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Study in Toronto after the 8, 9, 10, 11 grades

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Study in Toronto after the 8, 9, 10, 11 grades

Canadian educational programs have long been popular in the global education market. They surprisingly combine the practicality of North America and the traditions of Europe. Canada is also known for a high level of education. Every year more and more foreign students choose study in Canada.

Advantages of studying in Canada:

  • Low (in comparison with other English-speaking countries - Great Britain, USA, Switzerland) prices for education. Also, the cost of living is almost 2 times lower than in America.
  • Value for money. A small number of private schools give them exclusivity. Despite this, often private schools in Canada are equipped with better English and even American schools.
  • Canada is a multinational country that will allow a foreign student to feel comfortable, because the accent or ignorance of some words here is difficult to surprise.
  • Most private schools in Canada have an excellent reputation and a high level of teaching, which allows students to easily enter prestigious universities around the world.
  • A high standard of living (according to UNESCO estimates), history and a large number of attractions and museums will help students learn more about the history of the country.
  • Another plus is the opportunity to shorten the duration of studies at the university. Many Canadian universities grant students the right to shorten the term of study due to the refusal of a vacation.
  • The opportunity to gain practical experience - the so-called Co-op course. In this case, the student can work for a year in the specialty instead of the classroom hours.
  • The opportunity to stay in the country after graduation. By the way, according to statistics, about 90% of students find work in the first 6 months after the completion of education.

Toronto is Canada's largest city, which is a well-known educational center. This city is the largest economic and industrial center. He is considered the fourth in the world in terms of standard of living. Also, this city is famous for its history, a large number of attractions and museums, as well as cafes, restaurants, shops and much more, which will allow students to get an unforgettable experience of learning.

Education after 8, 9 grade

The Canadian education system has 12 classes, like the American one. Foreign students who completed the 8th or 9th grade at home can enter the 9th or 10th grade of the Canadian school, respectively. For foreign students, there are a huge number of programs that usually include intensive learning of English. For students who know the language at a sufficient level, there is the possibility of learning a full-fledged program on a par with Canadian students. In this case, after completing the education, the student receives a certificate of full secondary education.

The average cost of education for one academic year (8 months) is about 11,000 CAD $.

TOP-10 schools in Toronto:

  • St. Michael's School
  • Cardinal Carter Academy of Art
  • Academy of Ursula Franklin
  • Rosedale Heights Arts School
  • Etobicoke School of Art
  • Lawrence Park Collegiate Institute
  • Collegiate Institute of Northern Toronto
  • Collegiate Institute of York Mills
  • THumberside Collegiate Institute
  • Senior Alternative School of Delphi.

Education after 10 grade

Foreign students who graduated from the 10th grade at home can enter the 11th grade in Canadian schools and complete the last 2 years for one of the programs:

  • IB Diploma
  • AP.

IB Diploma (International Baccalaureate) is an international program aimed at obtaining and improving the knowledge and skills required for admission to the university. This course is aimed at comprehensive development: intellectual, creative, sports and moral development of the individual, designed to help not only when entering the university, but also when adapting in a modern business environment.

AP (Advanced Placement) - a program designed to prepare students for admission to the university. The duration of the course is 2 years (grade 11-12). A specific feature of this program is the ability to choose the subjects studied in accordance with the interests or needs of the student.

Education after 11 grade

Students who have completed a full secondary education can enter Canada's universities. However, some higher education institutions may require the surrender of additional internal tests or examinations to verify the academic preparation of applicants. Another necessary criterion for admission is the knowledge of English at a sufficient level.

4 best universities in Toronto, which are included in the ranking of the best universities in Canada:

  • University of Toronto (University of Toronto)
  • York University (York University)
  • Ryerson University (University of Ryerson)
  • OCAD University.

The average cost of studying for undergraduate programs for international students in Canada is 16,000 - 20,000 CAD $.

Also, some universities in Canada offer a specially developed program for the adaptation and improvement of the language for international students - Pathway (ILSC University Pathway Program). The duration of this program is usually one year and almost guarantees admission to the university partner.

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