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12 best language camps in Ireland for international students

12 best language camps in Ireland for international students

The best language camps in Ireland for foreign students - useful information

At the first mention of Ireland, an association with a green island arises. This country has a rich history, unique folklore, which consists of fairy tales about gnomes, fairies, elves, Vikings, Celts. Thus, almost every child dreams of being studied in one of the leading camps in Ireland. To reassure parents, SMAPSE experts note that Ireland has the lowest crime rank among all countries in the world.

In addition, it is worth highlighting the excellent environmental situation as a significant reason for undergoing training in the advanced language camp of Ireland. So, in the large cities of Ireland a large number of plants and trees were planted, thereby creating a favorable ecological environment. The hospitality of local residents with regard to foreign students deserves special mention, after graduation you will definitely want to return.

Usually, the best language camps in Ireland accept foreign students for shifts, the duration of which begins from two weeks or more. As for the academic load during the week, it varies from 15 to 20 classes in English. The advanced summer Irish camps have developed not only standard language programs, but also courses such as:

  • English language + sport
  • English language + art

Learning Process at Ranked Language Camps in Ireland

At the time of admission of a foreign student to a leading camp in Ireland, it is planned to undergo testing to determine the level of English proficiency in order to form language groups in terms of age and level of knowledge.

As for accommodation issues, the choice of foreign students is to live in host families or on the territory of the school residence. Meals are organized on a full board basis. Foreign students are provided with round-the-clock supervision by teachers and educators, so parents may not be so worried about their child.

Classes are held in small classrooms, the number of students in which varies from 10 to 20 students. Some elite language camps in Ireland receive foreign students who have reached the age of 9, and it is for such children that classes are conducted in a more playful format. As foreign students grow up, classes begin in a more academic setting.

At the same time, SMAPSE experts draw attention to the fact that in most cases classes are held outside the walls of classes, so education takes place within the framework of organized games, sports, educational excursions, thereby providing active communication between foreign students. The created conditions for learning help to overcome the language barrier in foreign students. In addition to the acquired useful skills and knowledge, foreign students get acquainted with the new culture and country, its history, at the same time, taking part in various entertainment events, thereby significantly expanding their horizons.

Staying in the prestigious language camp of Ireland, it provides for the participation of students in numerous sports activities. In addition, Ireland annually strengthens its position in the field of physical education. So, various competitions are organized, from participation in which every student will be delighted, without exception. Nature itself contributes to the challenge of playing golf. Young sports enthusiasts will be able to engage in sports such as surfing, water skiing, windsurfing, scuba diving.

The cost of education in elite language camps in Ireland for foreign students

The cost of education in the best camps in Ireland is determined by such factors as the intensity of education, the duration of studying in the educational program, the location of the language school. Thus, the cost of education in large cities is usually more expensive in comparison with rural areas. As practice shows, the cost of education for two weeks varies from 2,000 to 3,000 , excluding air travel. If you compare with the rating language camps in the UK, the cost of training is 25% lower in Ireland.

How to choose a prestigious language camp in Ireland for a foreign student?

When choosing a leading language camp in Ireland, you should pay attention to such a parameter as the ratio between study and rest, as well as focus on the intensity of the leisure program, which provides for a variety of entertaining and educational events. In the territory of Ireland, for many decades, education has been successfully organized in elite summer camps, while their number is small, comparing them with England. It is for this reason that, compared with the UK , the leading Irish language camps have a higher quality of educational services and competition among educational institutions.

List of the TOP best language camps in Ireland by target audience and tuition fees.

Camp Name

All-inclusive studying price for 2 weeks,

All-inclusive studying price for 3 weeks,

Blackrock college



Rathdown college



St. Patrick's college



Sutton park school



Ega international




Camp Name

All-inclusive training price for 2 weeks,

All-inclusive training price for 3 weeks,

Maynooth university



University College Dublin



National college of ireland



Trinity College Dublin



Trinity Walton - STEM



DCU Apprentice Experience



GMIT Galway Junior Summer




As for foreign student aged 17 to 21, we advise you to pay attention to the prestigious language camp of Ireland - National College of Ireland.

Once again, SMAPSE experts list the parameters included in the price of a stay in an elite children's language camp in Ireland:

  • Education as part of an effective educational program
  • Passing an entrance test, issuing educational materials, and a certificate at the end of education
  • Living on a comfortable school campus
  • Balanced diet
  • Participation in a variety of leisure activities
  • 24 hour security guarantee
  • Internet access.
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