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28 best language schools New York for pupils and students. The list of institutions, prices for studying, rankings, reviews

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This list offers you 28 best and most prestigious language schools in New York, which accept international (foreign) children, pupils and students for studying. Making your choice you can rely on the description of programs, rankings, reviews and prices. Our consultans are always available to make your final decision. FREE enrolment services to partner institutions. The number of places is limited.
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Interesting Areas of New York for international students

New York is located on the Atlantic coast in the southeastern part of the state of the same name. The "Big Apple" includes a huge number of islands (the largest - Long Island, Manhattan, Staten). It is the most important cultural, economic center, “sea gate” of the USA and consists of 5 districts - Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Queens. When choosing an educational institution in it, close attention should be paid to the location of a language school or camp in New York, because each district of the city has its own unique features and characteristics.

  • Manhattan impresses tourists with places of interest, including Wall Street, Broadway, Central Park, Times Square, Fifth Avenue, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, etc. Being the historical center of the city and the most famous area, it has become the real heart of a big city where you can find everything - from TOP educational institutions to numerous concerts and entertainment.
  • Brooklyn - “the globe in miniature”: in it you can meet representatives of all nations and religions from different parts of the world. It occupies Long Island, where Brighton Beach is located.
  • The Bronx is an area entirely located on the mainland. It combines amazing opposites - having a reputation as one of the city’s most criminal places in the past, today it is a typical sleeping area with a small number of attractions, the most famous of which are the Central Botanical Garden with a rich and diverse collection of rare plants that attract scientists from all over the world, the stadium of the New York Yankees baseball team, which has won recognition from thousands of fans, the central street of Fordham Road, which is a unique example of erikanskoy culture of the 20th century.
  • Staten Island is located on 5 islands (the most unpopulated part of the city). Here you will not find high-rise buildings and “glass offices” - in Staten Island, low buildings dominate, located at a greater distance from each other than in other areas. This place is ideal for lovers of nature, adventure holidays: this area is the most environmentally friendly, with beautiful forests and protected areas.
  • Queens is a dizzying mix of cultures and nationalities, attracting foreigners from around the world. An interesting fact: Queens is a kind of "city in the city" - it is divided into 7 "township" (large areas), each of which has its own characteristics, attractions, architecture!

New York Linguistic Schools: The Benefits of Learning

Education in highly-ranked educational institutions undoubtedly carries a number of advantages for foreign students. In addition to the high prestige of education, the following advantages for foreign students should be highlighted:

  • High ranking of schools, confirmed by numerous positive reviews of children and parents.
  • Individual approach to education. In language schools during summer, autumn, winter, spring there are small studying groups that are formed according to the level of language proficiency, therefore teachers pay enough attention to each student.
  • Modern infrastructure and the latest equipment. Elite schools, leading colleges, prestigious universities, which become the basis for vacation programs, give students an opportunity to use numerous cozy classrooms, laboratories, concert halls and much more.
  • Highly qualified teachers helping the child to get used to the new environment, learn the language, taking into account its goals and desires.
  • Socialization of the child, which is an integral part of the curriculum.
  • Experience living in a multinational environment.
  • An opportunity to enter language courses with any level of English. A wide range of academic study programs for foreign students gives even children with insufficient command of the language a chance to embark on an entertaining journey to another continent. Studying and relaxing will create amazing memories for your child, and a high level of learning English, overcoming the fear of using a foreign language will be an excellent motivation for everyone.
  • An pportunity to prepare for study at a foreign higher educational institution. Numerous preparatory programs will strengthen the level of the English entrant, prepare him for the new environment, requirements and rules.
  • Acquaintance with a new culture and a sea of impressions.

But when sending a child to another country, parents want to know not only the pros, but also cons of such a trip. Here we can say that most of the shortcomings of the US educational system are controversial - these include:

  • High cost of studying compared to other countries
  • A large selection of courses for someone will also be an obstacle to admission
  • The complexity of the admission process.

Best Language Schools in NY: Tuition Fees

The prices for education in the USA on vacation programs can vary significantly depending on the chosen direction, the program, its duration and additional activities. The table shows the cost of language courses lasting 2 weeks in America per 1 person.

Academic program

Beginner English

Additional areas of education studied along with English



From Beginner

Acquaintance with the country, its history and traditions on excursion trips

2000 $ -3000 $


From Intermediate

Music, theater, acting, design, art, etc.

2200 $ -3200 $


From Intermediate

Basketball, football, baseball, swimming, etc.

2200 $ -3200 $


From Intermediate

IT technology, robotics, leadership, innovation, business and more.

2200 $ -3200 $


From Intermediate or Upper-Intermediate

Preparation for admission to the university or for passing the international exams TOEFL, CAE, FCE, IELTS, etc.

700 $ -1200 $


From Intermediate

Acquaintance with nature of America, bike tours, etc.

1500 $ -2500 $

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