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The most beautiful metro stations in the world

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The most beautiful metro stations in the world

Today it is difficult to imagine life without the use of public transport, and the metro has occupied a leading position in the ranking of the most popular means of transportation in the city for many decades. Every day, millions of people around the world descend into this underground kingdom, rush to work and on business, running from one branch to another, and at the end of the day they also return back. But few people think that some metro stations around the world are not just stops, but real works of art.

Architects engaged in the construction of underground masterpieces, in addition to the classic problems and tasks, have additional ones - ventilation of the room, humidity rate, safety for passengers, usability of the station and its ergonomics. All this, combined with stunning design solutions, gave us several metro stations in different countries, visiting which you can forget where you were going.

"Boulevard Formoso" in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

A luxurious station, the pride of the city's inhabitants, and absolutely deserved. It was made famous by the "Dome of Light" - a glass ceiling made up of thousands of stained glass panels that occupy more than 30 meters in diameter and are located on 2,180 square meters.

The installation represents all the stages of development in a person's life - from birth to the very end.

Stockholm Metro, Sweden

Stockholm Metro is called the underground art gallery - more than 100 kilometers of underground tunnels with incredible stopping rooms. A multitude of sculptures, various mosaic decorations, prints, paintings and installations - all this daily accompanies metro visitors on long journeys. But what is unique about it is that some of the stations are literally "knocked out" in the rock, resembling not ordinary public transport, but tunnels in ancient caves.

Priority stations for tourists to visit:

  • T-Central
  • Solna-Sentrum
  • Tensta
  • Tekniska Hyogskulan.

City Hall in New York, USA

The New York subway is rarely called particularly beautiful, it is generally considered a necessary means of transport, however, there are also stations there - masterpieces of underground architecture.

The City Hall platform was founded in 1905 but was closed 40 years later due to low passenger demand. However, at the end of the last century, it was again open to the public and became a very popular place among city guests and local residents. Stained glass windows, marble, various tiled panels and installations, exquisite decorations - all this has become an integral part of the station, made in the form of a semicircle.

Olayash in Lisbon, Portugal

Large metal columns, multi-colored tiled frescoes, and glass compositions - all this distinguishes the Portuguese metro station from the usual dark, gloomy and cold images of the classic metro.

Toledo in Naples, Italy

A relatively young station, opened in 2012, but has already managed to conquer many hearts of Italians and guests of the country. The design is made according to associations with a snow cave or a waterfall - all surfaces are strewn with blue, blue and white mosaics in many shades.

"Art-et-Mettier" in Paris, France

Fans of Jules Verne's creativity will especially like this place - the whole space is stylized as the well-known ship "Nautilus" from the writer's works. Oval walls, copper panels and cladding, huge round windows, wheels and gears will not leave indifferent any visitor to the underground transport. All this magic is illuminated by diffused white light, which several times enhances the impressions of tourists who come back here more than once during their trip to Paris.

Tunel in Istanbul, Turkey

One of the oldest metro lines was opened in 1875. The underground tunnel now connects 2 stations: Karakoy and Beyoglu - the lower and upper, respectively, where funicular cars circulate daily. In the entourage and decor of the premises, centuries-old history and modern technology are combined - this makes the station unique and mesmerizing.

Moscow metro, Russia

If you ask any guest of the Russian capital what he remembers the most about the city, one of the first answers will be called this vehicle. He is often credited with the title of the most beautiful metro in the whole world!

  • "Mayakovskaya" - designed as a bomb shelter, and the station's surroundings are considered Stalinist neoclassicism. The beauty of the green metro line has won international awards more than once, and since 1980 she has been awarded the title of architectural heritage.
  • "Komsomolskaya" is the center of three large-scale railway lines, but still something else amazes: the hall of the underground "gallery" is decorated with luxurious chandeliers, ceiling mosaics and frescoes, elements of baroque and romanticism, together with a huge dome, will not leave anyone indifferent
  • "Kievskaya" (ring line) - the main theme of this station's decoration was the friendship between Russia and Ukraine. Luxurious gilded chandeliers, stucco moldings, an abundance of Ukrainian motifs, gray granite framed by a red border, and panels that can captivate the viewer's attention for a long time.

Westfriedhof in Munich, Germany

A young station, which has already become the property of the Munich underground. A daring contrast of 11 oversized colored lamps positioned around the perimeter and the rough stone used in the wall decoration and backlit with ultraviolet light. A mysterious, but mesmerizing picture - this is how passengers describe this station.

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