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Summer vacations in Washington for foreign students

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Summer vacations in Washington for foreign students

Spending the summer abroad and combining rest with learning English is always an excellent solution. Another country, immersion in its culture and life in the language environment will help to raise your knowledge to a new level and develop a linguistic flair. The USA in this respect is attractive by the presence of many prestigious and popular language schools and linguistic camps at leading universities. In addition, the United States of America is one of the most popular and desired destinations for travel. The country is associated in many people with freedom of the spirit, adventures and fulfillment of all dreams. Summer in the US capital opens the possibility to penetrate American culture to the maximum! This is a parade in honor of US independence on July 4, the opening of the baseball season and the game of the Washington Nationals team in the National Park, the annual Smithsonian Culture Festival.

Each university or school makes up its own language educational programs for foreign students for the summer. These can be summer intensive English courses, academic programs (for example, special attention is paid to one or two special subjects in the educational process), ESL / SAT preparation programs for admission to American educational institutions. The terms of education can vary from 2 to 5 weeks. The cost of courses depends both on the degree of elitism of the institution, and on the duration of the program. However, the initial level of knowledge of the language does not matter.

During the summer holidays, famous American athletes, teachers of the American art school, successful IT specialists come to the camps, organized on the basis of prestigious educational institutions. This is an opportunity to get new knowledge and useful skills, to make interesting acquaintances. In addition, the organizations annually update the entertainment program for students, providing the opportunity to select additional electives, visits to museums and excursions.

Below are the best summer educational programs for foreign students in Washington.

Georgetown University was founded in 1789: today it is one of the most top-notch and developed universities not only in the United States, but all over the world. The institution has a rich history: students can plunge into the atmosphere of the streets, by which presidents Kennedy and Jefferson walked.

In the classic summer course for foreign students, the main emphasis in learning the language is on developing and improving basic skills such as grammar, reading, listening, speaking and writing. Particular attention is paid to the development of spoken English, increasing fluency of speech and expanding vocabulary. At the end of the program, students communicate freely with native speakers in various situations. The course is calculated for students from 14 to 17 years and lasts from 2 to 4 weeks throughout July. There are 4 levels of language complexity, which guarantees comfortable and effective studying for every foreign student. The price of the course with a minimum period of study is 3,700 $.

If your child is still young, but already showing serious interest in information technology, Georgetown University every summer organizes a short-term summer camp for programming in English. Applications are accepted from everyone who wants to be between the ages of 7 and 17, but English is a must, as classes and communication are conducted in English. Most of the time is devoted to practice - each camp participant has at least one own project at the end of the chosen program. The level of skills in IT can be from the initial to the advanced - the programs cover a wide range of topics: from coding and game design, to encryption and cybersecurity.

Georgetown University is one of the TOP-5 American and TOP-11 universities in the world in political science. Graduates of the university are known in many spheres of world public and state life: among them are 12 heads of state, 23 governors of the states (USA), 23 senators (USA), 11 members of royal families and 79 diplomats with the rank of ambassador. This university teaches the best specialists in the world in the field of politics and management. In summer, the university opens a three-week program for future leaders, where students will receive the knowledge necessary for the successful conduct of their business project. Classes include not only lectures on the theory of finance, accounting and logistics, but also practical classes and seminars on the analysis and management of production, master classes on the development of professional communication skills and strategic thinking.

After classes you can take a walk in the center of Washington and get acquainted with the important places of the capital - the Capitol, the White House, numerous museums and art galleries.

The specificity of Ramsey's summer academic school is the intensive education of foreign students between the ages of 8 and 15 to study in American schools (school, college, university). A special place in the five-week linguistic program of the course is given to school subjects for SAT: mathematics and computer science, English as a foreign language (ESL). The task of this program is to restore and expand the student's knowledge of academic subjects and develop confidence in his abilities.

The school closely watches that in the formation of groups the national balance of pupils is respected. Cultural diversity provides a rapid removal of the language barrier and restraint, the development of oral English speech and better mastery of the material.

Organizers try to observe the balance of study and rest and offer daily additional activities. You can do swimming, big or table tennis, fishing, horse riding; play baseball, lacrosse, football or basketball - regularly held sports games and competitions, friendly matches. Outside the campus, students can go on an organized trip on a weekend trip or go to an exhibition in a museum, visit an amusement park.

Education in the summer camp in Washington is surely a contribution to the successful future of the student. The language certificate of the top US university or an elite language school will always be an undeniable advantage when entering a university or a job, it can help you get a scholarship or a substantial discount on university education.

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