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The difference between STEM and STEAM

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The difference between STEM and STEAM

We all know what STEM is - an abbreviation that stands for science, technology, engineering and maths. But do you know terms like STEMM, STREAM or STEAM? Let's get it right.

Systems where, along with science, technology, engineering and mathematics, there is music called STEMM, we add literature / reading and we get STREAM.

But what is STEAM? STEAM is STEM plus A-art (art). Under the "art" (Arts) often understand the development of creative perception, teaching the basics of modeling and art and technical design.

What is the plus of STEM / STEAM? Students completing non-STEM programs may stay in the United States for OPT (Optional Practical Training) for 12 months, but STEM students are in a better position. STEM students receive an OPT extension for an additional 24 months, in total, if a student has a desire to stay in the USA for 3 years, it is worth considering one of the STEM / STEAM areas.

The main difference between STEM and STEAM is that STEM focuses on scientific concepts, while STEAM explores the same concepts, but does so using a creative approach.

A simple example is Leonardo Da Vinci, who showed the importance of combining science and art to create discoveries.

For example, his approach to “perspective” was based on knowledge of optics and geometry.

In the process of drawing Mona Lisa, da Vinci carefully studied how to portray a human face susceptible to detail. One of these questions was: what nerve makes you smile?


There are a number of areas that belong to the STEAM group and will be in demand in the 21st century.

Let's look at an example of one of SMAPSE universities - Arizona State University:

There are standard STEAM directions, such as:

  • Architect - by the way, the university is considered the TOP-100 in the world in this direction (QS World University Rankings 2018)
  • Visual communication design
  • Interior designer
  • Graphic Designer

'S of ASU Design School is considered the biggest school in the USA design with cutting-edge equipment: Digital Lab, Red Square exhibition space , Prototype / Modeling Shop, Gallery of Design, and Design Library.

There are also a number of unusual directions for STEAM:

  • Mechanical & Civil Engineer - # 28 Best Mechanical Engineering Program and TOP-24 Urban Planning (US News Education 2019).
  • Biomedical Engineering - TOP-40 Best Undergraduate Engineering Program in the USA (US News Education 2019).
  • Forensic Psychologist - TOP-100 Psychology in the World (QS World University Rankings 2018).
  • Astrophysicist - TOP-44 Master's Program in Physics in the USA (US News Education 2018).


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