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2019-08-22 00:27:23

San Francisco High Schools for foreign students

San Francisco High Schools for foreign students

Education abroad is the right and reasonable decision of modern parents. This article about high schools in San Francisco will tell you in detail about the education system in the United States, the possibilities of educating a student in a high school in San Francisco, and all the conditions for admission, accommodation and food. SMAPSE experts will also introduce you to the prices and the best high schools in San Francisco. Think about what awaits your child after he graduates from one of the best schools in San Francisco? A great future awaits him, followed by thousands of children from different countries. Do not miss the unique opportunity to be one step ahead of everyone.

Everyone has long known that education in the USA is one of the highest quality in the whole world. San Francisco High Schools and studying at San Francisco High School are a great start to your child’s successful future. All the best universities, colleges and schools in the world are trying to get closer to the level of teaching in the United States. San Francisco high schools provide quality and prestigious education to foreign students of any age and will prepare you to enter the best universities not only in the USA but also in Europe.

San Francisco is a leading tourist center, popular all over the world for its resorts, architecture and developed infrastructure. There are 25 universities in this city, creative talented people come here, and studying here is considered an integral part of life. Prestige to the city is added by the fact that the world elite of the computer and technological spheres lives in San Francisco. Nearby is the legendary Silicon Valley with the headquarters of leading IT companies. Thanks to this environment, in San Francisco secondary schools you can not only improve your English skills and get a diploma, which is valued at the best universities in the world, but also build a career in popular and highly paid fields. Studying in the USA opens the door to a successful life for all students. Language schools and other educational institutions are offering excellent conditions for mastering English at the native speaker level.

International students quickly adapt to new life in a sunny city with a developed infrastructure and wide opportunities for creative people. San Francisco is a true student city with a friendly international atmosphere.

Education System for foreign High School Students in San Francisco

The system of education in San Francisco for foreign students is very rich and interesting. Much attention is paid here not only to the educational process, but also to the development of leadership qualities, individualism, the ability to argue and defend one’s point of view.

The academic program for the best high schools in San Francisco is developed by specialists from leading universities in San Francisco, and this gives the result: 100% of graduates enter top universities not only in the USA, but also in the world. The educational system in the USA is popular all over the world because of its quality and flexibility: the curriculum is adapted for each student depending on his academic success and personal desires.

For foreign students, additional language courses are organized that will help you get used to speaking English faster and adapt to the new environment.

San Francisco's best high schools offer students a huge selection of elective subjects that can be studied in addition to the basic curriculum. In addition to compulsory disciplines such as mathematics, science, history, literature and sports, each student can choose:

- Engineering

- Programming and information systems

- World languages

- World religions

- Ecology

- Economics and finance

- Robotics

- Architecture

- Art History

The process of entering in a high school in San Francisco

To enter an elite school in San Francisco, you need to prepare very carefully and in advance, because the competition is up to ten people per place. In order for a foreign student to receive a prestigious education in San Francisco, he will need to go through a complex and lengthy selection process:

First, to apply to one of the leading schools in San Francisco, a student must prepare a standard set of documents in English:

- visa

- Certificate of vaccinations and the conclusion of doctors

- student profile

- motivation letter

- time sheet with marks for 2 years from the previous place of study

- letters of recommendation from mentors and teachers

- An international certificate confirming a high level of English (American SAT test or SLEP, TOEFL certificates).

Secondly, to have an interview with the teacher of the private school in San Francisco, in which the student wants to go (you can go in person or on Skype). During this conversation, the representative of the school determines his wishes for the curriculum, the absence of a critical language barrier and general communication skills.

Thirdly, a foreign student is tested for knowledge of basic subjects, usually mathematics and English.

If a student shows good results in all areas, but his English level is not enough to receive secondary education in US schools, then he can take a preparatory program or bring his language to the right level in one of the best summer language camps in San Francisco.

Organizing at San Francisco High School

Students of elite high schools in San Francisco are provided with everything necessary for a comfortable life and effective learning. On the territory of the boarding schools there is everything that will help students who came to study at one of the city’s secondary schools to feel as comfortable as possible.

Top schools in San Francisco offer two types of accommodation to international students:

- accommodation in full board

- accommodation in the host family

The most common option for foreign students to live during their studies is a boarding school room at one of the best schools in San Francisco. Typically, guesthouses look like small independent campuses with rich infrastructure, numerous relaxation areas and comfortable conditions. Equipped and technological buildings for education, spacious laboratories, classrooms, workshops and studios that contain everything that students may need in the process of obtaining a prestigious education in San Francisco. For sports enthusiasts, elite guesthouses have basketball and football courts, golf courses, swimming pools and tennis courts. All creative students will be able to find something to do in the educational theater, school choir or film club. Also on the territory of the guesthouse there are always several medical points.

School Infrastructure:

- Computer class

- Free Wi-Fi in the entire guesthouse

- Library

- Self-study room

- Large TV screen

- Cafe

The living conditions in the guesthouse rooms at San Francisco's Leading High School are also consistent with quality standards. All students are placed in comfortable rooms, with all the amenities inside, designed for 3-4 people. The older the child, the less neighbors in his room. This helps to better concentrate on the learning process and does not distract from intensive preparation for entering the best universities in Europe.

Despite the fact that living in a host family is a great opportunity to feel the life of another country from the inside and get acquainted with a different culture, parents are less likely to take such a step. Full-board accommodation at one of the leading high schools in San Francisco is an international environment, improving foreign language skills, socialization and an active lifestyle.

Catering in the best high schools of San Francisco

Meals are made three times a day in one of the guesthouse's dining rooms. The menu is varied and changes every week. Students can always choose food based on their preferences, traditions, medical indications or diets. In addition, there are various cafes, shops, or cuisines in all San Francisco high schools where international students can grab a bite to eat, purchase groceries, or prepare their own lunch.

Additional activities of foreign students in a high school in San Francisco

The US secondary education system, together with the compulsory education program, puts the student in the first place. Teachers of all schools in America give extra-curricular activities a lot of time. Since they are trying to comprehensively develop the student and raise an active life position in him. San Francisco high schools, as in any American city, pay special attention to various sports. Players of American football, basketball, and baseball school teams compete in state and country competitions. Successful athletes have an advantage in passing exams and may even receive a scholarship from a prestigious US university.

For children who are fond of creativity, they also organize a large number of classes: music and theater clubs, school newspapers, a choir, and dances. The debate club and interest clubs (chemistry, mathematics, history, etc.) are very popular among schoolchildren, where participants solve olympiad problems and analyze topics that are not included in the main program of the school.

Do not forget about the rich excursion program that is in every leading San Francisco high school. Tje student will be able to get acquainted with the culture of another country and see all the most famous attractions not only of San Francisco (Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, Alcatraz Island, Fisherman Wharf, Union Square), but also of the suburbs. Schools in the United States often come across a variety of hikes, student parties, and national cuisine days.

Tuition for High School in San Francisco

The cost of secondary education in top schools in San Francisco, as in any other private schools in the United States, always depends on its place in the national educational ranking. The higher the status of the school, the more expensive the cost of tuition. Of course, the cost of studying at a public school in San Francisco is much lower than studying at a private school, but the level of education is equally good at all educational institutions in the United States.

As a rule, parents who want to send their child to study at one of the prestigious schools in San Francisco should be willing to pay an average of 8,000 $ to 16,000 $.

It also depends on the list of services that are included in the terms of the educational program that you choose, as well as on the characteristics of the student’s accommodation and meals. It is important to note that the child will need pocket money. The amount is not fixed and each parent has the right to independently decide the issue of these costs.

Additionally paid services such as:

- Flight

- Transfer

- Student visa application

- Insurance

- Consular fee of the embassy

- Deposit confirmation of a place in the school

- Semester deposit for international students

- Registration fee

- Textbooks

- School uniform

- Additional activities

- Preparation for final exams

In conclusion, it should be mentioned that the leading high school in San Francisco will bring up independence, responsibility, self-discipline, initiative and willingness to solve problems of any complexity in the student. It will not only get a quality education that is worthy of only the best universities in the world, but also make new friends, see another country and learn something new. Teachers will certainly instill a love of English and help with the choice of a future profession. In addition to all this, studying in San Francisco allows you to prepare your child for study at famous universities in the world, a diploma from one of the prestigious high schools in San Francisco will open the door to a successful and happy future for you, as it is a guarantee of quality.

Top San Francisco Schools

  1. Language Studies International (LSI): San Francisco / Berkeley
  2. EC English Language Schools: San Francisco
  3. Embassy English: San Francisco
  4. Kaplan International: San Francisco
  5. Stafford House San Francisco
  6. Tamwood camps
  7. St giles san francisco
  8. ELS Language Centers: San Francisco-Downtown (CA)
  9. Stafford House International - San Francisco
  10. The Athenian private school

All employees of SMAPSE company are specialists who have been successfully organizing the education of foreign students abroad for a long time. They have extensive experience and deep knowledge in this matter and are happy to share them with all interested parents for many years. Also they will help you navigate not only in the selection of a suitable top-level San Francisco high school, but also advise the most effective educational program, after a short conversation with your child. Experts are also ready to advise you on prices, living conditions and the best excursions in sunny San Francisco.

SMAPSE staff works only with the most prestigious high schools in San Francisco, where your child’s education will be as productive and comfortable as possible. Experts are ready to conduct a free consultation in any way convenient for you and at any time convenient for you - leave a request in the form below.

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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