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Laskaris Bunker: the secret headquarters of the British military during World War II

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Laskaris Bunker: the secret headquarters of the British military during World War II

The Second World War left hundreds of monuments around the world: they are curious and interesting, they talk about the power of armies and the destructive consequences of battles. One of the important monuments of the Second World War is located in Malta - an island that was subjected to fierce bombing due to its strategic location. Today a museum is open here, telling tourists the story in great detail.

History and features of the bunker

The tunnels in which the bunker was located were medieval communications running under the bastions of the same name Valletta. The gardens of Barracca are located above the bunker - they, in fact, are its roof.

During the Second World War, Malta was subjected to massive bombardments, sometimes even 2-3 times a day, and it was decided to use ancient tunnels as a bomb shelter for local residents - the thickness of the rock withstood the attack. The headquarters of the command of the Royal British Army was located here: from the bunker they observed the position of enemy aircraft, plotted information on the map, and planned defensive operations. From here came the command of many key battles in the Mediterranean: tourists can visit the halls where complex decisions were made and important orders were given. Over time, the headquarters expanded, rooms were added to accommodate radar devices and communications.

In the late 1940s, the air defense artillery command post was moved here, and in the late 60s of the last century, the bunker premises were used by NATO troops as an important communications center. At the beginning of the 21st century, the Laskaris bunker was restored and opened for tourists: today there is a museum in the form of restored premises from the Second World War along with the equipment used at that time, encryption machines, cards, documents and so on.

The cost of admission to the bunker is 3.4 € for an adult, 2 € for a child.

Interesting Facts

  • In this bunker, the operation "Husky" was developed in 1943 - a plan for the capture of Sicily.
  • Laskaris has a "double" - Churchill's bunker in the United Kingdom.
  • The length of the tunnels is from the main moat of the capital to Battery Street.


The object belongs to military monuments.

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