate is formed around the lake. In the area of the local attraction, a special regime is envisaged - the number of people bathing in the lake should not exceed 500 / day.
Despite the current restrictions, the flow of tourists in this area does not stop. To prevent tourists from crossing the forbidden depth, rope markings have been made along the territory of the lake. Swimming is accessible only a few meters from the shore. Longer swims are considered extremely dangerous.

The diameter of the lake on average ranges from 125 to 175 meters and can vary during the rainy seasons. At a depth of 3 m, there is no longer oxygen, and the composition of the water resembles a consistency close to formalin. At one time, its healing properties were actively used by the Indians. It was a sacred reservoir called the "Fountain of Youth": sick Indians made pilgrimages here to pray on the lake shore, swim and perform sacred rituals. If you are tormented by arthritis, sciatica and rheumatism, come swim in Sarasota , breathe in the healing air of eucalyptus trees!

It was here that unique finds were made in the middle of the 20th century. Scuba divers, exploring the depth of the lake, stumbled upon an underwater cave, in which the remains of an ancient man, a saber-toothed cat and a giant ground sloth have been miraculously preserved. The remains are 10,000 years old.

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