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The best camps in the USA for foreign students

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The best camps in the USA for foreign students

The purpose of an exciting summer vacation in the United States may be due to improving the level of English proficiency and a great time. Thus, the acquired knowledge and skills can positively affect the successful entry into the ranking boarding school of America and the receipt of advanced higher education.

As part of the holidays, foreign students study English through educational summer or winter programs that harmoniously combine academic modules, as well as cultural and recreational activities. The leading language camps in America receive kids and foreign students, in addition, family programs are developed in which daytime groups for parents are created.

The best camps in the USA

Currently, the USA is rightfully considered and has the Mecca status of young talents, which attracts foreign students who are interested in studying practice, not theory, and self-realization, and who seek to successfully and prospectively find jobs and make good money, as well as those who want to realize ambitious goals. An excellent base for achieving high life and career goals will be a visit to the prestigious language camp in America, which harmoniously combines a fascinating vacation with effective learning of the English language.

Fascinating and informative vacations at the same time as the effectiveness of education is guaranteed thanks to constant language practice and living in a new country, meeting with peers who are representatives of different countries of the world. In addition, a high level of English proficiency will help with internship abroad and study at a top university, both in the USA and other countries of the world.

Parents will be very worried about their child, who went for the first time on an independent trip abroad to study. However, do not worry too much for the following reasons. Firstly, spending an exciting vacation in America creates a truly unique opportunity for the full disclosure of the potential of a foreign student, strengthening and harmonious development of social, organizational and leadership skills, thereby contributing to his growing up. Secondly, the leading children's language camps in America operate on the basis of ranking American colleges and universities, thereby ensuring the physical and emotional well-being of each student.

When deciding to enter elite children's language camps in the USA, foreign students can study in America at any time of the year, namely:

However, summer advanced language courses offered by the leading children's camps in America are extremely popular among foreigners students. You must admit that only in summer there is excellent weather and a sufficiently large period of time within which you can plan a trip to neighboring states and cities.

Educational programs of top US language camps for foreign students

As for the location of America’s leading summer camps for children, they can be located not only in large metropolitan areas, but also in rural areas. So, the location determines the choice of an American institution by a foreign student. Usually, taking into account the location of the US children's camp and the state and level of infrastructure, their own specific educational and language programs are developed.

In particular, foreign stdents who are studying as part of the California Summer educational program will be able to get acquainted with the key attractions of the popular American state, namely Hollywood, Santa Barbara, the Grand Canyon, as well as a fascinating zoo located in San Diego. In addition, there is a truly unique opportunity for foreign students to surf on the beaches of Malibu, and the girls will be able to make an exciting shopping trip in Beverly Hills.

In addition, a stay in a prestigious US boarding school, operating on the basis of the Manhattan Pace Rating University, which, in turn, is located in the center of New York, will give foreign students the opportunity to plunge into the dynamic life of a big city and areas that have become ubiquitous fame for films and books, namely Manhattan, Little Italy, Chinatown. Young financiers will be delighted by the fact that Wall Street and Broadway are a short distance from the school.

Speaking of linguistic practice, each and every linguistic summer camp in the USA for foreign students has developed its own compulsory educational program. So, on average, 20 hours of classes are planned for a week, only experienced teachers are involved in teaching. In the vast majority of cases, classes are held in small classrooms. Following this educational schedule, foreign students are given a lot of free time, within which they can actively communicate with their peers, which positively affects the rapid adaptation to the new language and cultural environment.

The age of foreign students determines the format of classes in the best American children's camps. So, teaching is conducted in a playful way for young children or in an academic setting for foreign students. However, regardless of the age category of students in all summer camps in America, teachers focus on grammar, vocabulary, proper phrase construction, and effective consolidation of educational material as part of the participation of students in various events. In particular, it can be role-playing games, quizzes, discos, sporting events, educational excursions, meetings with famous and interesting people. SMAPSE experts can safely guarantee that the summer spent in the top children's language camp in America will give your child a lot of positive and vivid impressions and emotions!

Tuition at US Advanced Children's Summer Camps

Typically, the cost of education in a leading language camp in America during the week for foreign students varies from 1,300 $ to 2,000 $. As a rule, the cost of education includes the following components, such as:

  • Accommodation
  • Nutrition
  • Education with experienced teachers
  • Participation in various excursions and trips to nearby cities.

At the same time, SMAPSE experts draw attention to the fact that parents will need to pay separately for air travel, visa fees, as well as medical insurance.

Accommodation in America Language Camps

As for the residence of foreign students during their stay in the best children's camps in America, it is organized on the basis of campuses and boarding houses. Foreign students live in single, double, triple comfortable rooms. In addition, within the walls of ranking American children's camps, nutritious and balanced nutrition is guaranteed. In particular, breakfast and dinner are provided to foreign students, and full board guarantees a huge selection of cold and hot dishes. Some language boarding schools in the United States take into account the vegetarianism of some students and the specifics of their children.

Due to the organization of education in the leading summer camps in the United States on the basis of elite colleges and universities in America, they received a truly excellent infrastructure equipment. So, foreign students are given every opportunity to visit the pools, use tennis courts, football fields, libraries, computer clubs, etc.

Key features of the functioning of top language camps for foreign students in America

Each year, over 10 million children and adolescents are admitted to prestigious US language and educational courses. So, in the territory of America about 12,000 specialized educational institutions are successfully functioning.

In America, language education programs vary in practiced specialization. When choosing a place of study and leisure, it is worth taking into account the direction of the proposed language and educational programs. So, in America, the following educational centers operate:

  • With an academic profile - there is an improvement in the level of English proficiency required for the successful passing of the international language exams IELTS and TOEFL, in addition, high-quality preparation for admission to an elite boarding school in the USA is being conducted;
  • With a professional orientation profile - language programs also provide for the study of specialized disciplines;
  • Developing - a wide range of additional lessons are offered to the attention of foreign students, in particular, these can be electives in subjects and surfing or skiing.
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