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Summer Intensive English in Cambridge for children and schoolchildren

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Summer Intensive English in Cambridge for children and schoolchildren

Cambridge is a world-famous student city, which houses one of the most prestigious universities in the world. This determined the unique atmosphere of the city, permeated with interest in knowledge and scientific discoveries. Intensive summer training programs for students in Cambridge are a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in this atmosphere, to learn the traditions of England, to raise your level of language and find friends from all over the world. Summer Intensive English in Cambridge for children and schoolchildren will be useful to everyone, regardless of personal preferences and goals!

To more effectively develop the language skills of adolescents, it is necessary to choose language camps where there are few Russian children: the ethnic composition of the group will give students the opportunity and the desire to practice the language even after classes.

Advantages of summer intensities in English in Cambridge

  • Teaching English in one of the capitals of world education with the most advanced teaching methods and a unique student atmosphere;
  • Vacation programs on the basis of prestigious universities, elite colleges and the best schools with the most modern equipment and comfortable campuses;
  • British teachers with high qualifications and extensive work experience, capable of making the training not only effective, but also interesting for children and adolescents;
  • The opportunity to enter the summer program with any level of English: intensive courses are available even for children with zero language knowledge. All students will feel comfortable due to the wide variety of educational programs and their levels. Most students are divided into groups according to age, language level and national composition;
  • High security: sending teenagers to Cambridge, parents can be sure that nothing will happen to their children;
  • Excellent reviews of the Cambridge programs and from children and their parents;
  • Orientation of training for the student, his interests and talents;
  • A busy and interesting program of leisure activities.

Summer Intensive English in Cambridge for children and schoolchildren: features, types of programs for the summer

The intensive course program usually includes 30 English lessons per week, as well as a variety of creative circles, sports sections and other activities for teenagers.

Cambridge offers a wide range of programs depending on the interests of children. During a short summer vacation period, a student can not only significantly improve the English language, but also acquire new skills useful for his future.

Among the intensive educational programs for the summer you can choose:

  • Academic: an intensive language course, as well as a wide range of various extracurricular activities and excursions;
  • Sporting: learning a language is combined with practicing your favorite sport at a professional level. Most Cambridge educational institutions have an excellent sports facilities with the latest equipment;
  • Creative: on a par with the English language, musical or actor talents develop here;
  • Adventure: on them every child can feel like a real explorer;
  • Scientific: here, children can feel like real designers, biologists, engineers or programmers;
  • Educational: they are aimed at preparing students for transfer to an English school or entering a higher educational institution. Also there are programs focused on preparing for the IELTS , FCE or CAE exams ;
  • Business programs for beginners, where they learn to set goals, make presentations and discuss on different topics.

Tuition fees in summer camps in Cambridge

The total price for a summer intensive English course in Cambridge for children and schoolchildren depends on the prestige of the institution, the duration of the course and its complexity, additional activities and excursions. It includes lessons on the chosen program, all the necessary teaching materials, accommodation and meals, extra-curricular activities, and some sightseeing trips. The average price for training for two weeks is from 2500 £ to 3000 £.

Summer Intensive English in Cambridge for children and schoolchildren: the best camps and schools, prices, prices, ratings, reviews

  • The academic camp at the University of Cambridge is one of the best summer camps at the most prestigious university in the country. They offer a wide range of rich summer programs for children and teenagers: courses for beginner architects and biologists, young chemists and programmers, future writers and economists, young politicians and doctors, and much more;
  • Summer Camp Academic Summer is held under the aegis of the international network school of English. This camp represents an excellent vacation program aimed at preparing children for elite educational institutions in Britain;
  • Cambridge School of Visual and Performing Arts (CSVPA) is part of the famous Cambridge Educational Group. It offers a wide range of intensive programs for children and adolescents in the field of art, design and the film industry;
  • Summer camp Clare College Cambridge Bucksmore is held on the basis of the Clare College, which is a member of the Cambridge University group. This summer camp has gained wide popularity thanks not only to its excellent educational programs, but also to the intensive creative development of its students.

Of course, this is not all the top schools in Cambridge - you can find the full list with linguistic schools on our website. Also our company will select you and your child an intensive program with the study of English for the summer holidays. With our help, you can choose a summer intensive English course in Cambridge for children and schoolchildren of the appropriate level and subject with the best prices.

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