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The best universities in America: tuition and ranking

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The best universities in America: tuition and ranking

U.S. Elite Universities - Quick Reference

America’s leading universities are characterized by the greatest prestige among all countries of the world. In addition, having a diploma from a ranking university in the United States, the graduate has excellent prospects for employment and career development abroad.

To become a student of the best university in America, there are no requirements for passing the entrance exams. So, the admission of foreign applicants is carried out on the basis of the test results, school grades, motivation letters, as well as filling out various school registration forms and forms. At the same time, when deciding to enter an advanced US university, people pay attention to the paid nature of obtaining an elite American higher education.


List of the best universities in America: tuition, ranking

Ranking position

University name


Bachelor's program cost, $

Price of the master's program, $


Harvard University





Massachusetts Institute of Technology





Stanford University

Santa Clara




California Institute of Technology





Princeton University





University of Chicago





Yale University

New Haven




Cornell University

Ithaca (New York)




University of California, Berkeley





Columbia University

New York



The main reasons for choosing advanced universities in the USA

America is universally recognized as a leader in the field of innovative education, having the status of the progenitor of diverse scientific achievements and discoveries. It is worth noting that the American educational program is characterized by the highest level of development among all countries of the world. Listed below are the main benefits of getting a higher ranking education in the United States:

  • American advanced education is characterized by a modern and innovative approach to teaching, all educational buildings have modern infrastructure equipment. In addition, receiving an elite higher education in the USA, the emphasis on the practical component in education is made as part of the teaching.
  • Elite higher education in America is characterized by high cost, while there is widespread recognition and high appreciation of American diplomas in all countries of the world.
  • Within the walls of ranking universities in the United States, foreign applicants are offered the widest selection of specialties in various cities and regions of America. So, the choice of the future prestigious university is based on the individual preferences and goals of the applicant, as well as financial opportunities. At the same time, SMAPSE experts note that throughout the United States there are advanced universities that provide quality educational services.
  • The main principle in the field of American education is equality. Foreign students, on a par with Americans, have the same rights, at the same time, the same requirements are imposed on all applicants regardless of nationality.

Classification of leading US universities

Currently, there are approximately 4,000 universities in America, which can be colleges, universities, and institutes. Moreover, as a rule, American universities are private. In addition, the attention of foreign applicants is offered to such elite educational institutions of America as higher schools of design, painting, acting, the conservatory, as well as ballet academies.

As practice shows, the significant difference between American universities and colleges is due to the lack of research work in colleges. At the same time, upon graduation from the Advanced College of America, the graduate is assigned an associate degree after 2 years of study and a bachelor's degree. As for education in an elite university in the United States, graduates are awarded bachelor's, master's, and doctor's degrees. So, within the walls of top US universities, emphasis is placed on the harmonious development of students' creative thinking skills and scientific potential.

Foreign students have the opportunity to combine studies in several ranking universities in America. So, after graduating from an American college, having a bachelor’s diploma in hand, the graduate has the opportunity to continue his studies at the master's program of a top university in the USA, which will save financial resources.

It is worth noting that prestigious US universities are divided into 2 types, namely private and public. Moreover, regardless of the type of American university, all foreign students will study on a fee basis. Note that lower tuition is observed at state universities and colleges in America, if compared with private universities. However, there are some exceptions to general practice.

So, some American universities provide financial assistance, the calculation of which is based on determining the financial situation of the student. So, the main purpose of financial assistance is to reduce the costs associated with obtaining a prestigious American education.

In addition, various scholarship programs have been developed, the financing of which is carried out by various external funds and government organizations.

Usually, American state universities are large educational institutions that conduct serious research activities. As a rule, Americans are the target audience, and higher tuition fees are set for international students. In addition, in the walls of state American universities, study groups include a larger number of students.

As for ranking private universities, they are characterized by greater prestige. So, universally the most famous were such top American universities as Harvad, Princeton, Stanford, which are private educational institutions.

At the same time, US state universities gained great fame in America thanks to the achievements that have spread around the world.

SMAPSE experts will give you useful advice that in choosing a leading US university, you should be guided by such factors as prestige, ranking positions, equipment and infrastructure of educational campuses, the format of classes, the intensity of the leisure program, and the atmosphere in the university.

How is learning in elite American universities?

So, teaching at the top universities in America is based on a credit system, while the American educational system is inherently flexible. Thus, the student is given the right to independently plan his own time, the choice of subjects of interest for study throughout the semester.

As for the loan, then it should be understood in a sense as a credit unit. Typically, for one semester, a loan includes one academic hour per week. Considering an educational course, it includes a specific number of loans. Usually, as practice shows, the minimum number of hours is set, which must be devoted to the study of a particular discipline. At the same time, foreign teenagers make a decision to study subjects that are not included in the list of compulsory subjects for study, knowledge of which will be required in effective comprehension of a future specialty.

As practice shows, in order to obtain a bachelor's degree, a foreign student will need to get 120-130 credits. As for the master's program, the number of loans is 30-45. SMAPSE experts also note that in the walls of ranking universities in the United States, foreign students are given an excellent opportunity to simultaneously study several specializations. In addition, high-class teachers from leading American universities focus on students conducting independent, extra-curricular research. In this connection, foreign students devote a lot of time to classes in laboratories, libraries, and also research centers.

How to enter the top university of America?

As part of entering a predominant number of elite American universities, there are no requirements for passing university exams, thereby bypassing arrival in America. So, there is an opportunity to take entrance tests on a remote basis, while staying at home. At the time of receiving an invitation from a US university and successful enrollment, it is worth the foreign applicant to do an interview at the American embassy, obtain a visa.

Specific Features of Prestigious Higher Education in America

The academic year in leading American universities includes semesters or, as an option, trimesters. Examinations are provided in the middle of a semester or trimester, as well as at the end of the school year.

The format of classes at elite US universities is seminars, in which a foreign student acquires skills in thinking, discussing and conducting discussions. Thus, in the framework of various discussions and seminars, as well as team games, the ability of critical thinking is effectively developed.

In addition, another specific characteristic of obtaining an elite higher education in America is due to the fact that foreign students acquire useful fundamental theoretical knowledge, which is subsequently fixed in practice. It is also worth noting that ranking research universities are characterized by the involvement of students in scientific activities. Experienced American teachers are highly valued in students for innovative thinking, as well as creativity. It is also worth noting that in the framework of such specializations as economics, business, sociology, the Case Study method is used, which provides students with a solution to a real life economic or social problem.

Top US Universities - Types of Student Communities

Within the walls of the best universities in America, diverse interest clubs, the number of which exceeds tens and hundreds, are extremely popular. As a rule, clubs of fans of certain sports are created in American universities, in particular, golf, rugby, baseball, frisbee. In addition, creative individuals will be able to develop their abilities in the clubs of theater, music, literature, cooking, cinema, foreign languages, painting, astronomy, as well as photography.

It is also worth noting that communities of young politicians, speakers, and, of course, discussion clubs are successfully functioning in the best US universities. As an interesting fact, SMAPSE experts note that fascinating clubs for lovers of wine, anime, cacti and others are being created. Any foreign student can become a member of the student community.

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