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2018-07-30 11:56:57

Studying English in the USA

Studying English in the USA

The modern world dictates the need to learn English, and where it is possible to do it more effectively than in the US - the leader of the world economy, one of the largest and most modern countries in the world? Learning English in America is one of the most popular areas of education. In the US, students will receive not only quality knowledge, but also a unique traveler experience. Find out more right now!

The teaching of English in America today is very popular, not inferior to English education in the language schools in the UK, which is quite natural, since English is official in both countries. The United States of America is one of the most developed countries in the world, the center of the world economy, science, so it is here that English can be learned effectively and quickly at a very good level by overcoming the language barrier and acquiring the necessary skills for free communication. An important feature of teaching English to foreign students in America is the exceptional attention of teachers to various characteristics of the student's native language, which allows achieving high results both in terms of studying grammar and pronunciation. This feature of English language courses in the United States is conditioned by the diversity of nationalities and cultures in America itself, as a result of which teachers develop methodological programs tailored to the individual characteristics of the course participants.

It should be said that English in the United States provides an excellent opportunity not only to touch the linguistic world, communicating with native English speakers in comfortable conditions, but also to get acquainted with the richest culture of America. In addition, at school with the study of English in the US, your child will be speak only english, which will have a beneficial effect on the effectiveness of teaching.

Learning English in the US is an excellent beginning for a future education! Universities and many schools located in the USA are famous for the high quality of the educational services provided worldwide, being prestigious and in demand educational institutions. The certificate of completion of almost any US educational institution provides a huge advantage both in the field of further education and in work - employers of large international corporations and firms highly appreciate professionals with a high level of education. American schools and universities have a modern infrastructure that offers students everything they need to study (research laboratories, libraries, computer classes with modern technology) and for life (sports clubs, creative circles, opportunities for self-development). During the trip to English language language courses in the US, your child will have a unique opportunity to touch one of the largest student and student communities in the world.

Features of English in the USA

It is necessary to consider the peculiarity of the American version of the English language in the United States. First of all, it is a modern and lively language, it is younger than the classical English version, and has developed independently for several centuries. Learning English in America today is a very popular and demanding activity among high school students and university students from around the world. In addition, American culture has now penetrated almost all spheres of life around the world (due to the rapid processes of globalization), so an educational trip to the USA for learning English attracts young people from all over the world: you want to get acquainted with the culture of this country, about which so many times they saw in movies, read books!

And although the American version of the English language has a number of differences from the traditional British variant, these differences, for the most part, do not affect communication and understanding between the representatives of the 2 language variants, between them there does not exist as such a language barrier. Of course, there are words and expressions of different meanings in the UK and the US, as well as the characteristics of pronunciation and spelling of words may vary, but this does not mean that having learned, for example, English in the US, a child will not be able to enter the University of Great Britain - with due diligence everything is possible!

Learning English at courses in the United States allows you to learn really an international language: American English lives in one of the most developed countries of the world with a leading economy, in an environment in which almost every year there are many new words and expressions reflecting scientific and technological progress, cultural changes and social changes, etc. Teaching staff of schools deserve special mention, which make up curricula and methods taking into account the individual language features of all foreign students of language courses. Learning English in America will allow your child to simultaneously raise the level of English (both grammar and speaking skills) and get to know the culture of the United States by attending cultural events organized by the school.

Advantages of studying English on language courses in the USA

Learning English at language courses in the US will be interesting for different categories of listeners and those wishing to learn English. Learning English in America will benefit the following groups of people:

  • Students of secondary and higher educational institutions - the largest group of students of language courses of the English language group. Many people go to the United States to learn English for educational purposes, and many would like to travel first, visit a new country with its culture and sights, and at the same time get new knowledge of English. However, both of them will be able to improve the level of English and touch the cultural life of the United States;
  • Ordinary travelers go on a trip to the US with the study of English in search of new sensations and a unique life experience;
  • Students on philological and linguistic directions of study can go to study English in the USA to acquire a real, "field" experience in their professional field.
  • Teachers of English can also get professional experience, because American teachers will share with them the features of their work, how to build classes in the United States, which is a special emphasis. However, the usual English language courses are also available, they are intended for beginners or young teachers who want to get any new knowledge, improve their qualifications.
  • People who would like to live in America for the rest of their lives: teaching English in America will allow you to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the US culture in a relatively short time, immerse yourself in the language environment and understand how life is organized in America.
  • Employees of large and small businesses, employed in international corporations and small firms operating in other countries of the world, will be able to learn the minimum required for work in English, which will provide them a good competitive advantage. Completion of the language course of business English in the US is highly ranked on the international labor market. English language courses will contribute to the acquisition of business negotiation skills, enrich the vocabulary of listeners.

In the modern world, learning English abroad, particularly in America, is increasingly available, and the educational courses are more diverse. Today, anyone who wants to learn English has the opportunity to find a specific English language course in the United States, based on their goals, interests and needs.

How to choose English courses in the US?

As in most other countries, students in the age of 10 years are accepted for English language courses in the United States, and there is no upper age limit - students, adults, and even elderly people can go on an educational trip! First of all, however, it is necessary to clearly define the main goal of the whole trip, to determine what exactly needs to be achieved during the education in English language courses in schools with the study of English in the USA. The goal may be different: increase the level of English from A2 level to, say, B1; overcoming the language barrier; mastering of any specialized vocabulary; improvement of phonetics and grammar skills; Preparing for the passing of any international examination to the level of English proficiency or to enter the US or world universities; or just to travel with benefit.

Learning English in the US is the first step towards obtaining prestigious and quality education abroad (in particular, in America). To effectively teach on language courses, you need to place the accents correctly and understand what aspects of the English language need to be worked out:

  • In the event that the main goal of an educational journey is directly teaching English (either from the very beginning or with little experience of learning English), the best option will be English language courses in the USA where your child will be the only student from your country - so the effectiveness of teaching will be maximum.
  • Important is the city or region, in which your child would like to go, because it directly depends on whether he will get pleasure from the learning process and from traveling in general. Language schools in the United States that offer English language courses for foreign students are in every major and middle city.
  • Everyone knows that the standard of living in the US, and therefore the cost of teaching English is very high. At the same time, English language courses in the United States have very flexible parameters: you can always find some aspects of the educational program that you can save - for example, to give up a cultural program and explore the country on your own or with friends. Not the last place in the cost structure is occupied by air tickets, they should be taken in advance, because they are subject to the influence of seasonality.
  • In schools with the study of English in America, a variety of types of language courses of different orientations are offered, so it is worthwhile to take time to define your academic interests and choose a particular topic or aspect of learning English - then the material will be assimilated with the greatest efficiency.
  • Well, if in the future your child would like to enroll in a US higher education institution. In this case, it is best to learn English at language courses at a particular university - the vast majority of US higher education institutions offer applicants for admission courses or standard English courses. In addition, many US universities provide special scholarships and grants, discounts on education for applicants from around the world.

In any case, it is desirable (but not necessary) for the child to have an understanding of why he needs the English language, as well as the initial level of knowledge in English. In this case, firstly, it will be much easier for him to perceive new information and overcome the language barrier, and secondly, the benefits and effectiveness of educational travel will be higher.

Features of English courses in US schools

To achieve the greatest efficiency and productivity in the process of teaching English at language schools in the United States, teachers organize testing to determine the initial level of English proficiency for those who want to learn English in one or another language course. The testing includes a written part in the form of a test, and an oral part in the form of an interview. As a result, students of language courses are divided into language groups of different levels of English, so that the learning process for them is comfortable and organic. The group can always be changed if it seems that the material is given very easily, or it is already known, or, conversely, in the group, it is hard to learn the English language. In this case, you can ask the teacher to conduct an additional test, according to which the student can either go to a language group of another level, or stay in the same. The specificity of the language course determines not only the educational program that the teachers will adhere to, but also the number of students in the group, the length of the language course and the academic load (or intensity of studies), so it is necessary to carefully approach the process of choosing a language course.

Let's take a closer look at the variations in the intensity of the English language course in the United States. As in the UK, 3 types of intensity courses are most common: standard (up to 20 academic hours per week), intensive (25-30 hours per week) and super intensive (up to 40 academic hours per week). The intensity of the language course should be chosen depending on the purpose of your trip to the United States. Of course, the higher the number of academic hours per week, the higher the cost. In addition, the cost of language courses can be affected by the time of classes: as a rule, classes in the first half of the day are somewhat more expensive than courses in the second shift.

Teaching staff in language schools in the United States make up educational and methodological plans and educational programs for a particular age, but at the same time, each teacher can adjust the course to ensure that each student is on the same wavelength with the rest of the class, which is important because the composition groups are often multinational, and everyone needs an individual approach within the group.

In the United States there is a huge number of language schools with the study of English, and all have accreditation from the authorized organization ACCET. The accreditation of this association confirms the high quality of the services provided by this or that educational institution. Language schools with the study of English in the US offer a huge selection of educational programs: everyone can find almost any course on topics from business and economics to sports and art, as well as with emphasis on various academic disciplines. The vast majority of English language courses in the US include not only the actual educational program, but also a rich excursion and cultural program - similar courses are available in almost every language school. At the same time, there is a huge selection of specialized English language courses: for example, English and biology, English in summer school, English and creativity, preparation for the passing of international language exams, preparation for admission to US universities and others.

Language English courses in the US can be broadly divided into 2 large groups: the educational programs EFL and ESL. These are completely different courses aimed at different students. EFL, or English as a Foreign Language (English as a Foreign Language), is an English language course for those who live in non-English speaking countries, that is, those in which English is not a state language. In such countries there is no language environment, so classes are taking this aspect into account. In turn, ESL, or English as a Second Language (English as a Second Language), is a language English course for those who in the future are thinking of moving to a permanent place of residence in the US for work or study. Depending on the type of language course, there is a different emphasis on any aspects of teaching English.

A special form of conducting English language courses in the USA is summer schools offering English language programs during the summer holidays. This form of conducting classes in English is very popular. In most cases, summer schools in the USA include not only direct English lessons, but also various cultural and recreational activities, which include various excursions, visits to theaters and museums, etc. Learning English in combination with entertainment and cognitive activities allows students not only to raise the level of English proficiency, but also to touch the culture and traditions of the country. Summer schools with the study of English in the United States offer students various options for education with varying intensity of classes, duration of the course and the fullness of the cultural program.

English language courses in the USA, educational programs in America

Those who want to learn English in language schools in the US can be overwhelmed by the tremendous opportunity to choose the right English language course, because each institution offers flexible course selection options. So, you can see the following types of language courses in English:

  • A typical, classical English language course that includes up to 25 academic sessions a week;
  • An intensive English language course consisting of at least 35 academic sessions a week;
  • tutoring lessons, i.e. individual lessons of the teacher with the student;
  • Long-term English courses in America lasting from one semester to a year;
  • language business English courses, including specialized language courses with in-depth study of vocabulary for company executives and top managers;
  • Language courses for preparation for the international exams on the level of English (GMAT, SAT, TOEFL, GRE and others);
  • Language courses for preparation for admission to higher and secondary educational institutions of the USA ;
  • and many others…

For example, an intensive English language course in a US language school will allow students of such courses to quickly and effectively improve their English proficiency. On the intensity of the teachers emphasize the development of both the grammar of the English language and colloquial practice. An intensive English language course in an educational institution in the United States will favorably affect, above all, the skills of speaking in English.

At the same time, virtually every language course in English involves the development of all basic language skills: reading and writing, pronunciation, listening, speaking in English, and expanding the lexical stock of students.

Specialized courses are also offered to prepare for the passing of international language exams, the surrender of which is a prerequisite for admission to almost any educational institution in America. In addition, there are also programs for the preparation for entering the Master's and Postgraduate courses, as well as for MBA courses: Pre-Master (preparation for the Master's program) and Pre-MBA (preparation for the MBA program of various business schools).

In the process of learning English in American educational institutions, the students will need to write down the abstracts of the material they have covered to fix, write essays, take an active part in general discussions, practical exercises, and work independently in libraries (library visits, however, only on specialized language courses). But do not be afraid! English language courses for children in the US are not boring at all, experienced teachers know how to interest them - students will not get bored!

Accommodation while studying English in US language schools

While studying for English language courses in the United States, students can be accommodated in one of the following options to choose from:

  • an American host family;
  • student residence;
  • a rented apartment or room;
  • hotels / hotel or hostel.

The most effective and useful accommodation option, which allows not only to learn English, but also to immerse itself fully in the linguistic and cultural environment of the United States, is the English language language course with residence in the teacher's family. At a similar placement, your child gets a wonderful opportunity to live and study in one place - the teacher's home. On the one hand, classes will be held in the form of individual lessons with a tutor, and on the other, outside the class the student will continue to study, but already "passively" - the teacher will carefully monitor the progress of his student, correct his mistakes. In addition, in this case, there is no need to go to the educational institution daily for language courses - lessons at home! It will not be superfluous to note that the teaching of English is based not on any textbook or manual, but on the active practice of English. The teacher forms the methodology of classes and study plans based on the initial level of English language proficiency of his student, his abilities, the speed of learning new information, so you can be absolutely sure that the process of learning English at such language courses will be effective and successful. The teacher's approach to the student is individual, work is only with one student, and the teacher devotes his time and attention only to his student. By the way, this mode of placement and teaching English is also available for two students in pairs.

Another very popular option for your child to stay while studying English at US institutions is living in a student dorm room. This option is designed primarily for more adult, independent and responsible people who would like to get more acquainted with the peculiarities of student life in American educational institutions. Students are accommodated in hostels at a college, language school or university that offer English language courses in the United States. Language schools of the English language in the USA are located practically in all the most popular and famous, attractive regions and cities of America: on the East and West coasts, in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, etc.

Cost of English language courses in the USA

Most of them have the following opinion on education in the United States: it is very expensive, unaffordable, and the standard of living is higher, so the prices are higher, and it makes no sense to think about the possibility of going on an educational trip to America. At the same time, you need to know that the main expense item is plane tickets to the US and back, and besides, you can competently save on some aspects of language courses. Finally, adult students of English language courses in the US can simultaneously learn English, and after classes earn extra money - this scheme is very popular with students.

Many schools offering English language courses in the United States provide an opportunity to receive grants, discounts or scholarships for teaching English in America. In addition, you can carefully study the huge list of options listed on SMAPSE website, and choose English language courses that suit your needs and budget.

The cost of the entire language course of the English language in the United States includes both the academic language lessons with the teacher in classes, and accommodation, and (in some cases) the transfer from the airport and to the airport, as well as food, visa (also in some cases), insurance. Each listed item (except, of course, the language course) you with a high probability may not include in the total account (for example, you decided that your child will live in a hotel with friends) - thus, you can save considerably. Next, you can see the estimated cost of English language courses in the US:

Preparing for the passing of international language exams

2 weeks 1,300 $ - 4,000 $

4 weeks 2,100 $ - 7,000 $

6 weeks 3,500 $ - 10,000 $

Classical English course

2 weeks 1,200 $ - 3,800 $

4 weeks 2,000 $ - 6,800 $

6 weeks 3,400 $ - 9,500 $

It should be noted that the American education system provides for the adaptation of educational language programs to the peculiarities of the native language of foreign students of English language courses in the United States. Thus, any listener with any level of English will be comfortable studying in US educational institutions: there will be no rush, or experiences about the backlog - the pace of education is regulated right on the way! Learning English in the US is also a great opportunity to get to know a rich and diverse culture, traditions, life in one of the largest countries of the world, to touch the legendary "American Dream".

Choose a school with studying English in the US and an educational program is easy enough. In case of difficulties or questions SMAPSE specialists with long-term experience in the field of education abroad are always ready to provide free consultation at any time convenient for you. To do this, you need to contact SMAPSE either through the form on this page of the site, either by phone or by e-mail. High-quality education in the USA awaits you and your children!

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Egor Eremeev
Current material has been prepared by Egor Eremeev
Education: Westminster University (Business & Management), London.
Egor studied and lived in the UK for 8 years and graduated from the university of Westminster. He is currently the co-founder and the director of business development at Smapse Education and personally visits foreign schools and universities, interviews students studying in those institutions.
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