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Study in Montreux: primary, secondary, higher education

Study in Montreux: primary, secondary, higher education

Education in Montreux is offered by private and public schools and higher education institutions. The small Swiss town offers the peace of Lake Geneva and the urban atmosphere of a tourist center. Castles and attractions create an attractive atmosphere, and a large number of international students will make you feel at home. Study in Europe at one of montreux's best educational institutions and discover the Swiss way of life!

  1. Public schools in Montreux are free and provide basic education to all students under the age of 16. There are also prestigious private schools in the city.
  2. Higher education in Montreux is offered by leading universities. Here you can get an elite professional and business education.


Reasons to study in Montreux for foreign students

Montreux is located on the shores of Lake Geneva at the foot of the Alps in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland and boasts one of the most beautiful routes for walking on the lake, stretching from Villeneuve to Vevey. In the main square of the city, place du Marché, stands a statue of Freddie Mercury. Every year in July since 1967, a jazz festival has been held at the Montreux Music Convention Center, built in 1973.

Montreux's unique urban life is based on history, its urban energy and music. The Bay of Lake Geneva is lively with parks, concerts and monuments. There are many leisure activities in the city, including trips to the nearby Cillon Castle, the château de La Tour de Pey or the small village of Gruyère. Also popular are parks and trips along the Golden Pass Line, which offers panoramic views of the city.

Private schools in Montreux

Learning in Montreux gives you a chance to study in best secondary schools in Switzerland. Private schools are popular in Montreux that offer a strong academic program, create an ideal learning environment with small classes and excellent campuses, offer a wide selection of extracurricular activities in the field of sports, art. Private schools pay more attention to such specialties as art, music, sports, many of them focused on integrating important skills of the XXI century into the curriculum.

Graduates of private schools statistically very well pass the entrance exams to colleges or universities.

Best private schools in Montreux

  • Surval Montreux is a unique international school with full board for girls aged 12-19 years. It offers a wide range of training programs recognized worldwide.
  • Montreux International School is a flagship school that provides innovative, life-friendly education that combines internationally recognized qualifications with unrivalled extracurricular activities.
  • St. George's International School is a bright international school. Students from at least 60 different countries form a diverse, inspiring community of young people. The school opened in 1927 as a center of excellence, today offers boarding and full-time education.
  • Institut Monte Rosa – since 1874, the university has been offering a wide range of academic programs in general subjects, intensive language study, which are conducted by enthusiastic teachers in a family atmosphere. The Institut Monte Rosa offers a wide range of subjects for students from 9 to 19 years old. Courses and programs are flexible, adaptable to the requirements of students.

Higher education in Montreux

In Montreux, you have the opportunity to obtain a bachelor's degree, master's degree, specialize in successful areas such as business and hospitality.

  • If you want to enroll in a bachelor's degree, programs in the field of international hospitality or event management, business administration, sports, entertainment, economics, entrepreneurship, marketing are open.
  • A master's degree in international business, organizational leadership, hospitality, finance, and other fields is also available at one of the universities of Montreux.
  • You can also apply for an executive program or online courses that result in an MBA in one of the industries mentioned above.
  • Students who are already employed often apply for an online master's program in business administration.
  • In Montreux, doctoral programs focused on practical experience are available.
  • If you want to combine a two-week vacation with a program, you can also check out the offers of university short-term courses in hospitality management.

Universities participate in the process of employment of their students and pay attention to forums, events, close cooperation with well-known companies.

The unemployment rate in the city is very low and the economy is stable. Most of the locals work in agriculture, forestry, fishing, manufacturing, construction, wholesale, hotels, restaurants, information technology, finance and other areas.

Best higher education institutions in Montreux

  • EU Business School is a high-level international business school with campuses in Barcelona, Geneva, Montreux and Munich.
  • Swiss School of Higher Education (SSHE) is a private university, the heart of luxury, finance, hospitality in Europe.
  • Hotel Institute Montreux – Since its founding in 1985, the distinguishing feature of the Hotel Institute Montreux (HIM) is a modern approach to management. Specializations in financial analysis and wealth management, human capital and development, senior management, franchising business management and luxury brand management are offered in close cooperation with renowned world leaders in business and management.
  • Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS)located in the historic buildings of the former Swiss Palace hotels. Training programs: Bachelor of Arts, Postgraduate Diploma Master Programs, Online MBA (together with the Chinese campus).
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