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The great Eton College: for aristocrats or for foreign students from all over the world?

The great Eton College: for aristocrats or for foreign students from all over the world?

Where do British aristocrats study?

Not far from Windsor Castle there is the famous Eton College: a private school for boys, which has graduated royalty, prime ministers, financial giants and children of the richest families in the world.

Eton, Eton College is the most popular and prestigious place to study for the English elite. Here gentlemen are brought up with aristocratic manners, an ideal accent, characteristic of the high society stratum of English society. Boys grow up in a traditional same-sex environment, learn multiple languages, and prepare for Oxbridge. Eaton became famous for his graduates, selectivity, consistently high quality of work - and Eaton, for a minute, is almost 600 years old.


Famous alumni

The famous college was created as a school for future Cambridge students and politicians. Famous alumni have confirmed that the college has done its job, making Eton a symbol of true British education.

  • The first English prince to graduate from Eton was William, followed by Harry. Most likely, the 7-year-old heir to the English throne, George, will come here in due time.
  • Eaton was visited by 19 prime ministers, including the current head of the British government, Boris Johnson.
  • The college graduated from famous scientists and researchers - economists John Maynard Keynes, Richard Layard, Antarctic researcher Lawrence Oates.
  • Writers George Orwell, Anthony Powell, the author of the James Bond epic Ian Fleming received their first writing lessons here.
  • Famous actors united by gloss, charm and charisma - Hugh Laurie, Damian Lewis, Tom Hiddleston, Harry Lloyd, Simon Woods, Eddie Randmayne.

Young people who graduated from a famous school are distinguished by confidence, perseverance, willingness to achieve results, excellent manners and an elusive reflection of belonging to high society.

Eton graduates have proven themselves in various fields: sporting achievements, military affairs, journalism, diplomacy, business.

Admission fees

Since the founding of the college in the XIV century. By birth, they became Etons, and today only ⅕ of the students belong to high society. All applicants pass entrance tests on a general basis - children from wealthy families who are not ready to master a complex academic program will not be accepted for training. The management of the educational institution closely monitors the reputation of the school, so it will not work through connections or bribes.

Terms of enrollment

  • The age of admission to college is 13 years, but applications are submitted long before the start of school, at the latest - 2 years before. The preparatory school accepts future Etonians for training from the age of 7.
  • Students pass several types of tests - exams, interviews, psychological tests.
  • In total, the school trains 1,300 young people from all over the world.

Studying programs at Eton

Eaton is a closed school for boys with severe discipline, ascetic conditions and no suites. The curriculum includes 2 foreign languages, Latin, history, geography, natural sciences, information technology, arts and sports.

Distinctive features of the college:

  • Eton has state-of-the-art technical equipment, university-level laboratories, powerful computers with state-of-the-art applications, allowing students to show their research talents. Everything is created here so that children can try themselves as scientists.
  • Ascetic rooms in the residence are equipped with a minimum set of furniture, only posters from personal design are allowed.
  • All students wear school uniforms: a black jacket, pinstriped trousers, a bow tie, which are sewn by the craftsmen of a special atelier according to traditional patterns.
  • Olympic-grade sports facilities and swimming pools are provided for everyday school activities.
  • Creative classes are an important part of the program: a design and technology center, a private theater with 400 seats, a professional recording studio, equipment for drawing, drawing, printing were opened for classes.
  • There are several libraries at the school: the book fund is constantly replenished, electronic books, periodicals, rare old editions are presented.

Become a part of great history

The Eatons who have created works of art - outstanding texts, paintings, music - enjoy a special privilege: they have the right to send their creation to the college archives. It was created in the 18th century: works are rarely accepted into the archives and by decision of the High Council for study by the next students of Eton.

Tuition Fees and Scholarships at Eton for foreign students

The cost of studying at Eton is about $ 50,000 per year, but the main thing is the academic ability of the child, origin and willingness to integrate into the system of college rules. The award is high-quality training, almost guaranteed admission to an elite university, excellent manners and a community of alumni, invaluable acquaintances and connections among the most wealthy and respected people around the world.

Eton can be financed by a scholarship awarded to the most gifted children of outstanding ability. A music scholarship is available to the Etonians - awarded to students with special musical abilities.

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