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Study in New Zealand for foreign students: the cost, reviews

Study in New Zealand for foreign students: the cost, reviews

New Zealand is located on 2 islands of the Pacific Ocean, included in the TOP lists of places for comfortable living, therefore, the level of education here is very high and is popular with foreign students. Across the country are prestigious schools, universities, colleges, but most of the educational institutions are concentrated in Oakland.

Advantages of teaching students

  • strict quality control of education by the state;
  • freedom of choice of the studied subjects of the senior classes;
  • registration of a working visa after higher education;
  • simplified process of obtaining a residence permit;
  • permission to work during study - 20 hours / week.

The system and basic principles of education in New Zealand

6 levels of teaching students abroad:

  • preschool education;
  • elementary education;
  • high school;
  • higher education institution;
  • postgraduate education;
  • language classes.

Pre-school education is poorly developed in New Zealand: up to 5-6 years, the child spends time in children's centers, and the work of educators does not provide for academic pursuits. Under the New Zealand laws, children at 6 years of age are obliged to start their education: there are two types of schools in the country - public and private, some private schools operate on a full board basis.

National School System of New Zealand

  • primary school - total duration from 1 to 8 class: the first 2 classes for students are provided for preparatory courses where they are taught basic subjects (reading, writing, arithmetic), and starting from grade 3 in the curriculum new subjects are included. You can study at the first level of education at Parnell College ACG, Sunderland College ACG or Strathallan College ACG.
  • high school - for the transfer of students do not pass the entrance examinations, at this stage they begin to prepare for the passing of the state examination. The middle classes are in Sunderland College ACG.
  • senior school - a wide range of subjects studied: compulsory and elective disciplines. Foreign students after graduation from 11th-12th grades can pass the final exam and get a state certificate of secondary education in New Zealand. High school classes are available at Taylors College Auckland.

Additional programs for foreign students:

  • the NCEA program provides for the receipt of a New Zealand certificate of completion of a high school: for its receipt, foreign students complete the last 2 years, for example, at Rangitoto College.
  • the GCSE program corresponds to the middle classes of the British education system, adapted for foreign students. Duration - 2 years, in parallel with academic classes, you can learn English. GCSE is available at Parnell College ACG.
  • A-Level program - a prestigious program of the British educational system for education students from 16 years is designed for 2 years. After graduation, you can enroll in leading universities around the world. You can complete the course at Senior College ACG, Parnell College ACG or Strathallan College ACG.
  • Pre-Foundation is a 22-23 week program for international students whose academic or linguistic knowledge does not yet meet the requirements. Program participants will begin to study the subjects of the main program, and after successfully completing the course the students will be transferred to the next stage of the course.
  • International Foundation - the curriculum can be compared to the 12th grade, so students can apply for this course immediately after finishing 11th grade in their country. A different intensity of the course can be chosen, for example, 40 or 59 weeks.

Pre-Foundation and International Foundation programs are available at Taylors College Auckland.

  • Preparation for International Baccalaureate is a program for foreign students before International Baccalaureate who do not have sufficient academic and linguistic knowledge: duration is from 6 to 12 months depending on the level of the student's preparation. You can get education at Senior College ACG.
  • the International Baccalaureate program, a two-year pre-university course for international students, allows you to study the subjects of your choice on an in-depth level, necessarily attending classes in the general theory of knowledge. You can choose this course, for example, at Rangitoto College or Senior College ACG.

Higher Education in New Zealand

  • The undergraduate program is a standard curriculum, a full-fledged level of higher education lasting up to 3-4 years. Popular areas are: IT development, business and management, healthcare, 3D animation and film making.
  • Master's program - for students who have already received higher education and who want to continue their studies; average duration - 2 years, provides for the writing of a research project.
  • Diploma TESOL - a course for students who want to work as an English teacher; duration depends on the intensity of the course: from a few weeks to a year.

Language classes:

  • TOEFL, IELTS courses
  • academic English courses of varying intensity

Types of scholarships for foreign students

Many students wish to receive full or at least partial funding for education. Available scholarships in New Zealand with different forms of education:

  • state - they are engaged in the Ministry of Education: the personal qualities and academic / professional skills of the student are taken into account;
  • university - provides directly to the institute;
  • from companies that cooperate with the educational sphere - such offers are unique and their number is limited.

How to enter the University of New Zealand for foreign students

Because of the differences in the educational systems of secondary schools, foreign students have no right after the 11th grade to apply to a New Zealand university, but there are several options:

  • go to high school in New Zealand;
  • to pass the International Foundation course;
  • enroll after the end of the first year of the university in his country.

Combining study and work for foreign students

Legislation allows foreign students to work no more than 20 hours a week, for vacation time this restriction does not apply. After graduation, students can get a work visa and thus stay to live and work in New Zealand, and after 3 years to obtain citizenship.

How much does it cost to study in New Zealand for foreign students

The price of programs at different stages of schooling for students:

  • primary school - 16,900 NZD $ / year;
  • middle classes - 19,400 NZD $ / year;
  • Senior School - 9,000 NZD $ / term;
  • program GCSE - 20,100 NZD $ / year;
  • program A-Level - 22,880 NZD $ / year;
  • Pre-Foundation - 16,825 NZD $ / semester;
  • Internationa foundation - 6,340 NZD $ / semester;
  • preparation for International Baccalaureate - 23,300 NZD $ / year;
  • program International Baccalaureate - 23,300 NZD $ / year;
  • NCEA certificate receiving - 15,250 NZD $ / semester;
  • Academic English courses - 475 NZD $ / week;
  • Bachelor's degree - 18,950 NZD $ / year;
  • Master's Degree - 6,340 NZD $ / year;
  • Diploma of TESOL - 2,400 NZD $ / year.

Examples of leading educational institutions in New Zealand for foreign students:

  • Rangitoto College in Auckland is a popular state college: during schooling, students live in host families, the administration supports boarding and is always glad to foreign students. The first 2 weeks are an introductory course.
  • Senior College ACG - a large private school in Oakland with a high ranking is included in the elite and popular organization Academic Colleges Group. This is a modern educational center with non-standard methods and principles of education - for example, it is not necessary to wear uniforms here and you can independently make a schedule. The students live during education in host families, rent apartments or live on a half board in the residence.
  • The IPC Tertiary Institute in Palmerston North is located on the campus, where everything is necessary for education, leisure and comfortable living. The main directions of the university: international business and relations. Affordable accommodation: host families or hostel of the university.
  • Pacific International Hotel Management School in New Plymouth - an elite and prestigious business school is included in the TOP lists of schools-leaders in the hotel business. Available types of accommodation are host family and residence. At the school you can get higher education and take English language courses at a professional or academic level.
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