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2020-06-10 00:00:19

Berlin Cathedral - the most majestic Protestant church in Europe

Berlin Cathedral - the most majestic Protestant church in Europe

Berlin is a storehouse of attractions. Once in this city, you can disappear for a long time: wander through the narrow old streets, enjoy the majestic architectural ensembles, breathe the air of antiquity. One of these places is Museum Island and the Berlin Cathedral located at the very beginning. Today it is the largest Protestant church in all of Europe: in fact, the cathedral is not a cathedral, but everyone considers it to be such for popularity and greatness. About a million people come here annually to see firsthand this popular symbol of Germany. If you have not been here, you have lost a lot!

Construction History

The Berlin Cathedral was built over eleven years: from 1894 to 1905. The original goal is the house church of the court family of the Hohenzollern. The baroque design was developed by architects Julius and Otto Rashdorff. According to the idea of the family, the temple was to become the main one for all Protestant religions. According to the teachings of evangelical religions, cathedrals should be modest: the Berlin Cathedral is the exact opposite, in its decoration it looks more like a Catholic. The main landmarks during the design period were London's St. Paul's Cathedral and St. Peter's Roman Cathedral.

The last building of the complex was built in 1905. Posted by Julius Rashdorf, University of Charlottenburg Lecturer The building is made in an eclectic style, includes the features of Baroque and the High Renaissance.

Temple relics and interior decoration

Berlin Cathedral is striking in its wealth and grandeur:

  • The dome is designed in such a way that the four windows located along its edges highlight murals, stained-glass windows, mosaics and icons
  • Marble walls and columns
  • The cathedral is decorated with statues of apostles, evangelists and reformers
  • On the second floor there are private prayer rooms
  • Opposite the organ are rich, gold-trimmed sarcophagi
  • The altar partition is decorated with works by Frederic Stuller
  • The Code narrates the Sermon on the Mount Jesus Christ
  • In the crypt of the temple is a family tomb, in which almost all members of the Hohenzollern clan are buried
  • In front of the temple, the Lustgarden Park, perhaps the most popular in Berlin, is laid out
  • There is an observation deck under the dome, from which you can see Berlin in all its glory.

Interesting Facts

  • The height of the cathedral with the dome was 114 meters
  • During the Second World War, the cathedral was damaged and decreased after reconstruction: now its height is 98 meters
  • The organ was made by the best master of Germany - Wilhelm Sauer
  • Lustgarden Park, broken in front of the temple, is constantly changing its appearance - today it looks more like a lawn
  • Translated from German "Lustgarden" - "desire park"
  • To get to the observation deck, you need to overcome 280 steps
  • The ticket price includes: viewing the interior of the cathedral, going up to the observation deck, visiting the crypt and the Dome Museum.

The object belongs to the cathedrals.

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