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Language camp in a suburb of London for foreign students

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Language camp in a suburb of London for foreign students

Language Camp in a Suburb of London - Specific Features

A predominant number of parents decide to send their child to the UK in order to improve their English proficiency. A large number of prestigious camps are successfully operating directly in London and its suburbs, within the walls of which a communicative teaching methodology is used, thereby allowing all foreign students, regardless of their level of knowledge of the English language and age, to begin to communicate freely in English.

As practice shows, the duration of studies in the framework of language programs in London is 2-4 weeks. As a rule, foreign students come to study at the leading language camp in London for the period of school holidays. It is worth noting that the most popular among foreign students enjoy intensive English courses, which are combined with outdoor activities and educational activities. In the elite language camps in the suburbs of London, combined programs have been developed that have a different training direction. In particular, in some British camps, attention is paid to sports, namely:

  • horse riding
  • footbal 
  • golf 
  • rugby, etc.

In other prestigious language camps near London, an emphasis is made specifically for foreign students on conducting excursions, within which you can get acquainted with the history of Great Britain, its traditions, life and culture.

Accommodation options during education at an elite language camp in a suburb of London

  • With accommodation
  • Without accommodation - suitable for foreign teenagers who come to London accompanied by their parents, guardians.

A vacation near London will give foreign students a good time, positive impressions and emotions, and, of course, a great vacation. As part of a two-week studying at an advanced language camp in a suburb of London, there will be a significant improvement in English proficiency, overcoming the language barrier, establishing useful contacts, as well as fully immersing yourself in a new language and cultural environment. It is in London and beyond that a large number of elite language camps and linguistic schools successfully operate.

As noted above, the programs of the leading language camps near London harmoniously combine the teaching of English with other areas of activity, in particular, with sports, creativity, as well as intellectual studies.

Educational programs for rating language camps in a suburb of London

As a rule, elite summer camps near London, aimed at foreign students of any age, operate on the basis of ranking British private schools, colleges and universities. It is worth noting that foreign students aged 17-18 are given the opportunity to undergo education at prestigious educational centers in London during the summer holidays. In addition, English linguistic camps are very popular and in demand among foreign high school students due to the high-quality preparation for passing international language exams in the English language. Having an international language certificate on hand, a foreign student will be able to freely enter the top universities in the UK and other countries of the world.

The situation prevailing in the prestigious language camp in London is determined mainly by its location. The fascination of studying in London is due to the close proximity to the predominant number of major British attractions. At the same time, most ranking language camps are located in cozy areas of the suburbs of London, away from city noise. It usually takes an hour to get to the British capital.

In addition to education in the best language camps in the suburbs of London, the aim is to harmoniously develop the personal qualities of each student individually, namely independence, responsibility, decision-making skills, initiative.

As for the daily routine, classes are foreseen in the first half of the day, and in the afternoon hours pupils participate in various clubs and studios, as well as sports events. In addition, throughout the week provides for the organization of excursions to nearby cities. As a rule, classes are held from Monday to Friday, and directly on weekends, foreign students can take part in leisure activities organized by the prestigious English language school, or simply relax on campus, visiting various circles. In the evening hours, various social events are organized for foreign students, the purpose of which is due to the consolidation of acquired skills in the framework of informal communication. As for the format of such events, it can be as follows, namely quizzes, talent shows, discos, etc.

TOP-5 best language camps near London

  • Embassy Mile End - located in a suburb of London, successfully operates on the basis of the elite Queen Mary University. The target audience for education is foreign students aged 12 to 17 years. During the period of study, foreign students live in the territory of a comfortable school dormitory. All the necessary conditions have been created for comfortable learning and relaxation in the leading school, in particular, sports grounds, a library, a canteen, a leisure center, etc. have been created. The main tour, which is conducted specifically for foreigners students, concerns a study tour to the British capital. Foreign students are offered not only a standard language course, but also a preparatory program for passing the Trinity spoken exam.
  • Mill Hill Summer School - the prestige of this educational institution is universally recognized, being at a distance of 30 minutes to London, and this educational institution has the status of an elite British boarding house that invites foreign students from 9 to 13 years old to study. In addition to high-quality learning of the English language in the summer, teaching of mathematics, science is also provided, as well as sports and creativity. As for the placement of students, boys and girls live in separate dormitories on campus, while providing 24-hour supervision for all students, without exception. During the week, 15 classes are planned. As for the duration of education, it varies from 2 to 8 weeks.
  • LAL - is a summer school, part of the prestigious international educational network, successfully operates on the basis of a ranking university located near London, St. Mary's University. As for the location, the Twickenham area is assigned the status of the homeland of rugby. Thus, the target audience for education in the walls of this advanced camp are young rugby fans. The year 1850 was marked by the opening of the educational building, while at the moment the school has at its disposal large bright classrooms, libraries, modern sports grounds, etc. Educational programs are aimed at students aged 12-17 years old . During the week, 20 classes are provided.
  • Thames Valley Epsom - For over 40 years, the leading language center in the suburbs of London has been organizing effective English courses. As for the summer vacation programs, the admission of foreign students aged 9 to 17 years is carried out. Foreign students created the necessary conditions for an exciting leisure time, in particular, on the campus there is a modern 25-meter pool, tennis courts, sports grounds, as well as recreation areas. During the week, the educational load does not exceed 25 hours. As for the conditions of stay, foreign students live on a full board basis.
  • The prestigious Frances King School - is located in Kensington, surrounded by a picturesque park area. Young sports fans will be able to work out their sports skills in modern venues and playing fields. The target audience for education is foreign students aged 13 to 17 years. Even knowing English at poor level, a foreign student can undergo education in the framework of a developed specialized program.

The cost of teducation in the best language camps in the suburbs of London 

The cost of education in a leading language camp near London is determined by many parameters, namely:

  • Selected educational program
  • Educational season
  • Variant of residence.

The cost of education in an advanced language camp on a full board basis or with a host family will vary from an average of 1,000 £ to 1,700 £. In the case of a full-time study, the cost of edication is lower, amounting to approximately 900-1,000 £ for 2 weeks of stay. Please note that on an additional basis, the payment of insurance, visas, and pocket expenses of the teenager is provided.

The main advantages of studying in prestigious language camps in the suburbs of London

  • In the framework of education near London, foreign students significantly expand their horizons, getting acquainted with interesting facts and the history of Great Britain, its traditions. In addition, the highest level of quality of educational services in the best English language schools is universally recognized due to the introduction of modern teaching methods and the development of unique educational programs.
  • Regardless of the choice of accommodation, in any case, a foreign student is guaranteed a high level of security and comfort during their studies, in addition, balanced meals are provided on a full board basis and an exciting vacation.
  • As part of the education at the leading language camp in the suburbs of London, all the necessary conditions were created for a significant improvement in the level of language skills and comprehension of classic British pronunciation.
  • Combined courses have been developed within the walls of ranking language camps near London with the participation of experienced and professional British teachers, the list of proposed education programs is truly huge. Based on individual preferences and goals, each student will be able to choose his personal program.
  • When making a decision to undergo education in the elite summer camps of London, a foreign student will get acquainted with recognized standards in the field of education, as well as receive quality education for life in a multicultural environment.


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